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Savory Recipes Made with Soda


We've all been there: you open a bottle of soda, enjoy a refreshing sip, but life gets busy and it ends up languishing in the fridge, flat and forgotten. But before you send it down the drain, hold on! That "dead" soda holds hidden potential, and it's not just for baking cakes. Let's ditch the waste and get creative with some surprising savory uses for your leftover soda.

Beyond the Sweet:

Gone are the days of relegating soda to sugary treats. Its acidity, subtle sweetness, and unique carbonation can actually add incredible depth and complexity to savory dishes. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Glaze your meats: Flat cola makes a fantastic glaze for ribs, chicken wings, or pork chops. The sugars caramelize beautifully, creating a sticky, sweet-and-tangy coating that intensifies flavor.
  • Deglaze your pan: Stuck-on bits on your pan are no match for the power of leftover soda. Use it to deglaze after sautéing or searing, creating a flavorful pan sauce that captures all those delicious caramelized bits.
  • Marinate your tofu or tempeh: The acidity in soda makes it a surprisingly effective marinade for plant-based proteins. Try ginger ale for a slightly sweet and spicy kick, or club soda for a clean, refreshing flavor.
  • Braise your veggies: Don't underestimate the power of flat soda in braising! It adds a touch of sweetness and acidity that balances out the richness of root vegetables, like carrots or onions, creating a complex and satisfying dish.
  • Boost your soup: Give your next pot of soup a flavor boost with a splash of leftover soda. Club soda adds a subtle effervescence, while ginger ale or root beer can lend unique depth and spice.

The "Fizz"-tastic Factor:

Remember, even flat soda still retains some carbonation, which can play a fun role in your cooking. Here are some ways to leverage its bubbly potential:

  • Make fluffy pancakes: Leftover soda, especially seltzer or club soda, can be used instead of milk or water in your pancake batter. The carbonation creates lighter, fluffier pancakes with a delightful texture.
  • Whip up airy fritters: The same principle applies to fritters! Use flat soda in your batter for crispy, light, and airy fritters that everyone will love.
  • Create a fun fizzy garnish: Don't just drink the remaining soda, use it as a playful garnish! Drizzle a small amount of flat soda over savory dishes like salads, tacos, or even grilled cheese for a surprising burst of flavor and texture.

Get Creative and Explore:

These are just a few starting points. Don't be afraid to experiment and discover your own unique uses for leftover soda! Remember, cooking is all about having fun and exploring new flavors. So next time you find yourself with a can of flat soda, don't despair, get creative, and turn it into a delicious and unexpected culinary adventure!

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Homemade Strawberry Peach Soda

Strawberry Soda Syrup

Homemade Soda Recipes

Blueberry Lime Soda

This blueberry lime soda syrup is so easy to make. It is perfect for a refreshing drink that you will want to sip all summer long!

We have a drink machine in the kitchen, and it is pretty great. I love making caffeine free soda to serve the family. It is fun to mix up a batch of syrup drawing inspiration from seasonal produce. This recipe came together with only 3 ingredients to create something sweet, tart and completely delicious!

After you make this, you might never buy a prepacked syrup for your soda stream machine again. This is so easy to make and tastes totally amazing! With only 3 ingredients and a few moments of time, this might be your new favorite.

One fresh lime
2 cups of blueberries
2 cups of water
2 cups of sugar

A mason jar or something similar for storing
A mesh sieve/strainer
A medium size saucepan

Combine water, sugar and blueberries in a saucepan.
Over medium heat,  cook for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently.
Allow the mixture to cool for about 20 minutes.
Place the mesh sieve/strainer over the mason jar.
Pour the liquid into the sieve, allowing it to drip into the jar.
As you go, you will crush the fruit to drain the liquid. I use a small mason jar for this.

Allow to cool completely then store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

To use, add one to two ounces of syrup to your drink mate or soda stream with 12 ounces of water, then carbonate.

If you do not have a drink machine, no worries! Add this to sprite or carbonated water for a really delightful summer treat!

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Homemade Peach Soda

Homemade Peach Soda Syrup is perfect for a lightly sweetened fizzy refreshment on a summer day. Made with 3 ingredients, this easy recipe might become your go to all summer long!

We have a nifty drink mate machine in the kitchen. But, the prepackaged syrups are not my favorite. I don't really like the flavors available, so I decided to make my own.

Last summer I made a homemade cherry orange soda syrup that was pretty amazing.  This year, I made peach for my daughter Harper, who loves soda. She adored the light color and the flavor. I loved that I knew exactly what she was drinking and had no concerns about caffeine. Plus, with this syrup you can control how much sugar the kids consume. 

Homemade Peach Soda Syrup

2 cups of sugar
2 pounds of peaches
2 cups of water


Slice the peaches in quarters. You can peel them OR leave the skin on, it doesn't matter.
Add sugar, water and peaches to a medium sauce pan.
Heat over medium heat, for about 30 minutes.
Stir often to prevent boiling.
Allow to cool and store in mason jars in the fridge.
Add to carbonated water or club soda to create a refreshing drink. For my kids, I think 1/2 ounce is adequate to properly flavor and sweeten the drink. You might prefer a sweeter soda and use 1 to .5 ounces of syrup.

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