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How to dress comfortably and stylishly during summers

 Summer is the time you should flaunt your style and grace. However, the scorching summer heat can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sweaty. When this happens, you might want to avoid wearing your usual dresses or pants, but you still crave some classy style. When the weather gets hot, your head feels like it's being roasted in an oven. If you want to stay comfortable but look fashionable, then this article is for you!

Comfort is as important as style 

Loose clothes are more comfortable, as they allow air to circulate and don't restrict your movement. Loose clothes such as oversized graphic tees will also help you look stylish without compromising comfort.

Wear clothes that fit loosely, especially during summers when the heat index can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Loose clothing allows air circulation and does not get in the way of work or other activities like playing sports or going for a walk with friends.

Wear breathable fabrics like cotton

Cotton is a natural fibre, so it's better for your skin than synthetic fabrics. It also breathes better than other fabrics, which means that you'll be comfortable in the heat without feeling like you're suffocating. Cotton comes in many styles and colours so there's something for everyone! You can find it in shirts, pants or shorts - even accessories like hats and socks!

Tops for summers 

Avoid wearing tops that are made of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon and acrylic. They trap heat so you'll feel hot even if the temperature is low outside. Avoid wearing anything too tight on your body as they will make you sweat more than usual. It can make it hard for air to flow through your clothes easily which can result in feeling uncomfortable. 

If possible avoid wearing short-sleeved shirts altogether since they won't provide enough protection against UV rays coming from above ground level. However, there may be some exceptions where a short-sleeved shirt might work well depending on what kind of activity one is doing at the moment 

Bottoms for summers

Shorts and skirts are an easy way to stay comfortable and fashionable. They're also great because they give you more freedom of movement, which is crucial during the summer months. Dresses that flow in the wind are another excellent choice for summer clothing. Light pants are great because they keep you cool and don't weigh down your legs as much as heavier pants do when it's hot out. 


As the summer nears and temperature rises, what better way to beat the heat than to dress in a comfort mode? Comfort means different things to different people. Each one of us has our definition of comfort that depends on our taste and lifestyle. Some people like to dress according to the latest trends while others put comfort as their top priority. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to dress comfortably and stylishly during summer. We know that the weather outside can be pretty hot and humid, but we also know that there are ways around it! 

4 Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Pair of Trendy Sneakers

 These days, most people wear sneakers all the time, so they are definitely a trendy choice of footwear when it comes to keeping your wardrobe current and fashionable. And the best part is that there are certainly lots of comfortable and supportive sneakers to choose from. The sneaker trend isn’t set to go anywhere any time soon, and with lots of styles to choose from, picking a pair that you can rely on to stay on trend and add a fashionable edge to any outfit is essential. Keep reading for some of the main things to think about when choosing the right next pair of sneakers for you. 

Go for a Timeless Classic

If you like to keep on top of fashion trends when it comes to clothing and what you wear is often changing with the seasons, then opting for a timeless classic when it comes to sneakers is a good idea. Some sneakers just don’t go out of fashion and look fantastic no matter what you decide to wear them with. Converse is just one example of a sneaker brand that you can rely on to stay on trend whether you’re pairing them with jeans or a dress. Go for a simple, trendy colour like white that you can match with just about anything. 

Comfort Level

It’s not just important to think about how the sneakers look. If you want to wear them every day, then you’re also going to need to consider how comfortable they are to wear. For a comfortable yet trendy option, sock trainers or chunky trainers are a great choice. They’re both super-comfortable to wear all day long and are really on trend right now with lots of celebrities sporting them. 

How Much to Spend

The good news is that the sneaker market today is so large, that when it comes to finding a pair that you like that are in your budget, it’s easier than ever. Spend some time considering how much you are willing to spend when it comes to a pair of sneakers, and then narrow down your option within this price range. Bear in mind that cheaper sneakers don’t always last as long as those you’ve spent a bit more on. But if you’re often changing with the trends, this might not matter that much. 

How Long You Want Them to Last

Finally, think about how long you want the sneakers to last. If you are buying them to keep on op of a recent fashion trend that you don’t expect to be around for a long time, then buying a pair of sneakers to last for years might not be a concern. On the other hand, you should always go for the best quality you can find if you want a timeless pair of sneakers that can carry you through all the fashion updates throughout the seasons. Go for a pair that are made from durable materials and constructed well. 

Sneakers have become a wardrobe staple these days, and the ones you decide to wear can make or break any trendy and fashionable outfit.

How to Style a Bodysuit: 5 Tips and Tricks

 Bodysuits are everywhere these days: in your favorite online stores, on the racks at the mall, and the runway at high fashion shows. Bodysuits are very much in, and they’re going to stay that way for a while. Women’s bodysuits can be challenging to style, though. Here, we’ll take a look at some common ideas, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of that amazing bodysuit you just can’t get enough of. 

Bodysuit Layering

Bodysuits range in style from sheer to sexy, creatively cut to casual. The type of bodysuit will determine how you layer it, but one thing is true no matter what: your bodysuit is your bottom layer. Bodysuits make any type of layering a breeze, as they present a solid base level for pants, skirts, sweatshirts, and more. 

You can use a lingerie-like bodysuit as a bottom layer when you need a little bit of naughty energy, or go with standard black when you want a clean look that goes well with jeans. Choose the right shoes for your bottoms – sneakers or heels, usually – and you’re ready to go! 

Smooth Lines Are Everything 

One of the biggest advantages to a bodysuit is the clean, sleek silhouette you can achieve with the right type of bodysuit. Whichever type of bodysuit you choose, pair it with bottoms that showcase the smooth, well-constructed lines they create. 

Choose high-waisted bottoms when you can to help promote this feature. High-waisted shorts, shirts, and pants draw the eye to your waist, which is where your bodysuit will be doing a lot of work. Of course, you want people to notice!

However, you choose to style your bodysuit, make sure to emphasize clean lines.

Avoid Panty Lines

The cut of the bodysuit matters, especially when you want to eliminate panty lines. Thong-cut bodysuits can be an asset, but you can also go with a full-coverage bodysuit. These are a little more difficult to find, as they have to fit perfectly. Full-coverage options generally don’t work for taller women or those who have longer torsos. Even full-coverage bottoms can ride up if they don’t fit just right, which can create panty lines where you’d rather not have them. 

Make sure to check yourself out in the mirror before you go out in your bodysuit. Eliminate panty lines as best you can – after all, they can make your smooth lines a little less perfect. 

Try Different Necklines

The popularity of bodysuits has led to a flood of them in most stores and online retailers. You can play it safe, but mixing it up is also a great option. Choose bodysuits that come with detailed necklines, mesh details, and more. Lace-up bodysuits are particularly popular, as they mimic all of the features of more expensive blouses, but with much cleaner lines. After all, the top of the bodysuit is what really makes it stand out. 

So why not emphasize that? Choose bodysuits with a ton of different neckline options and styles. Once you find a type that works well for you, make sure to play around with that, too. There are dozens of options waiting for you to discover! 

Be Confident! 

Bodysuits cling to your body. They’re very snug and feel a lot like wearing a swimsuit sometimes. With these features, it’s easy to get bashful about wearing them. This is especially true if you’re styling a lacy or lingerie-style bodysuit. 

It’s important to accept the bodysuit and resolve to rock it. After all, bodysuits provide benefits to just about any body type. They are slimming, they enhance your curves, and they show off your skin where you’re comfortable with it. 

Don’t be afraid to get comfortable! You’re going to look great in your favorite bodysuit no matter what, so you might as well enjoy it. 


The bodysuit trend isn’t going anywhere. With the surge in different types, styles, colors, and cuts, women’s bodysuits are going further than ever before. Now is the perfect time to find the ones you like and style them in ways that make you happy. Being comfortable and confident is half the battle, and bodysuits are made to make you look good! 


 How are you feeling today, and what style do you think expresses your innermost feelings? Fashion is among the fundamental needs of people when it comes to expressing the inner needs and desires, portraying the boldness and confidence statements of a person. Fashion brands have excelled in the business industry like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and

Gianvito Rossi and have the expertise in making luxurious bags, clothes, perfumes, and shoes for all genders. Fashion is continually changing because of discoveries and creations from designers. A designer focuses on building their brand by producing unique products that compete against new and existing similar products in the market. Fashion implemented in homes is in terms of the interior design based on the textiles and furniture in any room. Fashion showcasing is done in various catwalks, magazines, and television programmers when fashion lovers get to experience the designers' creativity and are allowed to buy products before they circulate in the market. All products produced, including the luxurious style, are marketed to increase customer sensitivity and increase profits.


Being fashionable is very different from having a good sense and state of style. Style requires keen details and a deep desire to bring together pieces, which creates a unique product. Designers hired in highly exclusive events, for example, weddings and inauguration parties, to help their clients pick on the appropriate selections. The style includes the type of vehicle drives, the accommodation bookings, and how an individual interacts with the rest of the community members: the educated and wealthy showcase an intellectual sense of style and expensive. Different occasions call for different looks; for example, athletes wear very comfortable sports shoes and light clothing to help when on the track and when playing in the field. When traveling, depending on the budget amount, it determines what type of accommodation or hotel one will rent. The highly ranked hotels give the best of services, and all customers attended to with professionalism.


Designers have excelled in the fashion industry by creating unique and trending styles. Perfume designers have the expertise of understanding the human body hence creating fragrances that suit different bodies and temperature conditions. Perfumes are classified into different categories, including body mists, body wash, colognes, and body oils, leaving beautiful, unique scents on one's body to prevent odors. The shoes are manufactured for different fit occasions, and comfort is derived from the various types of shoes, including flats, boots, heels, wedges, and sports shoes. Advertisements for any products are on their actual websites, print media, emails, television adverts, and radio. Marketing increases the clientele base hence increasing the number of profits from any sale. Fashion houses hold fashion shows where they showcase their various new products using models paid to wear and walk on down the runways.


Different geographical areas have different temperatures and unique terrains that require certain clothes. The shoes preferred are open shoes; clothing is preferably light because of the high temperatures and strong body perfumes to prevent body odors from sweating. The cold mountainous terrains usually require boots, heavy clothing, and scarves because the temperatures are very low. Designers create various types of clothing that favor different weather conditions and are showcased before the season starts. People select the kind of clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, and fragrances that will be ideal for the various activities they wish to perform. Fashion shows a person's inner beliefs, personality, and emotions, and all designers have the power to create lasting memories. Men and women have different fashion trends which suit their taste and preferences and vice versa and all come at different prices.

In conclusion, fashion creates a unified and harmonized world as individuals easily express themselves. Different accessories, footwear, and clothes are acceptable in different occasions or spaces determined by religion, work, and travel. Designers own fashion houses, and they create unique pieces to suit various events. They market their products on multiple platforms, including; websites, blogs, fashion magazines, and television shows. Models are used to showcase the designer's creations and help the fashion house get new clients and market them. Different weather conditions require specific dress codes; for example, hot regions require people to wear light clothes and open shoes. Perfumes are made to enhance body scents and prevent body odors as people run their daily activities. Fashion statements express a person's inner thoughts, moods, and dress appropriately to the occasion attended.

Ways to Accessorize Your Outfit with DIY Ornaments

 Nowadays, you can get outfits and accessories for all occasions, thanks to lading designers Like Alexander McQueen, Celine, and Gucci. The collection of dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories is also limitless, and getting the best attire shouldn't be an issue. But, have you ever thought of flattering your gear with DIY ornaments? These ornaments are quite famous and are a great way of creating that stylish yet unique look.

Here's how to match your outfit with DIY ornaments:

1. Avoid color mistakes- pay attention to color coordination

Accessorizing your outfit is not just about wearing all types of ornaments that you come across. Your ornaments should match your outfit perfectly. For instance, if you're wearing a colorful dress with many colors, your accessories should help tone down the color and blend well with your dress.

Natural hues are splendid for bight colored dresses, and this avoids color clashing. Simple outfits match well with elaborate ornaments. For instance, you enjoy more flexibility with a black dress, and brightly colored ornaments are ideal.

2. Wear event-appropriate outfits    


How you dress depends on your type of event. For formal occasions, you need more conservative outfits and jewelry accessories. Dangling jewels don't work so well in the office. If dressing for work, you may want to forgo too many bangles and hanging bracelets. Moreover, choose ornaments in cool or natural colors.

But, if attending a party or a night out with friends, your choices are limitless. You can choose those bright colored dresses and accentuate your looks with colorful DIY ornaments of your choice. 

 What's more? You can match this with a cute clutch or a leather tote bag. You can as well add a scarf and gloves for that classic look. The idea here is to stand out but still achieve the perfect match for your accessories.

3. Your skin tone matters!

Your ornaments should not only go with your outfit but your skin tone as well. Silver is an excellent choice for illuminating natural tones. On the other hand, gold is ideal for women with darker hair or matte skin. For cooler skin tones, Ornaments in red, purple, and blue colors make perfect choices. For warmer skin tones, choose yellow, green orange ornaments.

4. Chose a focal point

Accessorizing your outfit is all about limits. Choosing giant and brightly colored ornaments draw attention to your jewelry, making others not to notice you. Remember your decorations are meant to complete your outfit and not a focal point.

Choose accessories that blend in well with your dress, handbag, and shoes. Avoid jewelry that draws more attention than your outfit. If you are wearing other types of jewelry, match them well for a more harmonized look. Visit ARY D'PO if you're looking for some nice designer pieces.

The bottom line

DIY ornaments are cost-effective and stylish. They are a great way of accentuating your looks-in a unique way, of course. No matter the type of outfit, you can also make ornaments to suit your style and dress. To make the best DIY pieces for your dress, acquire some materials from your local store, and search online for tips on making the best ornaments for all outfits and occasions.

Ideal Denim to Rock Any day and Anywhere

 To find the right pair of jeans for your everyday activities, you have to be patient. This clothing is a staple outfit for your wardrobe collection. In actuality, you may even consider purchasing a second pair due to the style and comfort it provides. With two pairs of denim, you may not consider visiting the clothing store in a long time. To spice up your clothing collection, you can get various washes.

In selecting your ideal clothing, comfort should come first. Interestingly, there are no rules in the world of fashion, especially with denim. You have to wear what makes you feel good. But bear in mind that not all jeans look great on everyone. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn the different styles of denim for different body shapes.

Denim and Body Shapes

Your physique should determine the type of denim you purchase. Straight-leg, cropped, or skinny jeans 

are ideal for individuals with small stature. If you want to highlight your legs, high-waist denim would be the right call. This style also accentuates your curves and reveal more about your feminine feature. Overly stretchy jeans may not give you the structural balance you seek. Hence, go for their heavier counterparts. These outfits have limited stretch to hold your body firmly.

Skinny jeans are great for most ladies as a result of the comfort and elasticity they provide. So, you can get a spandex-like physique while rocking your denim. Jeans with indigo or dark hues will make you look hot.

Age Counts

If you intend to purchase a pair of jeans, bear in mind that your outfit must reflect your age. Most older adults make the mistake of wearing styles meant for younger folks. As a result, they look older than their actual age. In some cases, trends play a role in this outcome. But you don’t need trendy clothes to maintain a relevant look – all you need is the right jeans. Remember, what is in vogue today, may be out of style in the nearest future. Don’t be scared to rock an outfit that complements your age.

Additionally, you have to consider your vintage appearance than style – the classic jeans. These outfits are evergreen – even in several years to come. You cannot go wrong with them any day and anytime, whether for your work activity or social event.

Experiment to Find Ideal Jeans

It is not uncommon to find most people being scared of trying out something new. Understandably, you enjoy rocking the usual. But how about trying a different style, the likes of mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and dungarees? Others out there include tapered and high-waist jeans. You can make the right fashion statement with these outfits. Unveil your feminine charm without revealing your skin; this leaves you shrouded in mystery.

As much as you would love to experiment, do not purchase your jeans on a whim. Of course, there are no rules; but following a guideline will reduce the time, cost, and effort of buying a pair of jeans. Investing in this clothing will not only spice up your wardrobe but also give you limitless fashion opportunities.

The Gift of Time

Stylish and functional, wood watches from JORD are perfect for gifting or making a fashion statement that will draw attention anywhere you wear it.

My husband never leaves home without his watch. He is punctual, and working in a school, he needs to stick to a schedule that is detailed by the minute. His old watch was looking like just that; an old watch. With out tenth wedding anniversary approaching, I knew that I wanted to give him the gift of time. I decided that the most practical version of that could be a gift that could tell time.

I have partnered with JORD watches to bring you this post.

The Frankie in Dark Sandalwood was the perfect option for my hubby. The watch is stunning. I considered keeping it for myself, but I love this guy! And I knew he was going to LOVE this watch!

The emerald face is stunning with the dark sandalwood of the band. The watch is splashproof to keep it functional. It is elegant, yet rugged. Wood watches are unique and perfect for wearing to the office, on a date, or out with the guys for a fun night.

Retailing at under $200, this is a perfect anniversary or father's day gift idea for a special guy in your life. The quality of the watch paired with the smooth movement of the hands, and the visual appeal make the Frankie in Dark Sandalwood a perfect addition to any wardrobe.

If you have a JORD watch, which one caught your eye? If you don't have one yet, what are you waiting for?
Head over to enter a contest worth a $100 gift code good for use at Jord's website.

Wooden Wrist Watch

7 Hilarious Hats for Thanksgiving

This post does contain affiliate links. I may get a peanut if you make a purchase.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, but sometimes, a little fun is in order. Break the ice with an outrgeous hat that proclaims your love of Turkey.

There is always a special guest at an Honorary Turkey at an event like Thanksgiving dinner, show them how much it means to you to have them there with a hat like this.

Hey, those hats above are clever, but if you are going to wear a hat like this, why not get The Turkey Hat to End ALL Turkey Hats?

Face it, some people just aren't ready for a full blown statement like a turkey hat, so this cute little headband makes a good starting point.

If you are looking to make more of a historical fashion statement on Thanksgiving, allow me to urge you to check out this impressive Pilgrim hat.

Better safe than sorry. I wouldn't doubt it if your annoying cousin already has that hat and is planning to wear it on Thanksgiving. You better go ahead and check out this Deluxe Pilgrims Hat so you don't look like a pair of fools, lumped together with your cousin...

If Thanksgiving is a sweet affair for you, you might need to get this It's All About the Pie hat to declare what part of Thanksgiving dinner steals your heart.

A Pretty Pair of Panties Delivered to Your Door With Panty by Post

Thanks to my friends at Panty by Post for providing me with a sample to inspire this post.

Ladies, I know I am not the only one that sometimes puts my own needs last. Between working, managing our homes, the busy season of raising kids and being a good partner... seriously. Sometimes, the efforts I put into everything leave me drained. I might look halfway presentable at any given moment but under that untucked mom shirt and a skirt or leggings... my poor husband. It is almost always some good old mom panties, you know, the kind you buy in a 5 pack at the grocery store. Not at all glamourous. 

Do you end up rocking those kind of panties too? It seems like once a week I think, Sara, girl buy some panties. Buy something that is pretty, something that has been missing from your wardrobe since you became a mom... but like I mentioned earlier, life moves fast and that to do list gets longer and longer. Making a trip to the mall for something I desire? Please. I will always desire time at home more than time at the mall. 

I found a service that is a ton of fun and is helping me stock my panty drawer with so not my normal mom style panties!

Panty by Post is a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription service that delivers a great pair of panties to your door each month. With feminine styles and several levels of subscription to meet your panty style wishes, this is something you really want to try! It is a nice way to try new styles, to get something awesome delivered to you and to avoid a trip to the mall!

This is a great idea for a gift for a special lady or a fantastic treat for yourself. Because we are friends, you can tell Panty by Post I sent you when you subscribe and use this code IMNEW15 at checkout to save $15 on your subscription!

I got a really great bordeaux thong from the Signature Line. It is really comfortable, feminine and stylish. It is kinda crazy, but girls, when I started rocking some not my normal mom undies, I felt incredible! My confidence level seemed to improve.

Overall, Panty By Post rocks. This is a cool service that I think you will like as much as I did!

Marital Bliss: If the Shoe Fits

Thanks to Lugz for sending a cool pair of shoes to inspire this post.

Marriages have good moments, bad moments and cringe inducing moments. My husband Adam makes me laugh until I cry, he makes me smile, groan in frustration, and debate how to update his wardrobe.

Adam is well dressed, don't get me wrong. During working hours he wears slacks and great shirts, but off the clock... laughter gets me by on some days. He has about 10 super hero t shirts, he wears one of these shirts every weekend. I tell him {rude? yes...} "I hate your shirt..." every weekend. He replies with "Everyone else likes them."  It never fails, some random stranger will approach my husband and tell him they love his t shirt. We both laugh about it. He keeps wearing them, I keep telling him the washing machine might accidentally start eating them.

My dear, Super Hero t shirt loving husband also has not the most stylish sense in footwear. He has great hiking boots, he wears Crocs at home... but his sneakers? Oh my gosh. Words will never do justice to what an image will convey.

When Lugz offered to send a pair of mens shoes that judgy wife in me felt victorious! Finally, one battle down without even saying a word.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Burke Linen sneaker for men.

The Burke Linen is a casual street sneaker with a laid back street style that’s easy to pull together when you’re on the go.

The Burke Linen features:

Linen Upper

Moc toe design
Waxy laces
Cushioned insole
Rubber outsole

I really love the olive color, it looks great on my husband. He liked it too. He usually opts for black or brown so olive was a step in a new direction for Adam. I liked that they look stylish, he can wear these with his t shirts on the weekend, or he can match them with an outfit for work on Friday.

Adam liked them all around, he said they are comfortable, he loves the style and the color. The shoes are durable and easy to keep clean, after trips to the mall, t ball games, and treks in the woods they still look great.

Now that the shoes are taken care of... on to those t shirts.

Give Dad the gift of style this year for Father's Day. Lugz has a great assortment of fashionable footwear for the entire family.