Tolsby Frame Message Board IKEA Hack

This Ikea Tolsby Project turns old frames into something unique and useful in just a few moments.

I love Ikea. I could spend a few hours there every week, day dreaming up projects and ways to transform my home! I also love the little bargains; the scrub brushes and napkins. The glass bottles, and place mats and all of the deals to be had at under $1. Hello? Awesome Toilet Brushes, handy waste paper baskets and picture frames! Last year before they discontinued the Tolsby frame, I bought a bunch for about 70 cents.  

I found a cute way to repurpose them and share info the gool ole fashioned way; with a note. This Tolsby hack only needs some basic supplies like the frame, washi tape, some string and a dry erase board to create something useful and cute.

Tolsby Frame
Washi Tape
Embroidery Thread
Dry Erase Pen

Begin by covering the frame with washi tape.
Cover the base, and both sides, using small strips of the washi tape of your choice.

When your frame is covered, tie a 16" section of embroidery thread on to the base and screw it together.
Tie a dry erase pen to the thread.

We use this to leave important info for each other. This is also awesome for writing the wifi password on if you are having guests.

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