Teaching Children Sustainability Through DIY Projects

 Sustainability is important as it promotes a different way of living that doesn’t revolve around consumption, spending, and pollution. However, implementing sustainable principles is not always easy, especially if you have small kids. Simply, teaching them how to be more sustainable individuals can be tricky, because first, they’d need to grasp the concept of sustainability and accept it. 

In case you’re a minimalist parent, or you just wish to go more in that direction, here are some DIY projects and other tricks that are a perfect opportunity to teach your children about a sustainable way of living. 

Start your own garden 

Growing plants is the best chance to teach your kids about nature, plants, and how they grow in reality. If you have a backyard, then you’re already set, so you can use that space to grow some useful vegetables that you’ll use later in cooking. Besides, growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs are also an excellent way to reduce your spending and eat true, organic foods. So asking kids to give you a hand while planting seeds or watering the plants will teach them how nature works, plus they’ll feel proud of themselves. 

Try making DIY laundry detergent 

Laundry detergent can be expensive, plus it’s often full of chemicals that may cause certain health issues, while also harming the environment. But, there is a solution: making your own laundry detergent! There are many recipes online, and usually, you’d need borax, baking soda, and a bar of soap. These ingredients are less processed than the commercial ones, so if you feel crafty, try making your own laundry detergent and teach your kids to do the same. 

Show them how to recycle 

Recycling is a staple in one’s eco-friendly journey. This activity will also show you the importance of using less, while your kids will learn a valuable and noble skill. Also, if you’ve ever wondered how can we reduce plastic waste, then recycling is definitely one of the ways to do it. Basically, almost all commercial products that we use are made of plastic, and recycling and reusing them will definitely reduce plastic waste consumption, and therefore, pollution. 

Clean the garbage

Collecting the garbage to compost is another fun DIY activity that can teach children about sustainability and saving the planet. Unfortunately, in some places, people still throw trash and empty their pockets carelessly, and many parents don’t teach their kids about proper behavior. The trash that we often see outside is also polluting the planet, so if you want to teach your kids about eco-friendliness, then collecting some of the garbage is a definite act of kindness that will also show them how to care for the planet. 

Make homemade art supplies

Most kids love art and anything that goes with it: drawing and painting are some of the most popular ones, that’s for sure. So, you’re probably super tempted to buy them all the amazing art supplies, but did you know that you can make them at home? That’s right, you can make your own paintbrushes, paints, stamps, and even crayons? There are many recipes that will teach you how to do it, plus your kids will definitely enjoy the whole process of creating something fun and new that they’ll be able to use later. 

Final thoughts 

These DIY projects and activities are a perfect way to start teaching your children about sustainability and living a greener lifestyle. They will learn to appreciate the environment while also learning new skills that will boost the environment, lower pollution, and make the world, one truly happy place. 


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