Alternative Burial Arrangements You May Want to Know About

 Alternative Burial Arrangements You May Want to Know About

Losing a loved one is quite a huge loss. So naturally, you’ll need time to grieve and mourn the deceased. However, before you can conduct a public viewing of your loved one, there are several things you have to do first. You’ll need to take care of documents, settle the bills, and then take care of funeral arrangements. It can all be overwhelming, so you might need to coordinate with a reputable funeral home to help you with everything you need.

It is important to honor your deceased relative with a proper burial. However, know that there are other ways aside from the traditional ground burial that you and your family can explore for your loved one. You can coordinate with an industry leader like those at to determine the options available and the attendant costs. They have years of experience and are ready to assist clients in various capacities. 

Here are a few alternative options for burial arrangements.


One of the more popular alternative funeral options is cremation. The funeral home would subject the corpse to high heat, leaving only the deceased’s ashes. The ashes are then collected and placed inside an urn. Family members can bring the urn home or place it in a columbarium as the final resting place. 


One of the emerging alternative funeral options is resomation, which subjects the body to an alkali and water-based solution under high pressure, leaving water and bone ashes. The water is then discharged back into the ecosystem, which is akin to spreading the ashes. The bone ashes are placed inside an urn. It's considered an eco-friendly alternative process. 

Tree planting

One burial alternative is to plant a seed with the ashes. Then, you can take care of the tree as it grows, and it will be a reminder of the deceased life.

Memorial diamonds

Another way that you can memorialize your loved ones is by turning their ashes into a memorial diamond. The process subjects the deceased’s ashes to high pressure resulting in a diamond which you can turn into a keepsake or jewelry. Your loved ones wouldn’t be too far away when you think of them. 

Coral reef burial

Should the deceased be a nature-lover, one of the best ways to honor their memory is by using their ashes to make a coal reef. The deceased ashes are placed in a coral mold and deposited underwater for a coral reef burial. So, they’ll live forever under the sea with the fishes and other creatures they dearly love. 

Space burials

Perhaps one of the most extreme alternatives out there to memorializing your life is the concept of space burials. Space burials entail the launching of the deceased’s ashes into space. A rocket will take the ashes into space, and the remains will be released into the vast emptiness. It is also one of the most expensive, but there are companies ready to lend a hand should you decide to do this.


Losing a loved one is always painful. However, there are different burial alternatives you and your family can explore to honour their memory. 




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