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3 Easy Ideas For Your New Year's Eve Dinner Party


Image Credit: TerriC from Pixabay.

With how special the occasion is, there’s no reason not to hold a dinner party for New Year’s Eve. Why not take in the new year with a good meal and good friends? If you think this would take a lot of effort, you could be wrong. It only has to be as complicated as you let it be.

With a few ideas for your New Year’s Eve dinner party, you can make it much simpler. That’s especially true for the food, which can be much simpler than you’d think. You don’t need to compromise on how the food tastes, as three simple dishes can be quite tasty.

It’s worth having a look and getting some inspiration for your New Year’s Eve dinner party.

Ideas For Your New Year's Eve Dinner Party: 3 Easy Options

1. Rice Chicken Soup

A good panera copy cat wild rice chicken soup recipe can go down perfectly for all of your guests and doesn’t take much effort to make. It’s mouth-wateringly delicious, so there’s no reason not to consider it.

While this is best served as an entree and not the main meal, it’s more than enough to get your guests feeling good and get them excited for the rest of the meal.

2. Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine alfredo always goes down a treat, and it isn’t too complicated to make. It’s one of the simplest ideas for your New Year’s Eve dinner party to consider. The only trick to this is the sauce, but that shouldn’t even take much effort to make. All you’ll need is some cheese, cream, garlic, and butter.

Leave to cook for a little while, and your fettuccine alfredo will go down a treat. The dish should only take about a half hour to make, so you shouldn’t be rushed off your feet.

3. Honey Glazed Salmon

Salmon doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. It’s one of the tastiest meats you can cook, even if you don’t have a sauce with it. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s naturally worth taking it a step further, but you don’t need to get too complicated with it.

With some honey and a bit of lime, you’ll have everything you need to make a perfect honey glazed salmon. Add in some flour, and you’ll make it quite crispy. As simple as it sounds, it’s sure to satisfy your and your guests’ taste buds. All it takes is a few minutes to marinate, and you’re good to go.

Ideas For Your New Year's Eve Dinner Party: Wrapping Up

Coming up with ideas for your New Year’s Eve dinner party can seem complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. With the food, it’ll be much simpler and more straightforward than you’d think. All you’d need to do is focus on the right dishes so you don’t have to put much effort in while making sure everyone loves the food.

Honey glazed salmon, rice chicken soup, and fettuccine alfredo can be some of the more notable of these. You’ll be sure to please all your guests without needing to run around the kitchen all night.

What Should I Do With All My Seasonal Leftovers?

 Pexels - CC0 License

Well, eat them, of course! That said, it can be hard to know what to do with small elements of your leftovers if they’re all placed in little tubs and have no real purpose in a much larger recipe. Moreover, some ingredients can last longer than others in the refrigerator, and on top of this, you may or may not have had a traditional seasonal meal or set of meals over the festive period.

For this reason, understanding what to do with your seasonal leftovers can be a hard task. But don’t worry, in this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use to decide exactly that. Without further ado, please consider the following advice:

Make The Best Sandwiches Possible

You can make the best sandwiches with any leftover meats and vegetables from your holiday meals. There are countless alternatives for transforming your leftovers into mouthwatering sandwiches, whether you choose traditional options like turkey with cranberry sauce or more original combinations like ham and pineapple. Stuffing, roasted vegetables, and other softer foods can be delicious in between a fresh baguette purchased from a local barkery, so don’t think you have to slop everything into two small pieces of bread. 

Add your preferred sauces and toppings after layering your remaining components and you’ll really take it up a notch. Have fun, experiment, and use up those leftovers. For a crispy and tasty variation, you may also try grilling your sandwiches in a skillet. Sandwiches are a tasty and practical way to use up your leftover Christmas ingredients, and work no matter if they’re hot or cold.

Delicious Stuffed Pepper Soup

You can make a fantastic stuffed pepper soup with any leftover ground beef and vegetables from your holiday meal. Simply brown some onions and peppers in a pot, add the remaining vegetables and ground beef, and then toss in some broth and canned tomatoes. Alternatively, you can follow this stuffed pepper soup recipe which is utterly delicious and a real treat to both enjoy alone or share with the family. This way you can use up all of those smaller veggies you may have had beforehand and aren’t sure what to do with.

Make A Delectable Casserole

Making a nice casserole is a wonderful way to use up your leftover holiday supplies. You can make a filling and savory casserole that will feed a crowd out of any leftover vegetables, ham, or turkey. Turkey and broccoli casserole, ham and cheese quiche, and sweet potato and black bean casserole are all delicious and you’ll be asking for seconds in no time. Just arrange your unused ingredients in a baking dish, top with cheese or a creamy sauce, and bake the casserole until it is hot and bubbling. The good thing is that casseroles tend to improve in the refrigerator, so ironically you’ll have leftovers, but leftovers that are enjoyable and simple to eat this time around, as you’ve combined them into one delicious meal.

With this advice, you’re sure to turn all of your seasonal leftovers into an amazing meal we’ll be jealous of.

How To Prepare The Perfect Christmas Dinner

 The 25th of December is such a special day for many families around the world, and that’s likely why it’s so popular to prepare a delicious festive feast to tuck in to with your nearest and dearest! 

Cooking up the perfect Christmas dinner can often seem like a mammoth task, and it can be tough to keep everyone around the table satisfied with their meal. However, this guide contains some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of to ensure you can whip up the most mouth watering meal that’s memorable for all of the right reasons!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more and start preparing your festive feast today!

Image Source - Pexels 

Start Prep A Few Days Beforehand 

Attempting to complete all of your cooking responsibilities on Christmas Day is no doubt going to be one of the worst decisions that you can make, as you need to give yourself more than enough time just in case anything goes wrong. Starting your prep a few days beforehand is the best way to go, as you can do all manner of chopping and creating before the big day. For example, you can get to work chopping and parboiling your vegetables and potatoes a day or two before, and simply pop them in the freezer ready to roast a few hours before your guests arrive. You can also create things like Yorkshire pudding mix or cake mix a day before too - just put them in a sealed container and leave them somewhere fresh! You’ll be so glad that you started your prep a few days earlier, as there’s nothing worse than running round your kitchen like a headless chicken with far too many tasks to complete! 

Cater For Every Diet 

Making the mistake of preparing one set meat for every single one of your guests could leave you in hot water, as there are so many different diet types and food preferences that people have in today's modern world. Putting in a little extra effort so that you can attempt to cater to a few different common diet types will always be a productive option, as those who eat them will massively appreciate you including their needs in your cooking! For example, you can prepare a batch of gluten free stuffing, or even make an eggless triple chocolate layer cake for dessert. There are lots of different recipes online that you can make the most of if you’re not too sure about different diet and their guidelines, and these will often contain some advice about how to minimize any contamination too - this is absolutely essential if you have any dinner guests who have allergies or intolerances, as you don’t want to make them poorly by accident. 

Figuring out how to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner has never been such a simple task when you can utilize some of the brilliant tips and ideas detailed in this informative guide! Good luck in your quest to prepare a magical festive feast.

How To Prepare Your Home For Guests

 With guests on the way, it can be an absolute nightmare attempting to prepare your property for their arrival. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine to get your home ready for guests, no matter how high their expectations may be! This guide contains some of the best steps that you can follow to refresh and revitalize your home in record time.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover more!

Image Source - Pexels 

Focus On Curb Appeal 

Your home's exterior is the first thing that a guest is going to see when they arrive at your home - what will they currently be greeted with? If you have grass growing to hip-height, a dirty driveway covered in grime, and cloudy windows riddled with condensation, then any guest is going to feel uncomfortable about visiting or spending the night inside your home. You need to take advantage of the opportunity to set the scene in the best way as soon as a guest locks eyes on your home, as you can easily entice them in rather than turn them off!

To boost your curb appeal, always start with your garden. Get in touch with a team of experts such as those at masterscapes lawn care and landscaping, as this way you won’t have to get your hands dirty. Refreshing your garden so that it can take on a more manicured feel will help to make your property appear very well looked after, so it’s a step worth taking. You should always take the time to upgrade your windows if necessary, as cracked glass, fogginess and other related issues can certainly drag your properties aesthetic value down to an all time low. Get new double glazing and be sure to keep it shiny and clean - these windows will be eye-catchers for all of the right reasons!

Prepare Their Bedroom & En Suite 

Preparing your guests bedroom and en suite bathroom should be your next focus, as you need to be able to create the most enticing, relaxing space that includes everything they could ever need while staying at your home. Make sure that they have fresh clean bed sheets, as well as a couple of extra pillows and a thick blanket that they can utilize to suit their personal preferences. It’s a good idea to consider purchasing a mini-fridge to put in their bedroom, that you can fill with drinks and snacks in case they get hungry or thirsty. 

When it comes to their en suite, think about what you would likely need when visiting a friend or family member for a few days. Hygiene products like shower gel or soap, shampoo, conditioner and hand wash are essentials that you need to purchase beforehand. Buy small, travel sized bottles - this way, your guests can open a brand new packet and you won’t have to throw heaps away. Don’t forget to provide them with a bath towel and a hand towel, as well as a bath mat to cover the floor if necessary. They’ll appreciate every small touch, as it will mean that they won’t have to come to you to ask for something.

Christmas Tree Process Art

 This is such a fun way for kids to paint, without using any brushes! It creates a lovely work of art that adds just the right touch of kid made cheer to your space!

My youngest and I love to paint together. We are always thinking of things to paint, without turning to a paint brush. We came up with this adorable process art using only a cork, a pencil eraser, and some paint. This is the perfect seasonal art project for kids.

Paint in green, red, yellow and brown
A pencil with an eraser
A paper plate
A cork

Pour a little squirt of each color of paint on a paper plate.
Offer your child a pencil with an eraser and a cork.
Encourage your child to form the tree shape by stamping in the green paint, then adding one stamp to the paper.
On the next line, make two stamps.
On the third line, stamp 3 times. You get the idea.
After the tree is formed, using the eraser, dip into the other colors of paint, and start decorating the tree.

                     Use whatever colors you like for the ornaments. We used red, blue and yellow.

                                          Next form the tree trunk with brown paint.

                                         Allow to dry and display.

Isn't this such a cute holiday process art idea? Preschoolers and toddlers might enjoy this too!

You can find all of our Christmas crafts here.

Reader favorites include:

Gnome ornaments

Santa Coloring Page

I have a really cute free printable to share with you today; both of my kids loved coloring this one! We can't help but get a little excited as we count down the days til the big holiday! So, I made them a Santa coloring page to inspire some of their sweet dreams!

Santa Coloring Page

This free coloring page is perfect for kids of all ages! Print one, or as many as you need. This is great for sharing at school, as an offering at the kids table to keep them entertained, or to share with a friend. Pin this for later, because it will come in handy year after year!

If you are looking for more free coloring pages check out some of these reader favorites.

J is for Jam

A is for Alligator

Ways to Accessorize Your Outfit with DIY Ornaments

 Nowadays, you can get outfits and accessories for all occasions, thanks to lading designers Like Alexander McQueen, Celine, and Gucci. The collection of dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories is also limitless, and getting the best attire shouldn't be an issue. But, have you ever thought of flattering your gear with DIY ornaments? These ornaments are quite famous and are a great way of creating that stylish yet unique look.

Here's how to match your outfit with DIY ornaments:

1. Avoid color mistakes- pay attention to color coordination

Accessorizing your outfit is not just about wearing all types of ornaments that you come across. Your ornaments should match your outfit perfectly. For instance, if you're wearing a colorful dress with many colors, your accessories should help tone down the color and blend well with your dress.

Natural hues are splendid for bight colored dresses, and this avoids color clashing. Simple outfits match well with elaborate ornaments. For instance, you enjoy more flexibility with a black dress, and brightly colored ornaments are ideal.

2. Wear event-appropriate outfits    


How you dress depends on your type of event. For formal occasions, you need more conservative outfits and jewelry accessories. Dangling jewels don't work so well in the office. If dressing for work, you may want to forgo too many bangles and hanging bracelets. Moreover, choose ornaments in cool or natural colors.

But, if attending a party or a night out with friends, your choices are limitless. You can choose those bright colored dresses and accentuate your looks with colorful DIY ornaments of your choice. 

 What's more? You can match this with a cute clutch or a leather tote bag. You can as well add a scarf and gloves for that classic look. The idea here is to stand out but still achieve the perfect match for your accessories.

3. Your skin tone matters!

Your ornaments should not only go with your outfit but your skin tone as well. Silver is an excellent choice for illuminating natural tones. On the other hand, gold is ideal for women with darker hair or matte skin. For cooler skin tones, Ornaments in red, purple, and blue colors make perfect choices. For warmer skin tones, choose yellow, green orange ornaments.

4. Chose a focal point

Accessorizing your outfit is all about limits. Choosing giant and brightly colored ornaments draw attention to your jewelry, making others not to notice you. Remember your decorations are meant to complete your outfit and not a focal point.

Choose accessories that blend in well with your dress, handbag, and shoes. Avoid jewelry that draws more attention than your outfit. If you are wearing other types of jewelry, match them well for a more harmonized look. Visit ARY D'PO if you're looking for some nice designer pieces.

The bottom line

DIY ornaments are cost-effective and stylish. They are a great way of accentuating your looks-in a unique way, of course. No matter the type of outfit, you can also make ornaments to suit your style and dress. To make the best DIY pieces for your dress, acquire some materials from your local store, and search online for tips on making the best ornaments for all outfits and occasions.

10+ Gingerbread Treats

It wouldn't be the holidays without a delicious gingerbread goodie! I have rounded up ten of my favorite gingerbread treat recipes from bloggers to share with you in case you need a gingerbread treat to savor and share this holiday season.

My late friend Ruth Seeshultz made the best gingerbread cookies ever. I can't help but think of her whenever I run across a good recipe for any kind of dessert. During the holidays, she seems to always be on my mind, as there are so many goodies I know she would have wanted to make!

This collection has something for everyone, from gingerbread candy houses to gingerbread cupcakes that are so moist and flavorful! Any of these treats are perfect for a party or to share with a friend! 

If you are craving more Christmas fun, check out some of my holiday craft ideas.
Reader favorites include:

Reclaimed Farmhouse Joy Sign

This farmhouse joy sign was made entirely from reclaimed materials to add a festive touch to your home.

I have been making a ton of things with pallets. From creepy Halloween signs, wooden black cats and even some fun pallet Christmas trees that I am going to share with you soon. I knew exactly what I wanted to make the last time I tore apart some pallets. Rustic and charming farmhouse holiday signs.

These reclaimed farmhouse joy signs are so easy to make.  They add a festive touch to your space or are perfect for gifting. Plus, they are so budget friendly you can make dozens for a dollar!

This is a really easy project. Gather some supplies, finding inspiration in trash.

Supplies for one sign

One pallet board section
One pop tab
One screw
One penny nail
One Christmas Bauble
Paint Brush

I cut one pallet board into 4 smaller boards, just big enough to proclaim my message, Joy.
I pulled tabs off of empty soda cans for my method of hanging.

Line up the soda tab so that it is even with the board. 
Place the screw in the small hole and tighten.

In the center of the other side of the board, place the penny nail. Drive it in half way.

Paint the board in the color of your choice. 

After the board is dry, place a Christmas bauble over the nail. Add a bead of glue to secure and allow to dry.

Use stencils, or with another color of paint, freehand  your letters J and Y. Allow to dry.

Now you can display your Joy sign, or share it with a friend this holiday season.

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6 Sweet Santa Crafts

He's making a list and checking it twice, and the kids are losing their minds with the excitement of Santa's upcoming visit. To build on the fun of the Christmas festivities, I have found 6 Sweet Santa Crafts for my kids and I can't wait to share these ideas with you!

These are easy and adorable ways to bring the fun of Santa into your craft time this holiday season!
We are a family that loves to create. I am always looking for easy and fun ideas for the kids.

Santa's Sleigh Fingerprint Craft

Santa Handprint Ornaments

Santa Gift Tags

Paper Santa

Mason Jar Santa

Santa's Face Ornaments

Which of these Santa crafts is your favorite? I think they are all as cute as can be, but I am crazy for the Santa Face ornaments! My kid would love to make any of these fun projects.

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6 Christmas Tree Inspired Snacks

Gifts for Foodies

Are you stumped on what to get a foodie on your list for Christmas this year? I have found some really tasty options that I know will be received with lip smacking delight! 

Samples were provided for original photography. Affiliate links may be used.

Foodies naturally love to sip on tasty beverages while they munch on all of the goodies. This Christmas give a gift that is stylish, eco friendly and travels easily with a Verdelix collapsible stainless steel drinking straw. These are awesome for on the go sips and will drastically reduce your plastic straw consumption. 

Give a coffee lover in your life a new way to indulge. These tasty  Eat Your Coffee bars are like a cup of good coffee to go, that never gets cold! Find them in an assortment of flavors, priced about $15 for 6 online.

Give the gift of flavor with an assortment of tasty K Pops sauces. Foodies will love the range that these sauces can bring to sandwiches and assorted dishes in the kitchen. I loved the Honey Glaze sauce which complimented stir fry wonderfully. Find it online for about $9 a bottle.

Alpine Start makes having a great cup of coffee possible, no matter where your favorite foodie might be this holiday season. With flavors like original, dirty chai lattee and coconut cream latte, there is a flavor for every foodie waiting to be discovered. Find it online for about $9 a box.

Subarz make for  tasty treat worthy of sharing this holiday season. These are bar cookies at their finest with flavors like Lemon Thyme and Chocolate Chip. They are like a cookie and a biscotti combined for a one of a kind, totally craveable goodie. Get them online for about $6 a box.

I like wine, but I can't always drink a bottle when I want to open one. That is why I love ICan Wine. Available in Rose and Chardonnay, this is a surprisingly good wine for something from a can. Add a few cans to a gift basket for a great gift anyone will appreciate. It is perfectly sized portions for adding a glass to dinner.

Protein Puffs by Shrewd Food  make a great way to snack without adding lots of carbs to the diet. Available in flavor from savor cheddar or nacho cheese or pepperoni pizza, to sweet cookies and cream, any foodie will dig these protein packed puffs for guilt free snacking.

I love the gift of healthier treats during the holidays when it is so easy to overindulge at your every whim. Burl Barley Granola offers some good for you granola that taste amazing. Gift a few bags of this made with barley goodness now to make turning over a new leaf easier at the first of the year or to add a crunchy bit of cheer to any holiday moment. Find it at select health food stores or online.

This holiday season add a handy gadget to the home bar with Drink Perfection. This contraption works with wine, tea, coffee, alcohol and more to make drinks the ideal temperature for consumption. Simply add ice and your favorite drink. Let the Drink Perfection work its magic and you can enjoy the flavors of your drink at the intended temperature. Get it online for under $50

Looking for a one of a kind gift this year for a pickle fanatic? Pickle Sips gives the flavors you crave save the indignity of sipping out of the pickle jar. This is interesting and a fun gift for a foodie or a unique addition to the home bar. Retailing at $6 a bottle and available in Sweet Heat and Dill varieties, this is sure to be an unforgettable gift for a foodie. Find it on Amazon or the Cin Chili online shop.

Winter is the best time to curl up with a cup of tea. Why not give your favorite foodie a subscription to excellent brewing opportunities with Free Your Tea. This subscription box starts at about $20 a month and gives a user influenced experience complete with adorable little empty tea bags for steeping. Order online 

Add a sweet and savory touch to a variety of dishes with Persian Gulf Baharat Spice Blend. This is so versatile it can go from a stew, to a chicken dish to a stone fruit based cobbler. Get this generous size bottle for serious foodies who love spices from Rumi for only $10.

Ice Cream Lovers rejoice at this gift idea. Get perfectly portioned cups of amazing ice cream delivered to their door in a delicious advent style countdown to the holidays with eCreamery. Get personalized options of gourmet ice cream starting at about $90. 

My favorite gifts are always the ones I can eat. Passion Pickles by Cin Chili are a great snack, or hostess gift this holiday season. Available in 2 varieties; Ghost Pepper and Habanero, these offer the ideal blend of crisp, sweet and heat. Add them to a relish tray, or just snack on them right out of the jar. Find them online for $6.

Foodies love to snack, so offer them something new to satisfy the palette this holiday season. Moziacs are popped chips that are made with so much more than potato. Each bite has bits of veggies in it for a wholesome snack that satisies. I love how these look like stained glass windows. Order online from Moziacs or Amazon.

If you want to give a simple gift with global flair, let me tell you about Loacker Quadratini Cookies. These are decadent little cubes of wafer cookie that are perfect for a foodie who loves coffee and sweets. Not into coffee? No worries, you can enjoy numerous other flavors like lemon coconut of vanilla. Order them online and spread a little Italian decadence with your holiday cheer.

Going to an event and want to spread a little cheer without straining your budget? Grab a dozen of these perfect for fall and winter flavors from Pure Ice. I love the Crisp Apple as a booze free option to toast this year. Find it at major retailers like Walmart, Kroger or Target.

Appetizers are always worth celebrating. This 8 pack of simply adorable plates from the Corelle Celebrations line features simple messages in cute script like "enjoy", "love", "share" and "gather". These make a perfect addition to the holiday table. Gift them to your favorite foodie for $30. Find them online.

Let your favorite foodie go green with these compostable utensils. No more guilt over throwing out single use plastics with a few of these from Twenty Fifty Fork. Get 4 boxes of 12 for under $50 online from Twenty Fifty Fork.

Shopping for an adventurous eater? These mini kicker cricket snacks are the way to go. in favors like cotton candy and Italian Lasagna, who could resist trying one? Get a few tubes from EntoLife online for about $6 each.

 Add a brain teaser to the house with these one of a kind puzzle coasters. These are perfect for adding something different to the coffee table or the home bar.

These aren't just glasses, they are maps too. Get these unique glasses as well as a number of other items like water bottles from Well Told and tell a unique story with each sip. Get a map of your town, or a special place that you have visited together.  Glasses come in an assortment of styles starting at $16.

Gummy Burgers make for a fun gift for foodies of all ages. These massive gummy burgers are made with an assortment of other gummy candies. Get these from Wicked Uncle Gifts for under $7 to add a sweet fruity smile to someone you loves face this holiday season.

Foodies like to be precise with their favorite recipes. This battery free kitchen scale helps them to find the perfect amount of seasonings, spices, veggies and more without dealing with dead batteries.  Find this model from Elessi for under $26. Get it from amazon for a green approach to precision in the kitchen.

Whipping up a batch of chili has never been easier with this chili cook off winning spice blend. Add this to your ingredients and take the wow factor up a notch with this mix from Cin Chili. Get it online for under $6.

Shopping for a coffee fanatic? Give them the gift of on the go indulgence for those mornings that they don't have time to hit the drive thru. Get all three flavors of McCafe Frappe's for about $3 a bottle at retailers nationwide.

Encourage celebration this holiday season with a fragrant, fruity and floral extra dry rose by Mionetto. This is a beautiful rose that has the ideal blend of fragrance and flavor. Find it at retailers for about $15 a bottle.

If you need a gift for a mushroom lover, this Mushroom Jerky is the way to go. It is distinctly unique and has a ton of flavor.  Find numerous varieties at the Pan's Mushroom site for $9 a bag.

Give a gift worthy of toasting this holiday season with another fab for any foodie offering from Mionetto. The DOC Processo is bubbly, brilliant and pairs beautifully with so many dishes. Find it retailers for about $15 a bottle. You will be delighted by the wonderful quality of this brand.

Anya's Real Fruit Licorice are a really tasty and healthy snack to gift a foodie this year. These are chewy yet soft, packed with real fruit and a hit with kids young and old. Get it online at the Anya's site in 20 packs for $36

The Chocolate Chip of the Month Club is the ideal gift for any chocolate chip cookie fan. Send a box of comfort with a delectable twist right to their door. Prices start at $12 a month and feature great flavors and the cookies are HUGE! Order from the Chocolate Chip of the Month Club website.

Offer a little assortment to someone you love that loves chili flakes on their food or in their recipes. This trip from The Chili Lab has 3 different chili flake blends that are sure to tickle the tastebuds. Find this trip for under $25 at the Chili Lab site.

Got a condiment craver to find a great gift for? Why not gift the new greatest condiment ever, Must Ketch? This blends the two flavors we love on sadwiches, burgers, dogs and more. Get it from Amazon in great bold flavors that everyone will want to try,

Give the foodie in your life a special flavor for all their foods with this beautiful hand harvested french sea salt. Available in 4 flavors, this is truly a unique gift! Get all 4 online for $48 from Louis Sel.

If you need a gift for a Italian food fan, then this all occasion collection from Cookies Con Amore is the way to go. Featuring delectable treats like a jelly filled cookie and biscotti, this gift box has something for everyone. Get it for under $20 for a flavorful gift with global flair.

Wouldn't everyone be happy to score some dough on Christmas? With Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels you can give the gift of some incredible pretzels, pretzel rolls and delectable salts for those goodies, which technically all come from dough, so your favorite foodie will delight in their gift! Order online, and let me know which offering you found irresistible!

The holidays are definitely a time of over indulgence, so why not try to balance things out with Mom's Best Granola? They have some tasty flavor options and granola is always a good snack. Visit the site for info on where to find your favorite flavors in stores for under $5 a bag.

If you want a simple gift for a foodie that you can feel good about, knowing it is going to be snacked away in no time, check out these really good cheese puffs from Barbara's.  They are about $2.50 a bag and are quite addictive! Use the store locator on the Barbara's website to find near you.

A true foodie has a fondness for fresh, so wrapping up a box of Food Vacbags for the holidays is like giving the gift of fresh for months to come.  Get a 100' roll of food storage bags that work with all vacuum sealers for about $24 online from the Food Vacbags website.

Need a gift that keeps on giving? Why not order a 6 month subscription to Bean Box? Your favorite foodie can get 4 sampler bags of excellent coffee for $19 a month. This is the best way to spread holiday cheer all year long for coffee lovers. Order online and explore the blends.

Give a of legal drinking age chick in your life a cocktail that is perfect for popping open to share. Two Chicks makes some really delicious options that get the conversation flowing! Find your favorite flavor and where to buy near you online.

If you need a little something for someone who loves craft salts, the salts from Mason's Market are the way to go. Starting at about $9 a tin, they have some awesome flavors and several grains. These are a welcome to any pantry and the tins are perfect for easy storage. Order online for adding some flavor and variety to dishes and dinners.

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Mickey Mouse Gift Tag Ornaments