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Play Doh Pie Counting Activity

Play doh pies are the perfect way to make learning a hands on activity. Little learners will love getting a good grasp on counting and number recognition.

Harper is my go to girl for all things to make or bake. She loves to get involved in all of my projects.
We made a chocolate chip cookie pie a few weeks ago and she was hooked on pie making! She asked me everyday for a week if we could make another pie.

Finally, I came up with an idea that thrilled her and satisfied her desires to make a whole bunch of pies.
Play doh pies are great for fine motor play, rolling the dough into little balls is fun!
Adding a few wooden numbers turned the activity into a counting lesson too.
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A mason jar lid
play doh tool for cutting

Roll out a can of yellow play doh
Cut the doh to fit a mason jar lid to form your pie shell.
Use any leftover doh to cut strips. These will form your lattice crust.
Encourage your child to roll a can of play doh into small balls.
Select a number you want to work on counting to.
We decided on number 6.
Have your child count the selected number play doh balls to the pie shell.
Now have your child count the number of leftover crust strips.
Have your child add the selected number of lattice strips to the top of the pie.

Repeat with other numbers.

We loved this activity, it was easy to set up, encouraged learning and hands on play, and kept Harper busy for several afternoons. Play doh is our favorite learning tool these days!

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veggie garden sensory bin

This veggie garden sensory bin comes together so easily to give little ones a chance to play and get excited about their vegetables while working on fine motor skills.

We have a weekly routine in the summer; every Tuesday and Saturday we head to the farmers market. We buy all of the fresh food we will eat that week, plus a little extra to freeze. I love how the offerings change throughout the season. The kids love the sights, the smells and the baked goods. While they might spend most of their visit to the market pleading for cookies, they always jump in the line for our favorite farmer. Who gets to hold the basket and who gets to pick the produce? We always work it out.

Last week while we were in line for our peppers, onions and radishes, the kids were bickering about the basket and the picking job and inspiration hit. I knew right away that I was going to recreate a garden scene for their enjoyment. If they argued about who got to play first, I will never tell.

  • One pound of dried black beans
  • ½ cup of whole coffee beans
  • Leaves from artificial flowers
  • Assorted play food; tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, strawberries etc
  • Plastic serving tongs
  • Sandbox tools

Layer the dry black beans in the box.

Add coffee beans to the mix for a fragrant experience.

Nestle the leaves into the beans (I simply removed the leaves from a few stems of
artificial flowers).

Place the fruits and vegetables in the beans and on the leaves.

Add plastic serving tongs and plastic shovels.

Invite your child to harvest the veggies, to explore the beans and to work on fine motor skills
by picking the veggies and beans up with the tools.

This was so much fun for the kids. Even too cool, 9 year old Rolf got involved and explored this veggie garden sensory bin.

This was fun to smell and touch and it gave Harp a chance to work on her fine motor skills.

When you are all finished playing, you can snap the lid on the bin and store it for playtime in the future.

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Cupcake Liner Sun Craft

Preschoolers will love this easy sun craft. It is perfect for spring days! All you need is a few supplies and a little imagination.

Cupcake Liner Sun Preschool Craft. Easy Sun Craft. Easy Kids Crafts.

Harp is my crafty girl.She loves to make makeup, is a renowned perfume mixer, and is always drawing something! We had made these lovely perfumes to share that smelled like spring days so we thought we needed to make a few pictures to go with them. 

Samples were provided for inclusion in this post.

The perfume kit, you will want to check out independently! This is aimed at older kids, but with close supervision and assistance it was something Harper was well suited for. We got the STMT DIY Signature Scent Kit from the Horizon Group and LOVED it!

I gathered some easy supplies that you will probably already have at home.


Yellow cupcake liners
White cupcake liners
Blue Construction Paper


Glue one yellow cupcake liner on a sheet of blue paper.
Using an orange marker give the yellow cupcake liner rays like the sun.

Using a white cupcake liner, cut out several puffy cloud shapes.

Have your preschooler do all of these steps independently. The cutting is good practice!

 Finally give the sun a happy face to welcome spring!

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Letter C Preschool Worksheets

Letter Recognition worksheets are a great way for preschoolers to practice their abc. 

As my youngest is eager to learn and excited for kindergarten in the fall I started making her these letter worksheets. I wanted to share them all with you as a free resource. Print as many as you like;  you can use them in a classroom setting, share with a friend, or just print one to use with your little one at home.

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You can have your little learner circle with a crayon or marker, or use a bingo marker for a little extra fun.  

Keep checking back as I have so many of these fun alphabet worksheets to share with you. Below you can find more resources for preschoolers.

Print the Letter C Worksheet

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3D Shamrock Craft

Easy 3d Shamrocks are perfect for St. Patrick's Day crafting with the kids!

This is such an easy project. All you need are scissors, glue and  paper!

Begin by Tearing the green paper into small squares. I decided to put the shamrock on a purple background. You can use whatever color you like.

Cut 6 green hearts from the small squares. Cut at least 2 hearts at a time so they are the same size and easy to match up!

Fold two in half and match them up. Repeat, creating the shamrock shape.

Add a little bit of the green scrap paper as a stem.

And there you have an easy 3d shamrock!

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Oil and Water Science for Kids

This easy science experiment for kids is so much fun! It produces visually stunning results with common pantry items.

I loved this experiment because we had everything on hand. Within a few moments I had the area ready and both kids were ready to get involved. If you don't have pipettes, you could use a medicine dropper, or even a straw.

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Vegetable Oil
A Few Small Dishes

I added 3 drops of food coloring to each bowl of water. We decided to try green and blue.

I gave the kids a few pipettes. I asked them what they thought would happen if they added the color to the oil. Harp said it would be like paint. Rolf said it would turn the same color.

They began dropping the watercolor into the oil.

They discovered that the color didn't mix, it just formed little balls of color in the oil.

We added more food coloring to see if that affected it.

We added more water to the food coloring.

It still didn't change the way the oil and water color didn't mix.

This project was completely visually stunning. Both of the kids were hooked!

I was pretty impressed too. I thought this was a great experiment for the kids!

I am glad I got photos as it was basically a form of liquid art!

This is a great way to explore common household items with kids, and see how they react to each other. This is a very economical experiment too; only pennies to complete!

I loved that with this super easy project we could encourage the inner scientist that lives in every curious kid. 

Mermaid Tail Craft

This easy mermaid craft requires basic supplies and creates a cute craft in under 5 minutes. Your mermaid fans will flip a fin for this easy craft!

My 3 year old has recently discovered the Little Mermaid. Mermaids are a frequent topic of conversation, as are unicorns, kittens, and Minnie Mouse. I had an idea to make a fun little craft with Harper that would keep her day dreams flowing like the tide. We were thrilled with how cute it turned out and how easy it was to make.

I loved this craft for my preschooler because it used her fine motor skills, she got to use her scissor skills and it involved glitter glue! Who doesn't like glitter glue!?

3 craft sticks
1 triangle of construction paper in any color
A heart shape of green or blue construction paper
8-12 circles of blue and green paper
Glitter Glue

Glue the craft sticks into a triangle shape.
Glue the triangle shaped paper onto the craft sticks.
Begin layering the circles of paper on the triangle to form the scales.
Add the heart shaped paper with the point in.

This was such an easy craft that was a lot of fun for my 3 year old!  It was easy, but it offered a little challenge to her with the layering of the scales.

You might also like this glitter rain drop craft.

You can check out the Mermaid Tail video on youtube to see me make this craft.

Hand Print Fish Puppets

One of my favorite things about being a mom is to watch the pleasure my kids get from simple items. Last spring my husband cut out a photo of Colonel Sanders and glued it to a craft stick. He casually laid the Colonel on the table for the kids to discover at breakfast. They went wild over this! 

Last night after the kids were tucked into bed, inspiration hit me and I got busy crafting up something fun for them.  I hoped that the idea would inspire them to want to get crafty with me after seeing how fun these little puppets could be!

These are so easy to make. This is maybe a 3 minute project that will bring hours of entertainment. While entertainment is important, there are subtle and vital things happening when your kids engage in imaginative play. 

Benefits of Pretend Play
Pretend play allows the expression of both positive and negative feelings, and the modulation of affect, the ability to integrate emotion with cognition (Jent, Niec, & Baker, 2011; Seja, & Russ, 1999; Slade and Wolf, 1999).  Pretend play, fosters language development, thinking skills, and helps to develop emotional and social skills in children ages 2 thru 7. The creativity unleashed thru dramatic play has long-term benefits too. From problem-solving thru imaginary situations to the ability to express feelings.

Isn't it incredible to think that so many things can come from playing with a handmade puppet!?  Well, let's get to it and make one so the play time can begin!

Supplies needed

handprint cut out on colorful paper
small paper triangle
small paper heart
white school glue
a googly eye
craft stick


To begin, trace a hand and cut it out on colorful paper. 

I applied a little glue to affix the eye.

I also cut out a small triangle from another colorful paper and an oddly shaped heart for lips.

I applied a small amount of glue in the middle of the handprint for the small triangle.

I applied a small dot of glue for the heart paper for lips.

Next, add a little glue on the top of the craft stick and affixed it to the back of the handprint, in the middle of the handprint.

Allow the glue to dry and you have a fun fish puppet.

What Did the Kids Think?

The craft was well received with Harper, who took both of the fish puppets that I made and dashed off to play with them before her brother could see them. I chalked that up as a success.

Once Roo got a peek at the fish puppets he said, "Mom can you trace my hand?" That was all it took and the construction paper came out for handprint tracing.  After lunch today we are going to make a few of these together for an afternoon of crafting and puppet play!

Puppet play is a lot of fun for kids, but there is something almost magical about creating a puppet of your own design and bringing it to life via imaginative play. This project required the most simple of supplies and it can be completed in a matter of moments. There is no reason not to give it a shot with your kids! The benefits of simple projects like this that create an invitation to play are abundant, the mess from such a project is minimal and you likely already have these items on hand, or you could improvise with any paper or cardboard, tape and a straw if not!