How To Personalize Your Home

 They say home is where the heart is. As a result, you should find a way to showcase as much of your heart and the things you love in your home as possible. After all, this will help turn your home into your safe haven, a place where you can retreat after a busy or stressful day.

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With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to personalize your home! 

DIY your decorations. DIY is more than just a method for tackling home improvement or maintenance tasks, it can also be a great way to add an extra personal touch to your home. For example, if you had a diy cnc router, you could use this to turn a regular old piece of wood into a coveted work of art, which you can proudly display in any room of your home. You could also use this to create bespoke furniture, such as a coffee table or desk. 

Make use of all the spaces available to you. Another way in which you can make sure your home caters to your every need is by ensuring you make the most of every space you have available to you. For example, if you are a bookworm,  instead of using your attic as a glorified (and rather dusty) storage unit, you could convert your attic into a reading room. This way you have the perfect cozy space to retreat to when you fancy entering another world for a few hours. Alternatively, if you work from home, you could turn this space into a stunning WFH station

Paint your walls a bright, bold color. Many home interior guides encourage homeowners to use neutral shades when painting their walls. This is because it allows your furniture to take center stage by acting as a blank canvas. However, as color impacts our emotions and behaviors, featuring your favorite colors in your home (no matter how bright or bold) can truly transform your home and how you feel when spending time there. 

Reupholster your furniture. Learning how to reupholster furniture such as sofas and chairs is another great way to add a more personal touch to your home, without having to buy new furniture outright. It can also be a great way to breathe life into older furniture items, making them look good as new. Try to keep an eye out for bright, bold, or eye-catching fabrics you can use to achieve this goal.

Create a photo wall. Personalized crafts are a great way to spruce up your home. As a result, creating a photo wall is always a great idea. This way you can look back on some of your favorite memories, from vacations to wedding ceremonies every single day. This will not only brighten up any room in the home but can also contribute significantly to your happiness as “photos remind us of people, pets, places, and activities that we love as well as remembering the past. This has been shown to reduce our stress and enhance our mood and overall wellbeing”. There are many ways in which you can create a dynamic photo wall. For example, you could use a variety of different print mediums, from framed photographs to canvases. Alternatively, you could choose a theme for your photo wall, such as black and white images. 

Paint the front door. Home makeovers should include both the interior and exterior of your property, especially if you want to make a real difference. As a result, you could add an extra personal touch to your home by repainting the front door and window frames. Again, do not feel as though you have to choose a plain, neutral color for your door (even if other homeowners on your street have gone down this route). A splash of color will help your home appear bright and inviting! However, you must ensure that you invest in quality, durable paint so that it does not fade quickly or require regular topping-up. 

Paint a Canvas. Hanging art in your home is not only an excellent way to brighten up a dull, blank wall, but it can also trigger creativity and decrease stress. You could take this to the next level by painting your own canvases instead of buying some. This will save you a great deal of money, and will also work to ensure that you have a unique piece of artwork to display in your home. Furthermore, this could be a fun activity that the whole family can partake in, and who knows,  maybe you have a budding Picasso in the family! 


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