The Worst Type of Love: 8 Tips for Disguising Love Handles


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We all have parts of ourselves that we feel like we need to disguise. Love handles are one of those things that most of us have to contend with. The excess fat around the sides of the waist is something that we can either feel that we are proud of ourselves to show off, or we need to feel more comfortable in ourselves. This is why some of the following styling tips can work wonders.

The Right Shapewear

Whether it's women's boy shorts, panty girdles, or control briefs, the right type of underwear or shorts will flatten the bulge around the stomach area, which creates a slimmer effect and lifts evenly. Make sure that you wear them above your belly button so you can conceal the tummy bulges.

Black or Dark Outfits

A lot of people tend to forget about the notion of illusion. Dark colors are fantastic to make your body look more in shape without highlighting bulges. Dark colors in the form of blacks, maroons, blues, or dark browns can work together to make the use of light and dark paneling, which can conceal and highlight curves. You don't have to completely dress in dark colors. You can mix it up with bright colors on the top of the body, but dark colors on the bottom are great for hiding any sort of creases, bumps, and folds.

Vertical Stripes

Another illusion tactic. It fits with vertical stripes and can make you look taller. Be warned, horizontal stripes can have the opposite effect because they add that illusion of width and can make you look shorter as well as broader. Vertical stripes have the effect that can make somebody look slimmer while also disguising the love handles because it draws attention away from the curves to the height of the person.

Empire Waistlines

Dresses with a silhouette that is sitting up between the bust and the waist give an illusion of curves. There are a wide variety of options you can work with here, including A-line dresses. When using A-lined silhouettes, it’s going to make your curves more flattering because they will conceal those love handles and will widen the space in an area, creating an illusion of slimness. You need to stay away from materials that are more body-hugging, such as polyester, lycra, or satin but choose a chiffon or sheer fabrics for the A-line dresses.

Wear Thicker Fabrics

It's important to remember that if you wear finer fabrics, this can tend to stick to your body and this will show the unwanted bulges. When you choose a thick fabric with detailed designs, it will sit on your body better without clinging to the curves and not make these things so obvious.

The Right Accessories

It is a very common fashion tip to distract attention from the parts of your body that you don't want to put on display. And this is why you've got to make sure the accessories are from the neck upwards. For example, a scarf will divert attention towards the neck, but you've got to remember that the scarf should have bold patterns or bright colors. But if you are concerned about wearing scarves during the summer, you can always use thin scarves that are made of cotton or linen. Additionally, you can go for flashy and bold earrings. And while you may not want to go for large earrings, especially in professional settings, you can opt for bright-colored studs that come with bold patterns or studded ring-shaped earrings.

Avoid Baggy Clothing

You have to choose clothes that are the right fit rather than being figure-hugging, but if you choose loose clothing. as much as it can disguise love handles, it can make you look bigger. It's so important to go for the right thing. It's not just for aesthetics, but it will make you feel more confident because it gives a more appealing look.

Look at the Length

When you are putting together a final look, you've got to address the length of your skirt or dress, so when you are picking a fitted dress, it needs to be just right. If it's too short, it will make your thighs look bigger. Having dresses that end just above the knee tends to suit all body types.

Whether you are trying to make a great first impression or you are now trying to feel more confident in yourself, those love handles can be critters to remove. It's about having the right combination of tactics to disguise them.


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