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Glowing Night Lights (No Electric!)

These glow in the dark jars are a fun diy to make with the kids. They are perfect for a night light that comes together in one minute or less, with only 2 supplies!

 My son Rolf is 9 now. He is so curious and eager to learn. One night last week it was storming and he was worried about losing power, and how he could sleep in the dark. So we took to the kitchen to whip up some super simple glowing jars which were perfect for a night light!

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I used tonic water and glow in the dark powder to create this jar. It couldn't be easier to make!
If you have a black light fixture, you can skip the glow in the dark powder as tonic water naturally glows under a black light. 

Tonic water contains quinine which absorbs ultraviolet light, causing it to glow.

Fill a mason jar with tonic water
Add 1 teaspoon of glow in the dark powder
Replace the lid.
Allow to charge under a light for a moment and watch it glow!

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Oil and Water Science for Kids

This easy science experiment for kids is so much fun! It produces visually stunning results with common pantry items.

I loved this experiment because we had everything on hand. Within a few moments I had the area ready and both kids were ready to get involved. If you don't have pipettes, you could use a medicine dropper, or even a straw.

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Vegetable Oil
A Few Small Dishes

I added 3 drops of food coloring to each bowl of water. We decided to try green and blue.

I gave the kids a few pipettes. I asked them what they thought would happen if they added the color to the oil. Harp said it would be like paint. Rolf said it would turn the same color.

They began dropping the watercolor into the oil.

They discovered that the color didn't mix, it just formed little balls of color in the oil.

We added more food coloring to see if that affected it.

We added more water to the food coloring.

It still didn't change the way the oil and water color didn't mix.

This project was completely visually stunning. Both of the kids were hooked!

I was pretty impressed too. I thought this was a great experiment for the kids!

I am glad I got photos as it was basically a form of liquid art!

This is a great way to explore common household items with kids, and see how they react to each other. This is a very economical experiment too; only pennies to complete!

I loved that with this super easy project we could encourage the inner scientist that lives in every curious kid. 

Color Swirling Milk Experiment

Harper and I love to explore the kitchen when we need crafty inspiration. She is totally my partner in crime when it comes to creativity!

We were looking for a quick activity on a busy day, because even a busy day should have time for fun and exploration when you are 5! We found ourselves in the kitchen, again, to fuel our inspiration.
This is such a fun way to explore kitchen science and how dish soap works! You need only 4 things to make color swirling milk!

  • Milk Use Vitamin D or 2% milk,
  • Half and half or heavy cream provide even better results if you have it!
  • Food Coloring
  • Q Tips
  • Dish Soap

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  1. Pour milk into a glass dish
  2. Add several drops of food coloring to the milk.
  3. Dip a q tip in dish soap 
  4. Dip the q tip into the milk
  5. And watch the colors swirl!

Why this works:
Milk has fat in it. The higher the milk fat content, the better this reacts. You can see the power of a concentrated dish soap before your eyes as the dish soap works to break down the fat content of the milk, thus disrupting the splashes of color, causing them to swirl.

What Harp thought:
Harp is a milk drinker, so she was ready to combine early science with her snack. She is intrigued by food coloring, so this was completely up her alley.

As you can see in the photos, she was ready to get hands on with this right away! She was completely intrigued by how the dish soap reacted to the milk. We tried this several times with different colors. We also tried this with skim milk and coffee creamer to see how the dish soap reacted to other milk products

 This is a fun way to engage the little ones with kitchen science, and I would highly recommend trying it with your kids sometime soon as it is so simple!

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