Long-distance moving can be an exceedingly strenuous process. From deciding your budget to choosing what items to pack, there are numerous things to consider for interstate travel.

But what if we told you it doesn’t have to be this way? That with a few golden tips and tricks, your life can be made much simpler. Continue reading to know a few of those tricks and the secrets to a stress-free interstate move:

·  Declutter

Arguably, one of the most stressful parts of a move is deciding what’s worth keeping in your new home. Especially considering the cost of interstate moving, you’d want to reduce clutter and unnecessary objects as much as possible.

Therefore, we recommend looking through all your current possessions. This includes checking through all your kitchenware, computer accessories, clothes, equipment, and other items. Then selectively choose to sort them into one of three piles: sell, toss, or donate.

When an item has marketable value, you can add it to the "sell" pile and use apps like Facebook Marketplace and eBay to get some extra cash.

·  Be Prepared

Interstate travel is definitely not something to be left to the last minute. It requires a minimum of weeks or months of planning. And, aside from initial decluttering and planning, the day or the week of the shift also requires a series of tasks.

.  These could include the following:

·  Defrost your freezer a couple of days before the move

·  Watering any house plants in advance, as they could end up without water or sunlight for several days

·  Ensure that fragile objects are appropriately packed in the original packaging they came in, or you can ask your movers for a specialized plasma carton to ensure their safe transit.

·  If you have the appropriate tools, get a head-start on dismantling heavy furniture, such as tables, bed frames, or couches.

·  Get Several Estimates

When undergoing long-distance moving, you’d want to ensure that you can trust the team that’s transporting your beloved belongings over hundreds of miles.

Thus, a rule of thumb is to never settle on your first recommendation. Ask various friends and family members for references. And then, when you have around 3-4 trustworthy and reputable options, you can start comparing quotes.

Similarly, you should ensure that the quotes are detailed and well-written from a fully insured and licensed mover. The last thing you'd want for any move is to go over the budget at the last minute; be sure to account for any unconsidered expenses such as those from bulky items, extra packaging, or transit duration costs.

·  Have Insurance For All Items

As brushed upon earlier, you need to exclusively opt for movers that offer insurance on items. Though it may be pricier, it's definitely worth it, considering how easily deliverables can get damaged during long-distance moving.

Moving insurance works by guaranteeing that you’re always fully reimbursed for unexpected loss or damage, ensuring ease of mind for safe transit and storage. Usually, there are additional charges. However, they vary depending on the items you'd be paying insurance for. If the mover you opt for is professional and reputable, they'd happily provide an honest quote for an item’s insurance and information regarding its exact coverage.

·  Leave It All To The Movers

There’s no doubt that moving is stressful, especially when it’s done across states. So, why put yourself through the trouble of worrying? After packaging everything and getting the right item insurance from a trustworthy moving company, simply leave the work to the movers.

Most professional services take everything into account to ensure the safety of your deliverables. They usually cover a variety of services, from including safe packaging of vehicles to the care and maintenance of pets.

With all that being said, if you follow all of these simple tips, we guarantee that you wouldn’t need to worry about moving ever again. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and enjoy the pleasures of a stress-free move!


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