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Adding Dreaminess With My Wonderful Walls

We moved 53 weeks ago. That is one year plus one week of time. In a way, it seems like it was not that long ago but then again... it feels like we have been here forever. Funny how that works out. The house is an old charmer for sure. It has its own quirks, conveniences, and irritations. Mostly, the place feels like home. Then we get to the master bedroom...

You guys, this is horrible to admit on some level, but the master bedroom was completely ignored. Like, people may use this room... but I can't be certain as it is like... empty! Like I mentioned above, the house has quirks and conveniences, but it also has one massive inconvenience. The stairs twist in 2 spots, this makes taking basically anything up the stairs impossible. On moving day, we realized that getting our mattress up the stairs and twisted to go around the corners was quite a feat. Nothing else was going to go up there... my bedroom furniture was destined to sit in the shed.

Life moves fast... so fast. Finally, one cold winter day I walked in that room and said "Are we college kids, forced to sleep on the floor?! Why have we never dealt with this bedroom situation!?"

The project began, some artwork was brought in, a small dresser was purchased. A bed in a box type of contraption was purchased and brought in. It was starting to look like an actual bedroom. But, it really lacked something.

This is where My Wonderful Walls comes into my story.

I didn't want to do anything permanent to the room, as I am trying to convince my family that my daughter should trade rooms with my husband and I. But, I really wanted to add something to the room while we are using it. My Wonderful Walls happens to offer an impressive selection of decals for your walls that are perfect for what I wanted to do.

The hardest part about adding to my wall decor with this company was this... How do you decide when there are so many cute, fun and gorgeous options?! Really! I finally made use of my best gal pal and ran my favorites by her. We both seemed to have fun with the selection process.

In the end, I decided on a constellation scene, Scorpio and the Blue Ridge. It was absolutely perfect for adding a dreamy touch to a bedroom! The decal arrived quickly and securely shipped in a sturdy tube {this is so important as I have ordered a decal from another site in the past that arrived folded and unusable as it never flattened out properly...} I unrolled it, oohed and ahhed and hopped on to the next moment in this busy life.

This is what it looked like on the site.

A few moments later, my husband asked me to have a look. I couldn't believe he already had it up! It looks fantastic in our bedroom and would look great in a living room, maybe behind a sofa as well! My son suggested putting one on a ceiling too!

Mr. Sweet Silly Sara informed me that the decal was incredibly easy to apply to the wall and that it was practically effortless because of the shape and size of the decal.  {We got the large size.}

This is what it looks like on a wall in my home.

Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience with this company. They make great products to bring  new life to any space. Many years ago we featured a canvas print over here and it is still looking fabulous on the wall of my sons room! I know that this decal will be a part of the atmosphere of our bedroom for many years to come. It is so peaceful and pretty I can't imagine anyone ever wanting to take it down. However, should you change your mind about a decal from My wonderful Walls, rest assured these can be removed without damaging the wall, and with little effort.

If you want to add some awesome to your walls, you will not want to miss this giveaway! My Wonderful Walls has graciously offered to give one incredibly lucky reader a $100 gift certificate to the site! This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated with facebook or any social media site or application. The prize is to be delivered from the sponsor. The giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

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A Pretty Pair of Panties Delivered to Your Door With Panty by Post

Thanks to my friends at Panty by Post for providing me with a sample to inspire this post.

Ladies, I know I am not the only one that sometimes puts my own needs last. Between working, managing our homes, the busy season of raising kids and being a good partner... seriously. Sometimes, the efforts I put into everything leave me drained. I might look halfway presentable at any given moment but under that untucked mom shirt and a skirt or leggings... my poor husband. It is almost always some good old mom panties, you know, the kind you buy in a 5 pack at the grocery store. Not at all glamorous. 

Do you end up rocking those kind of panties too? It seems like once a week I think, Sara, girl buy some panties. Buy something that is pretty, something that has been missing from your wardrobe since you became a mom... but like I mentioned earlier, life moves fast and that to do list gets longer and longer. Making a trip to the mall for something I desire? Please. I will always desire time at home more than time at the mall. 

I found a service that is a ton of fun and is helping me stock my panty drawer with so not my normal mom style panties!

Panty by Post is a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription service that delivers a great pair of panties to your door each month. With feminine styles and several levels of subscription to meet your panty style wishes, this is something you really want to try! It is a nice way to try new styles, to get something awesome delivered to you and to avoid a trip to the mall!

This is a great idea for a gift for a special lady or a fantastic treat for yourself. Because we are friends, you can tell Panty by Post I sent you when you subscribe and use this code IMNEW15 at checkout to save $15 on your subscription!

I got a really great bordeaux thong from the Signature Line. It is really comfortable, feminine and stylish. It is kinda crazy, but girls, when I started rocking some not my normal mom undies, I felt incredible! My confidence level seemed to improve.

Overall, Panty By Post rocks. This is a cool service that I think you will like as much as I did!

Ryobi 40 V Cordless Mower Review

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a Ryobi 40 V Cordless Mower. This was my first experience with a battery operated lawn mower and I didn't know what to expect from it. I will be honest, I rarely mow grass. My husband usually takes care of that chore and when he can't due to time constraints I have a lawn guy that I call on. It is not that I don't enjoy the chore... well, no honestly I didn't enjoy the chore of mowing due to our previous mower which was hard to start, hard to push and very loud.

 When the Ryobi Mower arrived I was immediately impressed with the appearance. It looks very modern, and very bright!

My husband was ready to assemble the mower right away, I couldn't believe how lightweight it was.  I expected it to be much heavier than 40 pounds. The mower has such visual appeal I couldn't help but get a little excited about it.
As you can see the dog even got excited about the new mower

We both liked that it came with 2 batteries, we charged them up and prepared to mow the following day. My husband being the dear that he is told me he would handle the mowing as I am too pregnant to be doing that right now.

My son and I were curious so we headed outside to see the Ryobi mower in action. The first thing I noticed was that the mower started easily. My husband simply pushed the bar and pressed a button and it was ready to go! No pulling on a cord thingy for 10 minutes to get it started, this is a huge selling point for someone like me. Next I noticed the mower was quiet. My husband could hear me over the running lawn mower and we were able to talk without shouting while he mowed grass. I love a quiet operating lawn mower!
My little Roo had to pet the mower, he found it to be magical!

The next thing we liked was that it mulch bag attachment which makes the mow super clean. It takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the battery. The battery is easy to insert into the mower.

Now, I will be honest here. Our yard is not big by any means. It is a modest sized yard. The mower is ideal for really small yards. The battery life seems to run 20 minutes or so and that means to completely mow our yard we need to use both batteries, then charge them both again to do the front yard. This means to mow our yard it takes us at least 2 days. That isn't a huge deal to me, or to my husband. In the summer especially it is nice to take a break from the sweltering heat and rest when you are mowing. So it works well for our needs.

The mower has a 16" cutting width, it takes no oil or gas and it has a great deal of visual appeal. Several of our neighbors have stopped to admire our Ryobi 40 V Cordless and have commented on how quiet it is to operate and how they like that.

We liked the Ryobi mower. It operates with ease, it is quiet, it looks great, it folds up to be compact for easy storage which is always a bonus for us with limited space in our shed.

You can purchase the Ryobi 40 V Cordless Mower at Home Depot.
Connect with Ryobi to learn more.

Spray n Splash 2 Review

Summer is nearly here and that means my family will want to spend as much time in the water as possible. My son was delighted to see that we got a Spray 'n Splash 2 from Blast Zone. This is going to be one of those items that gets used day in and day out this summer. I can tell already.

The Spray 'n Splash 2 brings the fun of an inflatable water park right to your back yard! It is fun for kids from 3 to maybe 10 or 11 years old.  It features a slide, a climbing wall and water fun!  

The weather in Ohio isn't quite warm enough for water play, but that didn't stop my husband and I from setting the Spray 'n Splash 2  up for the enjoyment of our little guy. We were pleased with how easy the Spray 'n Splash 2 was to set up. It was seriously as easy as removing it from the package, unrolling the inflatable, plugging in the blower and using the included stakes to secure the inflatable. We had the unit ready for play in a matter of minutes. The included blower is extremely powerful. The Spray 'n Splash 2 was completely inflated in under 90 seconds.

My son had no trouble figuring out what to do with this amazing toy. We showed him how to get up the climbing wall and he was heading up it and sliding down in no time, he was ready to go again and again. If it was this much fun for him without water, I can't wait to see his reaction in a few weeks when it is swimming season.

I really liked how durable the inflatable is. I liked how simple set up was and how such a large inflatable can easily roll up to about the size of a large sleeping bag for easy storage when not in use. I like that there is a sprinkler type tubing that attaches to the top of the slide to keep kids giggling and to make sliding down easier. An added bonus is that when the weather isn't right for swimming you can add little balls to the pool for a super fun sliding ball pit experience.

The Spray 'n Splash 2 is 17' long, 8' wide and 8' tall. It is made for up to 4 kids, but keep in mind, only one child should be on the slide at a time.  I love that the pool and the slide are connected so there is no need for kids to get out of the pool to climb the slide, which will help keep the water clean for longer amounts of time.

I have been very impressed with this product. My son loves it too. My husband even had to smile when he saw how much fun our son was having climbing up the wall and sliding down. I foresee this inflatable water park being used and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Blast Zone offers Bounce Houses, and Commercial Inflatables in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges that are sure to delight children of assorted ages. 

One very lucky reader is going to win a Spray 'n Splash 2 Inflatable Water Park. This giveaway will begin on 5/10 and end on 5/17. I hope you will come back and enter to win this prize that is guaranteed to make you the envy of all the kids in the neighborhood!

You can purchase the Spray 'n Splash 2 on amazon or on the Blast Zone website. If you use the coupon code BOUNCEBLOG you can save 10% on your purchase on the Blast Zone website.

***Note this product can hold up to 200 pounds***

My Wonderful Walls Review and Giveaway

I have been in a rut lately. I look around my house and think blah the same old same old. It would be fantastic to breath new life into the place without a time consuming redecorating spree. With the weather turning colder, my son and I play in his room many days. It is the smallest room in our home and it is always nice and toasty in there. While his little play room is adorable and attractively decorated I have often thought it  would be nice to add a little something to his room.

When My Wonderful Walls offered to send an item to review, I nearly jumped for joy! This is exactly what we needed!

I was impressed with their selection. They offer wall decals, stencils, kids wall murals, wall stickers and canvas art. While many of the available items were really too cute for words, I hesitated to invest a lot of my time in this project. We know we will need to move within  a year or so.

After spending about an hour browsing the site and leaning towards several different options, such as the Dinosaur Days Wall Mural Stencil Kit and the Dinosaur Wall Stickers I found the perfect addition to the                                                         decor in my little boys room.

The Significant Submarine Canvas Wall Art was perfect for my sons room. While it might not match his cars theme it added a touch of unique flair and the visual appeal of this work of art is undeniably strong. I love that it is personalized with his name and he can enjoy it for years to come, no matter where our journey of life takes us.

My husband I were both impressed with the quality of the canvas wall art. It is a nice touch for a child's room. I would love to invest in several other canvas works for my son in the future.

If you are looking for a great last minute gift idea, consider giving the gift of a unique bedroom or nursery. My Wonderful Walls offers an impressive line of nursery murals.

One lucky reader is going to win a $100 gift certificate for My Wonderful Walls.
This giveaway begins on 12/23 and ends on 12/31.

Connect with My Wonderful Walls:

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Wax Vac Review

When I heard about the wax vac I really wanted to try it.  I am always looking for a quick and effective way to keep my ears clean. I was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself. I had high hopes that this would be one of those products that would be used and loved by the family.

When it arrived I was ready to be the guinea pig. I knew my ears were a little waxy. I placed the bottle of mineral oil in very warm water for 6 minutes and then I placed several drops in my right ear. I got comfy and allowed the oil to remain in my ear for 6 minutes. I then used the Wax Vac as directed. I felt like nothing was happening. I followed the directions as best I could but this thing flat out didn't work. In fact, it did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do. It made the ear wax issue worse.

I thought maybe it was a fluke. Maybe I didn't do it right. I tried again. Using the mineral oil, which was as warm as I could stand it to be, I allowed it to stay in the ear a little longer, I tried the Wax Vac again. Again I had no results. I had to use a q tip to  get the oil out of my ear. This made the wax impact into my ear. I went thru an entire process to remove the impacted wax in my ear after 2 uses with this ineffective product. I won't give you details on removing impacted wax as I am not a medical professional, however I will suggest you look this up on the Mayo Clinic site.

This led me to try another test. I took a tiny little sliver of notebook paper, you know the little stuff that comes off after tearing a piece of paper from a notebook? The Wax Vac didn't have the suction to lift a 1/4 inch of notebook paper. The paper didn't budge, not even a tiny bit. If this thing doesn't have the suction to life a sliver of notebook paper how in the world can it effectively suction and remove ear wax?!

I hate to write a negative review. I almost didn't write this one, but I have hopes that my brutally honest feedback can help make this product better. I feel that the idea behind the wax vac is fabulous but... the unit I was supplied with simply didn't have any suction to it.I honestly feel that this is a dangerous and ineffective product. The light has been handy however. It made a great impromptu flashlight during a power outage. Simply put, while the product idea is great, the product doesn't work as it is supposed to.

"Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or
services mentioned above in the hope that I would mention it
on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally
and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance
with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the
Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

The Snotarator Nasal Vacuum... Does It Work?

My son is under the weather, with every sniffle, cough and sneeze, I feel my heart break a tiny little bit. With his age in mind, there are not many medications that we can offer him to help him fight the symptoms that are making him so miserable.

We had been relying on a bulb syringe to clear his snotty nose, and as all parents who have tried this will agree, this is not a fun task. My son fights, runs, hides and cries every time. I feel like the worst Mama in the world when I have to pin his arms with my knees and straddle him to actually use the bulb syringe. I roll my eyes every time my husband reminds me "That is what the doctor said to do. It doesn't hurt him." While it might not hurt the little one, and it is necessary, it doesn't make me feel any better about the process.

The Snotarator  is a simple plastic device, it is clear, it has removable parts for easy clean up and it sounded like a great option for Mama's like me that feel guilty about wrestling their kids to use a bulb syringe. When Rolfie came down with his cold, I pulled the sample out and I told my husband... I think it is missing a part. He said "Really? Let me see it." He shook his head and asked if I read the directions... uh no. I am one of those people that tries first then falls back on instructions if needed. The wise, instruction reading hubby explained it just goes in the vacuum hose. I threw my hands up in the air. No, no way. I am not looking to traumatize my son any more than the bulb syringe does.

Well, then my son starting sniffling and sneezing again. I sighed in defeat and went for the vacuum cleaner. I expected this to be a huge deal, I thought my son would scream, possibly freak out and maybe cry. I set everything up and called for Rolfie. He generally likes the vacuum, but how would he react to me coming at him with the hose?

Geez, did I make this into a huge deal for nothing? The prospect of Mama sucking his face with the vacuum delighted my son for some reason. He laughed and had a twinkle in his eye as I approached him. The Snotarator is non invasive so really all I had to do was wave this little gadget under his nose. Whoosh, everything that was in there, was out of there in the clear chamber. I liked that I could see that it worked before my eyes.

It was easy enough to clean up with hot water, soap and a nipple cleaner left over from baby bottle days. It worked better than anything else would have. My son seems to enjoy the experience. He howls with laughter every time I use this on him. Maybe he is a goof ball? Maybe he knows it is helping him? Maybe it is just plain hilarious to have someone slurp your nose with the vacuum?

Regardless, this cold has been easier on the whole family. We can easily clear his snotty nose, he can breathe easier, and no fighting over the bulb syringe. I love this product Every family with small children should have one. It is easy to use, it is easy to clean, and it is super effective. 

Okay, here is a moment of truth. I was curious, how does it feel? I have a touch of a cold too, so when no one was paying attention to me, I tried the The Snotarator Nasal Vacuum. Oh my gosh. It feels neat. No wonder my son howls with laughter. It is not painful, it is quick and unlike any experience I have ever had. 

Trust me, get this! You will be glad you did. Visit
and use coupon code BREATHE17 to save 10% on your order.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.