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Best Gifts for Boys

The holidays are near, and I have been looking for great gift ideas for boys. I have found some unique options that work for all budgets, and cover a variety of interests. I know you will find a gift or two on this list that would delight the boys on your shopping list.
Samples have been provided for inclusion.

Boys that like to build will be into this tool set from Stanley Jr. This set has safety glasses, a hammer, a functional tape measure and screwdrivers to get little ones started. Order from Amazon.

Laser Pegs are awesome for holiday gifting. They take a favorite activity for boys, like building and combine lights for a really fun experience. Laser Peg kits start at $8 so this is a gift that works for even the tightest budget. They offer a variety of kits so you are bound to find one that matches the boy on your lists interest.

The Mega Cyborg Hand from Thames & Kosmos is an awesome stem kit that kids will want to get a grip on! They can build this hydraulic hand and then wear it for a giant dose of fun. Order it online for about $40.

Clixo offers an open-ended play system that combines the magic of paper origami, the ease of classic building blocks, and the power of magnets. This unique toy brings building to a modern level. Order a pack or two for curious boys on your list starting at about $24.

Snap Ships are awesome gifts because it combines building and battling which are two things that most boys dig. Parents will love that this creative building toy  adds dramatic play to the table and that all parts are interchangeable, so that the building fun continues into new creations. Check out the line of options from Play Monster, or find some of the exclusive kits at Target. Kits start at $12,

Molotow Mini Subwayz are unique and fun. These little train cars fold and are ready to graffiti for a fun activity. Boys will love to collect these, and in some way fulfill a fantasy of what it would be like to be a graffiti artist, in a safe way. Order the cars starting at about $13.

K'nex is always a great gift idea. These kits are challenging to build and absolutely impressive to admire! The Eiffel Tower Kit stands over 29 inches high and is the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon. Order this awesome option from the Basic Fun amazon store for about $50.

Boys will love this table tennis set from Pro Spin. It will give them a chance to get some active play in, anytime, anywhere. The set contains a retractable net, balls, 2 paddles and a carry case. Order for about $35.

Blinks by Move38 is a incredibly unique gift option for game loving boys. Each Blink is a game cartridge and a game tile. Blinks connect to other Blinks. Together they become an interactive board game. You can get the three pack which has 18 games for about $300.

Tifosi Optics makes stylish and useful sunglasses that will protect their eyes this winter. We usually equate sunglasses with summer, but make no mistake, kids need eye protection in the winter too, as it can be so bright when it snows.  Check out the assortment of swanky styles and find styles starting around $25.

Boys will love Flipover Frog the game. This strategy game is loads of fun for kids and only takes about 15 minutes to play, for a quick game anytime boys need a dose of fun! Order this option from Hub Games for about $13.

Boys who love trains will want to play with the Action Tunnel Circle Set by Brio all day long. This train set is perfect for the youngest conductors to explore. This set is comparable with all of the Brio train gear, so that the set can grow with your child. Order from amazon for about $100.

Smarty Pad is one of my favorite gifts for preschool and kindergarten aged boys because it combines play, education, technology and sensory all in one portable, engaging package. Order one for a boy who loves to learn from Amazon for about $35.

City Spies makes a great gift for boys who love to read. This book has excitement, suspense and a chance at redemption. It makes for an enjoyable read for elementary aged kids. Order from Amazon starting at $11.

Little Justice Leaders is a monthly subscription for kids that will inspire them to make changes to the social justice system while empowering! This subscription includes goodies like books and colored pencils, among other fun items that kids will get excited about receiving monthly. Prices start at $45 a month.

My kids love Little Learning Hands boxes, because they are fun! I love them because while we are not traveling this year, we can still explore the world while learning from home. These 3d Puzzles are awesome for a snow day activity, or a chance to make learning hands on. Check out the puzzles on amazon where they start at about $17. Check out the subscription boxes on the Little Learning Hands site.

If your kids love Ryan on Youtube, then run to Walmart to get this epic Vending Surprise! This has 16 surprises inside and makes such fun sounds! You even get to build your own Ryan from this vending surprise machine, which is bound to be a lot of fun for kids. Get this offering from Just Play Toys at Walmart for about $40.

Relay makes for a great gift for kids who want a little independence, and parents who want a little peace of mind. This device keeps tabs on where the kids are, and gives them a way to call for help if needed. Order a Relay device for a boy on your shopping list for about $35. 

Upbrainery Technologies offers kids a hands on chance to learn! These kits include everything kids need to build something epic, like a digital photo frame, or a bluetooth speaker to name a few. Check out the site to find something epic for your kids to create.

Brushing teeth doesn't have to be a bore. This year gift an awesome boy a way to turn brushing his teeth into a fun game with Brite Brush. Find this interactive toothbrush at Walmart or Amazon for about $20. Chances are you won't need to argue about brushing anymore!

Learn together how to solve the Rubik’s in a fun and interactive way, play games and battle online with other cubers around the world. This is the perfect STEM toy, it is educating and fun and adds tons of value to screen time. Order Go Cube Edge for about $80.

A great sports watch never goes out of style, and this Fila watch is handsome and durable making it a perfect watch for a school aged boy. They have a ton of options so finding the perfect watch is fuss free. Plus you can find some awesome options for about $30.

Give boys ages 3 to 9 a hands on lesson in coding with Osmo. The starter pack breaks down coding into a fun play session so that kids can start learning something super useful in a very kid friendly way. Order the Osmo Coding Starter Kit for about $80.

The Powerup Paper Airplane Kit is awesome for boys this holiday season! This unique idea takes the art of folding paper planes to a whole new level, powered up, of course! Build 10 awesome planes and give them a boost of flying power thanks to technology! This kit costs about $115.

Boys who love space will love building the Mars Space Base from Goju Adventures Toys. This kit has everything needed to build a space station, including some astronauts! This creative building set costs about $45 and can be found on Amazon.

If you are shopping for a dinosaur loving boy this year, look no further than the Egg Mazing Dinomazing Egg Decorator. Find this really fun art kit on Amazon for about $28 for a roaring good time!

Pizza Party Throwdown is an awesome game for boys who like pizza and fun! This game has you tossing and hopefully landing toppings to create pizzas! Order it for about $20 from Amazon or find it at Target.

 Go Noodle offers mindful videos for kids and they have a shop filled with fun! I love the Cookie Decorating Class which includes cookie cutters, an apron and the online lesson on how to make the cookies! Order for about $75 or check out the other goodies in their shop.

I hope these gift ideas help you find some epic gifts for the boys in your life.
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Gifts for Boys

I consider myself an expert in toys. I have spent a million hours cleaning them up and organizing them, and I know what kids want to play with. If you need an epic gift for a boy on your holiday shopping list, keep reading, cause I got you covered on the best gifts for boys this year.

Product samples have been provided for photography. Affiliate links may be used.

Give your kids a gift of security with this HD Wifi Camera with Night Vision. Keep an eye on them while they sleep, or let the kids make some epic home video while adding some character to his space with the help of Chase from Paw Patrol. Find this at retailers like Walmart, Amazon or Best Buy for about $30.

Boys appreciate farts like no one else. Get a few of these Fart Ninjas for a silent butt deadly holiday surprise that will keep boys giggling for hours. Find these for about $8 at Target, Amazon, or Walmart.

Challenge boys this holiday season with a logic game that stretches the mind. Paired with the included Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty this game is sure to be a big hit with kids this year. Finding the Thinking Putty Puzzle online or at retailers like Walmart for about $30.

Animal Planet brings the animal kingdom to life every day. Now you can interact with the mighty T-Rex and control his movements. Includes 6 different sounds activated by motion or touch. Find this interactive dino from Wicked Cool Toys $35.

Sticks n Stones n Dinosaur Bones is a lively and witty book of rhymes plus wonderfully demented illustrations reveal how a paleontologists’ infamous rivalry began, and how—despite making genuine and lasting contributions to the field—their mutual obsession with outdoing one another spun out of control. Give it to a book loving boy this holiday. Find it from Amazon, or from Schiffer Publishing for about $17 this holiday season.

Magformers are perfect for boys who love to pair dramatic play and building. Get this 50 peice set Amazing Rescue STEM kit online to give the gift of dramatic rescue anytime boys car to build the vehicles for about $60.

Hoping for a pet at Christmas is a rite of passage for loads of kids. This year give them a pet hedgehog that they can construct with the Tumbling Hedgehog kit from Thames & Kosmos. This is a great STEM kit that will engage and delight kids with an introduction to robotics. This is great for ages 7 to 12. Buy it online or from retailers like Walmart and Target for under $40.

Give kids the gift of a safe internet experience, all of their favorite PBS characters and apps and a portable dvd player in one device with this 7" HD Tablet DVD combo from PBS Kids. This is a durable option for eager little ones. It is easy to use, and can with stand eager hands. Find it at retailers like Walmart, or from Amazon for about $100.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is a gift for the senses and the thought process. This fun to touch and work with the hands putty comes in an assortment of varieties and sizes. Thinking putty never dries out, making it a favorite among parents. Get a large tin for at home, and a small travel tin for the backpack to give the gift of sensory delight. Find it at a variety of stores like Target,  Walmart and Hallmark, or buy online. Prices start around $4 for a mini thinking putty.

On the coldest days of winter, it is easy for boys to grow restless with the extra indoor time. This year gift them an assortment of games from Amigo Games to give an invitation for family game night and a break from cabin fever.  Ring a Ding Ding, No Thanks and Clack are great for multi-player games and are sure to have everyone ready to play another game. Buy them online from Amazon or from retailers like Michael's.

Disney fans are going to love the challenge this Villainous Wicked to the Core board game presents. This game is strategy for Disney fans and can be combined with the other Villainous game from Ravensburger to let more friends or family join in the fun. Get it online or from retailers like Target or Barnes and Noble for under $25.

Bath time can be fun and spooky too with these awesome options from Not Another Rubber Ducky. Available in 4 designs that cover all of your favorite classic horror movie monsters. These make a great gift idea for kids who love Halloween, or maybe just need to add a little fun to their bath. Get them online for $15 each.

Give the gift of science with this Ooze Labs Chemistry Station. This kit oozes a good time and a healthy dose chemistry in a kid safe manner. The kit includes these irresistible chunky test tubes and an assortment of materials to experiment with. Get this Thames and Kosmos kit for about $30 from retailers like Target, Kohl's or Walmart, or order online.

A furry friend is always a good choice for gifts for boys. This EcoKins 12" Snow Leopard is a gift kids will love to cuddle and everyone can feel good about. These toys are made with 16 water bottles. Talk about from trash to treasure! Order these cute plushies online from the Ecokins store. a 12" animal will cost about $18 but they have other sizes at prices around $6.

Got a kid to buy for that loves to create his own stories and characters? This Character Creator action figure set from Wicked Uncle Gifts makes for a great gift for boys of all ages. They will love the endless possibilities that await them and their blank action figure. Boys will love customizing it. Order from Wicked Uncle Gifts for $20.

Give the gift of kid safe entertainment this year with a made just for kids and loaded full of fun. Plug & Play by PBS Kids is like roku for kids that is loaded with videos, games and more. No subscription is needed to enjoy the hours upon hours of content that is loaded. Order from the PBS Kids shop for under $60. This will be handy this winter during snow days. Parents will love that everything on the Plug & Play is kid friendly, parent approved.

Leap Start Go by Leapfrog makes for a fun way to play and learn for kids this holiday season.  Bring books to life with audio and video for an immersive learning experience that is a lot of fun for kids.  Add new books to keep kids learning or let them enjoy the over 750+ activities that can be completed time and time again. Find this online from Leapfrog or at retailers like Walmart for under $40.

When I asked my 9 year old what he wanted for Christmas he looked at me with dreamiest look in his eyes. He said "All the Nerf things mom..." and he proceeded to go back to his video games. I found something better than Nerf. The Adventure Force Max Morpher foam dart gun blows Nerf out of the water with the long distance firing power this impressively sized gun has. Give him the ability to shoot his targets from 100 feet away with accuracy, in a safe for kids way. Best of all, you can find this gun in shops like Walmart, for about $17. These are economical and are going to be one of the most loved toys for boys this year. Check out all of the options including Walking Dead Foam dart guns from Buzzbee Toys.

Boys love to shoot foam darts at any and everything, so take his breath away this year with the biggest foam dart gun I have ever seen. The Mutator from Air Warriors is incredible. This is so much gun for any nerf loving kid. This gun is huge. It can go the distance or offer precision accuracy. Looking at this gun you probably are thinking how much is it? I couldn't believe these are under $100. The look on any boys face when he opens this is worth more than that! Get it from Buzzbee Toys or from retailers like Walmart or Target. (It is like $27 at Target right now which is a STEAL, and under $75 at Walmart.)

If you have a boy to buy for that loves to ride his scooter and is ready for a little more responsibility, the One K E-Motion electric scooter from Globber is perfect for a beginner. The scooter goes about 12 mph and can hold about 110 pounds making it great for kids 8 to tween. These are easy to ride, easy to stop and tons of fun. But, parents, they do require supervision, so be prepared to get the adult version for yourself!

Board games are the bomb for Christmas. Give boys on your shopping list a really fun opportunity to bring back family game night with Let It Fly by Maya Toys. Who will splat the fly first in this active and zany game for kids 8 and older. Get it online for about $20.

The long days of winter are upon us, so that means the boys are stuck indoors more than ever. Offer a little variety to their daily play with this fun and easy shooting game. Glowstriker naturally glows in the dark to make it more of a challenge, or shoot at the levitating targets with the lights on for practice. Get this from Wicked Uncle Gifts for under $35.

Give kids a chance to plug, link and count with this Stem Challenge. The Plugo link and count works with your ipad to bring puzzles to life. This is a great tool for at home learning via hands on play. Find it at Amazon for about $50 this holiday season.

Give the gift of hands on play with this Thames and Kosmos Engineering Makers Off Road Rovers kit. Build ten wild off-road vehicles and other machines while learning about belt drives, wheels, and tank tread and STEM. Get it from Walmart, Target and other nationwide retailers, or order online for under $30.

Brik Buster is a fun game for kids of all ages that are into brick building. Brik Buster lets you build a tower and then try to bust it up! Kids love this game and adults might get a kick out of it too. Find it online from Strictly Briks. Order it from Amazon for under $30 and keep boys building and busting down brick creations all winter long.

If you need a gift for a boy who digs slime and dinosaurs, the Discovery Prehistoric Slimy Goop Dig kit by Horizon is perfect for gifting this holiday season. Boys can get their hands into some slimy goop to uncover some epic dinosaur finds. Get this from Walmart, Michael's or from Amazon for about $13.

Give the gift of music is a friendly portable manner with Wicked Uncle Gifts. This real Hawaiian Ukulele looks awesome and gives boys an affordable introduction to stringed instruments. Boys will love strumming away on this ukulele while parents are grateful it doesn't require an amp. Find it and so many more excellent gift options from the Wicked Uncle Gifts site for under $40.

This 4 pack of insects in resin makes a gift curious boys will go creepy crawly for. The set includes identifying info, a magnifying glass to inspire future bug hunts and 4 awesome insects to check out and collect. Get it on Amazon for about $15.

This is an awesome and unique gift for boys who haven't lost their baby teeth just yet. This The Toothless Monster box includes a book, a friend and some teeth that parents can attach later. It is incredibly creative and adds a lot to the typical tooth fairy routine. Get it online for under $40.