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Easy Gnome Christmas Ornaments

These easy Gnome Christmas ornaments are perfect for crafting with the kids this holiday season.

We love to make easy crafts with the items we already have on hand. Some of my best ideas and favorite projects have stemmed from the junk drawer and items destined for the trash. These Christmas gnome ornaments are a great example of what you can make with simple stuff you probably already have.

These are awesome because with a different pattern of paper, or bigger googly eyes, your gnome looks totally different. If you don't have the supplies in the junk drawer or your craft supplies, you can get all of these things from Dollar Tree or even better- improvise!

Supplies per 1 gnome:

2 googly craft eyes
3 craft sticks
cotton balls
Red Pom Pom
Brown Bag
Scrap Book Paper


With the 3 craft sticks glue them together to form a triangle.

Cut a triangle from the brown bag to fit in the craft stick frame.

Add a generous amount of glue to the craft sticks and place the bag on top of it.

Cut a smaller triangle from scrap book paper to form the hat of your gnome.

Add eyes, a pom pom nose and draw on a mouth with a sharpie.

Add a chunk of confetti or some type of adornment to the hat.
Add a row of cotton balls for the beard.

Flip the gnome over and glue a ribbon to the back.

Hang your cute and easy gnome Christmas ornaments from your tree or share them with friends and family!

You can make dozens of these and make them all unique by simply changing the paper of the hats and the size of the pom pom of the nose.

This is such a fun craft to make with the kids! We loved making and naming our gnome ornaments!

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10+ Christmas Tree Ornaments to Make

I have been making a ton of ornaments this year. The kids think it is a lot of fun to get out the glue and the glitter and get creative! Well, let's be honest, I do too! My oldest has been making lots of cute things at school to bring home and share too!

To keep up with the fun of creating at Christmas, I have 10+ ideas to share with you from some of my favorite bloggers! All 10+ of these are easy and adorable! I hope you get a chance to try them, or any of the ornaments I have made live on the Quirky Momma facebook page.

Favorite craft ideas

Felted Wool Christmas Trees

Sparkly Sequin Ornaments

Essential Oil Diffuser Ornaments

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Stacked Christmas Tree Ornaments

Craft Stick Trees

Pipe Cleaner Beaded Trees

Glitter Clay Trees

Easy Accordion Trees

Noodle Popsicle Stick Trees

Easy Button Tree Ornaments

Live Video Projects

Etched Glass Jars
Candy Cane Wreaths
Popsicle Stick Ornaments
Christmas Houses
Toilet Roll Snowflakes
Washi Tape Cards
Toddler Christmas Tree Crafts
Tree Ornaments

If you have an idea for a Christmas ornament, I hope you will share it in a comment!

Easy Rudolph Ornaments

These easy Rudolph ornaments are fun to make and share this holiday season. These come together with the most basic supplies and are perfect for making with the kids.

Easy Rudolph DIY Christmas Ornaments

I got everything for this project at Dollar Tree. So, you know it is going to be a cheap and easy project that is perfect for the kids!


Gold Pipe Cleaner
Clear Bauble
Red Button
Craft Eyes
Brown Paper Bag


Attach the gold pipe cleaner o the top of the ornament and form Rudolph's antlers.

Have the kids cut or tear the brown bag into bits.

Fill the ornament with bits of the brown bag

Glue the eyes and button nose on the ornament.  Allow it to dry overnight then hang on your tree or share with someone special.

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20+ Christmas Books for Preschoolers

Christmas is near, so why not check out some fun holiday themed books with your preschooler? My kids helped me pick these titles from our collection to inspire your bedtime stories. I am sure you will find a bunch of titles you want to check out.

This list includes affiliate links. If you buy a book from the list, I will earn a small advertising fee at no cost to you.

My kids have a collection of favorite books for every season. It is one of the perks of having a librarian for a father. We love to rotate our titles to keep the experience of reading exciting. These are some of our favorite titles from over the years. I know your kids will love them all. Find them on amazon, or stop by your local library and borrow a few.

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas
It's Christmas, David!
That's Not My Snowman
Dream Snow
Llama Llama Jingle Bells

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Who Is Coming To Our House?
Thomas Counts on Christmas
Construction Site on Christmas
The Christmas Elf Countdown
Paw Patrol Holiday Helpers

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Bear Stays Up For Christmas
Biscuit Gives a Gift
The Not Very Merry Pout Pout Fish
Pinkalicious Merry Pinkmas
Pete the Cat Saves Christmas

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Christmas Cookie Day
Mickey's Clubhouse Christmas
Berenstain Bears' Night Before Christmas
Santa's Toy Shop
The Grinch's Great Big Flap Book

If you have a favorite Christmas book for preschoolers I would love to hear about it.

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Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornaments

These play doh Mickey Mouse ornaments are perfect for adding a handmade touch to your tree!
These are easy enough for kids to make and are so much fun to display and share!

I don't know who likes play doh more; my kids or me. We always have a few cans on hand and we always have a next up recipe to try for a homemade variety. I think it is safe to say that it is our preferred vehicle for creative expression. Bringing that fun to Christmas is a natural!

I came up with these so easy play doh Mickey Mouse ornaments and my kids loved them. We decided they are perfect for the Christmas tree.

This post contains affiliate links. 

An ink pen

Form 2 small balls of play doh. One ball should be the size of a nickle, while one ball should be the size of a dime.
Flatten the ball the size of a nickle into a flat circle.
Tear the dime size ball in half.
 Roll into 2 smaller balls.
Flatten these smaller balls into flat circles. These are your ears.
Attach them to the top of the larger circle. 
Leave just a small space between the ears.
Poke a hole in the large circle with an ink pen, poke through.
Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Thread bakers twine and hang on the tree.

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Design Your Own Play Doh Ornaments

Kids of all ages are sure to love this Design Your Own Play Doh Ornaments project. It is perfect for holiday crafting and turns out so cute everyone will love to display these!

I am crazy for all things play doh, so naturally I had to make something for Christmas from my favorite craft material. These ornaments are so easy! They will have you saying, who knew you could not only draw on play doh but you can bake it too?!

This post contains affiliate links. Making a purchase means I will earn a small advertising fee, at no cost to you.

These easy ornaments give kids a chance to design their own addition to the Christmas tree! Made with basic supplies this is the perfect project to do with the kids for minimal mess this holiday. 

You can make your own white play doh, like in my super soft play dough recipe, just leave the food color out, or to make this activity really easy during a generally already packed holiday season, just buy cans of white play doh.

To make these design your own play doh ornaments you will need
white play doh
washable markers
cookie cutters
bakers twine
A pen or stick to poke a hole with

Roll the play doh out to be about 1/8" thick.
With your cookie cutter of choice cut shapes of doh.

Poke a hole in each ornament so that it can be hung after completion. I used an ink pen to make my holes.

Use washable markers to draw on the designs.
Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
Allow to cool.
Thread bakers twine through the hole and display on your tree.

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Green Button Tree Kid Made Ornaments

Making a handmade ornament with the kids can be a lot of fun for the holiday season! These button trees are so easy to make and adorable for gifting something handmade from the heart this Christmas. Everyone loves a kid made ornament to display on their tree! 

Last weekend I found a great deal on dyed craft sticks! 80 for $1. What a bargain! This inspired us to make a ton of fun craft stick ornaments to share this holiday season. I am going to be bringing them to you, so that you can make something cute with your kids to share with friends and family.

These kid made Christmas ornaments came together in just a few moments. We used hot glue for instant gratification, but you can use white or PVA glue if you have patience!

You will need:
4 craft sticks, I used green.
4" of  thin ribbon
3" of thin ribbon
One small bell

 Make a triangle shape and glue it together.
With your remaining stick, cut it in half. This will be your tree base. Glue it on the bottom.

Glue buttons on to the tree in any pattern you prefer. We used blue and green for this ornament and loved the way it turned out!

Flip the tree over. Thread a small bell on the 4" section of thin ribbon. With the bell in the center, glue it on the tree so that it dangles to the middle section of the tree.

With the other 3" of thin ribbon make the loop for hanging from the tree!

Now your button tree ornament is finished. Hang it from your tree, attach it to a wrapped gift, or share with someone special!

This was a cute and fun project to make with Rolf. We love kid made ornaments and have several other variations of this to show you over the coming weeks. From my family to yours; Happy Holidays!

My Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is near and that means it is time to get your ugly sweaters out and wear them with pride! 
This year is the first year in the history of my marriage that my husband is excited about cold weather, because he has the coolest ugly sweater of them all to rock for the holidays!

Ugly Sweaters for the holidays come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of horrible. From the standard bells and snowman variety to awesome cat lady displays and a glimpse at galaxies far away.

Here are some of my favorite Ugly Sweaters to Make this Holiday Season.

Christmas Mantle Ugly Sweater by Lovely Etc
Purr-fect Ugly Sweater Style T Shirt by The Crafty Blog Stalker
Photo Ugly Sweater by A Girl and a Glue Gun
DIY Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater by Clever Pink Pirate
Santa Baby Maternity Ugly Sweater by Swoodson Says
Rudolph Ugly Sweater for Kids by One Artsy Mama
Meowy Christmas Ugly Sweater by Crafting in the Rain
Gaudy Ugly Sweater by Clever Pink Pirate
Kitty Christmas Ugly Sweater by Laura's Crafty Life
Ho Ho Ho Ugly Sweater by Joyful Scribblings

We LOVE the winter holidays! I have so many fun ideas to share with you!
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Do you rock an ugly sweater during the holidays? Tell me about it in a comment!

Mini Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments

As soon as a hint of winter is in the air the kids and I start to clamor for Christmas. We want to decorate, bake and shop! And we want to do it now! This year we started asking Adam about getting our tree ready in October. He knows us too well and he reminded me that we did this with Halloween and by the time it rolled around we were so over that holiday already.

This year we got our early Christmas fix by making a lot of fun ornaments! There is nothing like giving or receiving a kid made ornament, and these are especially fantastic because they are Mickey Mouse themed!

This post contains affiliate links or sponsored content.

 These are so easy and economical that you can make a dozen of these for $3. To make mini Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments you will need:

2 sizes of jingle bells; You will need 2 smaller and one larger bell per ornament
Super Glue
Thin ribbon

Begin by threading a 6" section of thin ribbon thru the loop on the larger of your bells.
Tie a double knot in the end to keep it secure.
Next, glue one of the smaller jingle bells onto the side of the larger bell.

 Now glue the other bell onto the other side.
Allow to dry.

I loved these mini sized Mickey Mouse Jingle Bell Ornaments! They were really fun to make and display and we will absolutely be sharing these with friends this Christmas!

We used hot glue to begin this project because the kids can handle the glue gun, I added a bead of superglue to hold these securely. You can use school glue or hot glue, but I recommend the drop of superglue as a precaution. These are so cute that little hands are going to want to grab and shake them!

6 Sweet Santa Crafts

He's making a list and checking it twice, and the kids are losing their minds with the excitement of Santa's upcoming visit. To build on the fun of the Christmas festivities, I have found 6 Sweet Santa Crafts for my kids and I can't wait to share these ideas with you!

These are easy and adorable ways to bring the fun of Santa into your craft time this holiday season!
We are a family that loves to create. I am always looking for easy and fun ideas for the kids.

Santa's Sleigh Fingerprint Craft

Santa Handprint Ornaments

Santa Gift Tags

Paper Santa

Mason Jar Santa

Santa's Face Ornaments

Which of these Santa crafts is your favorite? I think they are all as cute as can be, but I am crazy for the Santa Face ornaments! My kid would love to make any of these fun projects.

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Nail Polish Ornaments

Nail Polish Painted Ornaments are a great way for tweens and teens to craft up something pretty for the Christmas tree! These are easy and economical with supplies from the dollar tree for a fun decoration to share this holiday season.

I have a tendency to hoard nail polish. I can't buy just one color. I am compelled to buy them all. As I was browsing my collection, I realized I could be doing so many things with my nail polish, and I wanted to try using it for decorations!

I picked 2 pretty shades, specifically one with confetti, and grabbed a 2 pack of ornaments from the dollar store.

First, I carefully removed the top.
Then I poured in a touch of each nail polish.

Nail Polish Ornaments

The first attempt at this craft, taught me an important lesson.
You must allow this to dry before replacing the cap, or the nail polish will remain liquid.
To dry the polish, I recommend blow drying on the cool setting for about 2 minutes, but be careful to not place the dryer right up against the ornament!

This is such a great and easy craft. The ornaments turned out lovely and were so much fun to share! We made red and blue ones!

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