Top Trends in Home Remodeling: Enhancing Functionality and Style


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Chicago is a wonderful city rich in architectural heritage, drawing on multiple influences, including American Renaissance, Gothic Revival, and Tudor-style structures. Chi-Town effortlessly blends Renaissance-style heritage interiors with its quintessential commercial and industrial interior palettes. The city’s interiors are dominated by rustic brick walls, exposed industrial elements, and floor-to-ceiling windows adorned with Mid-century furnishings. 

But this year, there’s a change in the wind, pushing Chicago’s interior trendsetters to shift away from industrial-style minimalism. Like the nationwide interior trends, Chicago’s design radar is abuzz with richly textured, maximalist interiors focusing on openness and spaciousness. 

Are you planning to breathe new life into your Chicago home without breaking away from the city’s traditional design aesthetics? Get ready to hit the local thrift markets to shop for chic leather accents, antiques, and hardware with raw finishes. We’ve compiled a roundup of trendy home remodeling strategies to elevate functionality and style. 

A Luxuriously Appointed Open Floor Kitchen 

Expansive open-floor kitchens are all the rage in Chicago, a trend that perfectly embodies the Windy City's laid-back energy. This trend is right for your home if you're constantly bumping into fixtures and struggling with tripping hazards. The idea is to create an open-plan kitchen combining multiple spaces, primarily the kitchen, living room, and dining room. 

Homeowners can approach this project with multiple variations, depending on their lifestyle and functional needs. Suppose you want to maintain a formal dining area to entertain guests and throw extravagant dinner parties. In that case, we suggest an open floor plan combining the kitchen and living room in an expansive space. 

It’s important to work closely with a reputable home remodeling company in Chicago to explore design variations suited to your floor plan. Altering the floor plan is a major renovation, and finding the right team is paramount. Specialists with extensive experience in floor plan alterations can help you refine your design vision with practical solutions. Most homeowners neglect architectural designs to save money, but this project demands technical know-how and savviness. 

For instance, experts will help you evaluate the impact of the open-floor plan on multiple aspects, such as HVAC functioning and traffic flow. Once you've altered the floor plan, you can group furniture to create different zones with ample free-flowing samples. If you're combing the dining room, it's wise to anchor the dining table with ambient and well-illuminating lighting fixtures. Rugs are a great way to separate each zone, with the double island as the space's focal point. 

Open floor plans create the illusion of spaciousness, allowing homeowners to utilize every inch of square footage available. If you love entertaining guests, this arrangement is ideal for hosting large crowds and creating lavish buffet-style spreads. 

An Ambient Outdoor Space 

The pandemic has taught us the importance of our connection with Mother Nature and the outdoor world, propelling a mindset shift. This newfound discovery has profoundly impacted interior trends nationwide, encouraging homeowners to maximize their outdoor space. Chicago's continental climate is ideal for garden parties in the summer and bonfires to enjoy the chilly winters in one's backyard. 

We suggest expanding your outdoor space and repurposing your backyard into a whimsical getaway where you can escape and unwind. Anchor the space with a seating arrangement, such as a deck, patio, pergola, or porch. It's wise to connect with one's design inspirations and preferences and the overall architectural integrity of your home. 

A pergola would prove an excellent addition to a traditional home with period-style construction and mid-century furniture. However, a deck or patio will prove more appealing in a contemporary home with modern furniture. Suppose your home has a bold countryside flair with farmhouse-style construction and wooden accents. In that case, we suggest a rustic wooden deck with an earthy finish. 

You can elevate the seating arrangement with functional additions, such as an outdoor kitchen, grilling station, or fire pit. Homeowners across Chicago can maximize outdoor luxury with extravagant additions like hot tubs and plunge pools. Adding a multipurpose shed is another brilliant way to utilize space, turning it into a home office or a children's play area. 

A Decadent Bathroom 

Bathroom renovations are a great strategy to boost a Chicago home's market value and ROI potential, making your property more attractive. Imagine creating a serene spa-like environment where you can luxuriate in a jetted tub and get ready in a walk-in wardrobe. When designing a decadent bathroom, we suggest visualization to devise and refine your artistic vision. 

When you picture a spot brimming with peace and serenity, which destination comes to mind? If the answer is Tuscany, you can create a sun-baked look with a fresh coat of paint. Replace your bathtub with a free-standing stone tub, and adorn the wall with rustic fixtures. Elevate your Tuscan-style bathroom with vibrant terracotta tiles, iron racks and shelves, and a vibrant mural. 

Suppose you wish to create a Balinese-style bathroom with a spa-like ambiance and many scented candles. We suggest focusing on the flow of the bathroom to avoid crowding up the space. Start with a neutral color palette, such as earthy brown, chalky white, or subtle greys. Elevate this muted palette with greenery and natural elements like bamboo and rattan. Accentuate the wooden accents by adding floating shelves to hold your toiletries, scented candles, and planters. 

Customizing and planning is easy once you have a design vision that inspires you to get creative. 

Repurposing the Attic or Garage 

As residential square footage continues to get pricier nationwide, homeowners are embracing the significance of repurposing underutilized living spaces. Instead of turning the attic or garage into a storage dump, transform it into a space that elevates your life quality. 

For instance, you can repurpose the attic into a home office with a library, reading nook, and seating arrangement. If your home lacks a guest bedroom, consider repurposing the attic into a bedroom with comfortable furniture. The garage would make an excellent children's play area – a fabulous trick to maintain a clutter-free home! 

Final Thoughts 

This year's home remodeling trends are about using underutilized spaces and infusing functionality with cosmetic beauty. Remodeling projects focusing solely on aesthetic charm are a frivolous waste of money. After all, your home is a living space, not a gallery with loads of d├ęcor items. 

You must prioritize interior trends that infuse your home with practicality and purpose while elevating the aesthetic profile. We strongly advise a balanced approach to make your home attractive, homely, and livable.


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