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9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

9 Terrific Ways to Celebrate their Retirement

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Retirement is such a big life change, it should be celebrated properly. Help the retiree in your life commemorate this

great achievement with a new tradition, a getaway or even something that pushes their comfort zone. Now that their

punching-the-time-clock days are over, guide them into a greater, even more fulfilling mindset with these nine terrific

ways to celebrate. 

Create a Career Memento Collection.
Now that the retiree has the time, why not map out a strategic road map to all of the places they’ve worked? Take along a camera and scope out every place they’ve punched a clock to make the all mighty dollar. If they lived out of state, make it a road trip with the idea of collecting thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals for the future. And of course, memories in the form of written text and photos to compile in an album that will mark their new beginning.

Focus on Health.
Now that time is theirs for the taking, the greatest currency they have is their health. Help the retiree with changes they can make in their life to put health at the top of their priority list. Entering a 5K (even if they walk), joining the spin class at the YMCA, and even looking up recipes for eating healthier can be motivation enough to change for the better. Being consistent in these changes is key, so be sure you are there for support and encouragement.

Build a Gift Basket.
Receiving a gift basket is always fun and goes a long way in expressing admiration and appreciation. Building one yourself for the retiree in your life gives you agency over what will go inside. So ask yourself, what are their favorite things? Their favorite places? Their goals for the future? Fill the basket with items like health products, motivational books, travel ideas, gourmet snacks, and egift cards that can be purchased from any one of thousands of retailers nationwide. They will delight in the thought and care that went into making it.

Plant a Tree.
Chances are good that if the retiree had planted a tree on their first day of work, today it would be standing tall and proud. Now that they’ve entered into this new phase of life, accompany them to the garden center, choose a tree that will do well in your area, and help them plant it in their yard or other location. It will require nurturing, which in turn will give them a new sense of purpose and responsibility.

Redecorate the Home Office.
Just because they won’t be ‘working’ anymore, doesn’t mean that their home office can’t go to good use. It all depends on their focus, of course! Are they planning on consulting part time? Maybe they would like room for crafting, indoor gardening or meditating. Ask them how they envision the room and then work together to refashion it into a place that best represents where they are in life now.

Do Something Unconventional.
At the end of a person’s life, what they most regret are the things they haven’t done. This bucket list might include adrenaline-rush opportunities like skydiving, ziplining or learning to ride a motorcycle. Or, it might be a bit more mellow like learning to cook French cuisine or reading the top 100 books of all time. Ask them to write down a few things they’ve always wanted to do but never have, and support them in their mission to accomplish them.

Go Permanent.
Many people never see retirement. They may see retirement age, but are unable to truly retire due to various reasons. Celebrate your loved one’s retirement by purchasing a piece of jewelry or even getting a tattoo that commemorates and affirms their mantra for success. This might be Chinese letters, their spirit animal or a phrase they uttered to themselves when times got tough.

Give Back.
Chances are good that after a long, successful career, the retiree has much wisdom that can be given back to the community. Encourage them to teach a class, start a YouTube channel, create an informational TicTok account, whatever fits their personality and gets them inspired.
Start a Tradition.

People celebrate all kinds of days – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, so why not turn retirement day into a brand new day to celebrate annually? Specifically take that day to cross something off the bucket list, go out to dinner or commemorate it quietly. Either way, it will be a yearly reminder for the retiree that life is short but also sweet.The retiree in your life deserves special treatment after a long, fruitful career. While gifts are always nice, think about how you can help them

Gifts for Women

 What are you going to get the ladies in your life this holiday season? I have found some fun options that any woman would love to unwrap this year. These gifts work for a variety of interests and budgets. I hope this list helps you find something fantastic for the holidays and simplifies your shopping too!

Samples have been provided for inclusion.

Twirl pillow cases give ladies an inspirational message to help them sleep empowered! These are a good quality pillowcase, and they are great for gifting someone you might not know what to give. Starting at $125, these are a one of a kind gift option.

A Year of Self Love Calendar makes for a great gift that keeps on giving. This option from Workman publishing is under $16 and offers a year of self affirmations to help any woman start her day off on the right note. 

If you need a gift for a lady you don't know very well, gift her cleaner surfaces with these Copper Clean items. You can add an antimicrobial patch to any commonly used surface, like a phone, a door handle and more, or give her some really good copper pens. Pens start at about $8.

The Craftbud Candle Making Kit is one of my favorite gift options this year. This kit has everything needed to make some impressive candles; from wick to wax and everything needed along the way. Order this kit for about $65 from amazon for some crafty gifting!

The My Little Mascara Club is the perfect gift for a makeup loving lady because this club ships a fresh little mascara as needed, so she will never have to deal with clumps and lumps again. Order a starter kit for about $21.

The Mixify Nail Polish Kit is awesome for gifting. These stylish tins have everything needed to create a custom color, or two of nail polish. This is fun for chicks of all ages! Order for about $35.

A detoxing soap makes for a unique and useful gift.This Charcoal and Clay bar soap option from Rustic Maka is great. It smells pleasant, refreshes the skin, and is affordable at under $8 a bar. 

Sapadilla makes some very useful and natural cleaning products for the home. While normally I would advise you to avoid cleaning products as a gift, but these are really good and good for the environment too. Cleaners start at about $10 and are worth every penny!

If you need some gorgeous yet sassy ornaments, check out the collection from Hazel Grove Customs. From corkscrews to pie servers, they offer so many great gift options. Get a few ornaments for friends with a sense of humor this holiday season.

Let your favorite gal make a wish and journal her way to making it come true with Wishwork. This is such a fun gift idea that includes a book and a bracelet that is the perfect place to store your wish!  Prices start at $30 and the bracelets are so pretty!

Minioso 3 wick candles are an awesome gift because they smell as good as a high dollar option and they look great, but you can buy them in a variety of scents for under $11. Talk about a steal! Get a few for those ladies you don't know well but want to gift anyhow.

I love subscription boxes as gifts because they offer an assortment and they are probably the most fun mail to open ever! Like a surprise filled with surprises awaits! These pretty boxes from Her Mine are about $35 a month and have an awesome assortment of goodies from candles, to skin care and more. 

Tweexy is a wearable way to paint your nails with ease while keeping your polish on hand, literally. These are awesome gifts for women of all ages. Get a tweexy for about $10 for a unique and useful gift.

Bel Essence makes a line of anti aging skin care products that are kind to animals and awesome for your skin. This affordable line is great for gifting as the line has something for everyone, to help them keep their youthful appearance. Prices start at about $31.

If you are looking for a great gift for a plant lover, Hasting House Designs has some simply lovely hanging plant holders that are great gifts! Pair it with a small potted plant and you have a gift of art and life. They have a variety of nice holders and wall art available on etsy, where prices start at about $30.

Envirosax bags are awesome for gifts, or to use as a gift bag that will be used all the time. Not only are these stylish, but also they are so durable. I have had the same 3 bags from this brand for about 6 years, and they are still going strong. Order for about $11, in a variety of prints. 

Mine is an on the go jewelry cleaning tool that any woman who loves jewelry will appreciate. This is a great gift because it is affordable and useful. Order from amazon for $16.

Safesleeve phone cases are awesome for gifting because these are so useful, they offer protection and they have a place for your debit and credit cards! Using a safesleeve has been life changing for me because I now have someone safer to hold my debit card than my pocket, plus, this protective case keeps my phone safe while blocking radiation! Order for about $35.

Tenikle universal phone mounts are awesome for gifts because they make using your phone for videos, music, talking, livestreaming and more a hands free, and secure event. This unique design is so much more fun than the average phone mount. Order for about $30.

This year make a statement with your gift while the gift makes its own statement with options from Fair Anita. Find cute and ethical jewelry, clothing and bags at affordable prices. Necklaces start at about $22.

Urban Hydration makes an awesome line of Aloe Vera based skin care products. Order them all and pop them into a pretty basket and you have one awesome, complete gift that is going to wow any woman! Order these skin care products starting at $10 each.

Gift a lady in your life some Stylistic Abstract Swan and Pink Flamingo LACBirds fine art blank fold over greeting cards are created with the artwork of Laura Ann Cohn (LAC)..  Each card has a colored border making it a ready to frame printed piece of art. Made with love in Texas, USA. Order a 6 pack of these fine art cards for about $22 on Etsy.

The Morning Side Kick Journal gives  the gift of an engaging, fully guided morning planner to help you wake up earlier and start the day with a perfect morning routine that works for you. You can order this handsome journal for about $29.

These gorgeous wine tumblers from Everything Decorated make an awesome gift! These are really good insulated tumblers and they are decorated perfectly. Be warned, the box the items from this store arrive in so pretty! It is a work of art on its own. Browse the selection of goods for sale and find something to make one of a kind with personalization.

I know polishing rags don't seem gift worthy, but these from Aunt Mary Ann's Authentic are too good  not to share! These can be used for so many things around the house. The sugar scrub pairs perfectly with it for a smooth and clean start to winter. Check out the line of products from Dragonwise and find a few new favorites to share this holiday season.

Flo Home Delight offers high-end textile accessories that makes amazing gifts for refined men and women. Crafted in France, and shipped via amazon, you can count on these delightful coin purses being a hit! Order for about $58 

Shashi socks are different because they work with all of the shoes in your closet. From open toe styles to no show and more, these are grippy and unique for a discerning sock drawer. Order for about $18 a pair.

 In honor of the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg,  Shanti Creations NYC created a Notorious RBG Candle, which will allow for 10% of the candle to go to a non profit for women’s equality . Order this really great smelling candle in respect or rebellion for $30

Roam Often offers these awesome and cozy scarves that can double as blankets! They are so soft and stylish that they make the perfect gift! These cost about $40 and are sure to get a ton of use this winter. 

Art Studio Live offers these fantastic painting kits that have everything needed to host a painting party at home! This kit has 6 colors, 3 brushes, a generously sized canvas and palettes to make painting a breeze with everything you need. Order for about $30 and it includes the painting tutorial of your choice!

Give the gift of an upgraded nail polish experience with Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Care. This vegan nail polish is unlike any I have ever used before. It provides excellent coverage and is good for your nails too! Prices start around $17 a bottle. They have an impressive line of colors to choose from.

High on Love dry body oil makes for a great gift idea because it leaves skin super soft and nourished! Almost any lady would love this product. It is infused with CBD  and is non greasy for a healthy glow. Order for about $45.

L'Duex is the perfect gift because it brings pretty jewelry and hair ties together to create something that is functional and fashionable. Prices start at $26.

A fluffy towel set is always a great gift idea because they are super useful! This Hotel Collection
Ultimate Micro Cotton towel from Macy's is very plush and absorbent. Order for about $17 a towel for any woman on your shopping list this season!

23 Skin gives the gift of great skin care and a little pampering, in a pretty and portable package. Gift Natures Most Energetic Skin Care for about $35 a jar, or get this mini gift bundle for $35.

Nature by Canus makes for a wonderful gift this holiday. Grab some of this awesome goat milk soap, lotion and milk bath starting at about $5 a bar and add them to a pretty basket for a gift that is ready to go!

Any woman who loves to cook will appreciate this automatic, hands free Yes You Can can opener by Kitchen Mama. This little handheld can opener is easy to use and doesn't need loads of counter space. Order it for about $25 for anyone who likes to cook at home.

A super cute bubble tea coloring book is so fun to give or get this year! This book has 50 fun pages to color and will help any woman relax! Order The Boba Coloring Book for about $9 on amazon.

Every woman needs a great watch and the collection from undone makes for a great gift. These are stylish without being flashy, and they have options for both men and women. Make a statement to quality this year with an Undone watch.

I hope these gift ideas help you find a great gift for a lady on your shopping list this holiday season! While you are here check out these other holiday posts.

Gifts for Foodies

Foodies can be so much fun to shop for! They usually love to try new things and are adventurous in the kitchen, so going off the beaten path of gift giving can result in a whole lot of delicious fun!

If you are looking for a tasty gift idea for a food lover in your life, check out some of these ideas. I found gift ideas for every budget and every taste bud. From crickets, which are a yummy and sustainable protein source, to imported olives, this list has something for everyone on it! 

Click thru the links of my partners, who were kind enough to send samples for inclusion, and order these foodie favorites!

Roasted Crickets are awesome in a gift basket, or just make an unforgettable holiday goodie to share with an adventurous eater in your life. Gym N Eat Crickets has so many flavors to choose from, and these really are good. I tossed my kids a bag and they ATE THEM ALL, and asked for more!  Get a 12 pack of assorted flavors for $36.

Give the gift of the juiciest poultry ever with the Topsy Turkey. This is a must have kitchen gadget for anyone who likes turkey and chicken at home because it allows for the perfect bird every time with internal basting! Get this for under $22.

Give the gift of the best snack assortment with this 24 pack retro tin from Herr's. It has a great assortment of chips in a collection of favorite flavors that will satisfy the snacker in your life. Order online for $24 this holiday season.  

What could be better than a bunch of little bags of chips for a foodie? Maybe only one thing; if they came in an adorable and awesome little chip delivery truck! This 42 count variety pack truck is perfect for gifting, and you can pick the chip mix too! Get this from Herr's online for $26. It will definitely deliver smiles this holiday season.

Give a foodie a portable snack that packs a protein filled punch with People's Choice Beef Jerky. This is a really great brand of jerky that has a lot of flavor and has a long history of making jerky that people crave! Order a mild jerky box for a meat lover in your life for $24.

Spices are always a good idea for foodies and this collection from The Spice Lab is perfect for gifting! It has 4 blends that complement so many dishes! For an added bonus add a bottle of  Nashville Hot Chicken Seasoning to your online cart because you deserve a treat too! They also have drink mixers, sugars and more for all of your foodie gifting needs.

If your favorite foodie also likes wine, then they need a pair of these sassy socks from Lavley. They have a bunch of cute phrases printed on the socks for a gift that is useful and fun! Order online for about $10 a pair.

Give the gift of poetry, art and food references with these brilliant poems for the kitchen from  Good Grub Love. The Avocado Amor Poem is one of my favorite foodie gifts for 2020. Retailing at about $33 it is quirky and will be a classic in the kitchen, to never go out of style. 

Nunbelievable makes some of the most unbelievably good cookies. These are bif, fat, decadent cookies, that you can feel good about eating because when you buy one, you are sharing a cookie with someone in need. So cross off a gift on your list, and gift a foodie a feel good, saving the world one cookie at a time, cookie. Prices start around $18.

Foodies love pork rinds because they are low carb, which is essentially guilt free snacking! Southern Recipe Small Batch Pork Rinds are awesome and have so much flavor. From chili cheese, to classic salt, and hold your hats, apple cinnamon! Order a few a bags for a one of a kind low carb snack to share. 

McCrea's Caramels make for a sweet gift idea for any foodie! They have flavors like single malt scotch, which will be a hit with the guys on your list, and a nothing short of dreamy vanilla caramel too! Prices start at about $5 for pillow packs of gourmet caramels.
If you want to send something healthier, and elegant, the choice is clearly Laumiere gourmet fruits. With fine fruits like dates, apricots and figs, the super fruit collection will wow the foodie in your life with natural goodness. Order online starting at about $35 a square box.

Every foodie needs a great chefs knife. The Kuma Knife provides a perfect cut right out of the box. This knife retails at about $100 and will be a  gift that foodies use and love for years to come. It is a must have for the kitchen.

Steeped Coffee Bags make for an awesome gift idea. These handy bags are like a tea bag, but they make one impressive cup of coffee. Foodies will love to have these in the office, or in the pantry for a cup of coffee whenever they need one. Order specialty coffee in a single use bag for about $15.

If you are looking for a cracker that isn't just a cracker; grab an assortment of Brewer's Crackers. Made with upcycled spent grains, these are a delicious and unique cracker that will be a welcome addition to gift baskets and cheese platters alike. Order online for about $5 a bag.

Gift wellness with a great cup of tea this year. Tea can be enjoyed long after the holiday has passed and Steep & Sip has a great assortment that is sure to please. With such an assortment to browse, I know you will find a great tea for everyone on your list. Prices start at about $3.

Stuff a foodies stocking with healthy, all natural fruit snacks. Chum fruit bites are good and super healthy for on the go, guilt free snacking. They have several fruity flavors like Mango,Strawberry and Peach Bites. Get a 12 pack for about $10.

Give a favorite foodie a cookbook and you will be feeding their kitchen skills for life. This one, Wine Country Table is a great gift because it also explores all of the flavors of California wine country. Order this cookbook that celebrates sustainable harvest food for about $45.

Christmas and Cookies go together like any classic combination. Lucky for any foodie, cookies are as close as the nearest bag of Thinsters, and you won't need to bake them every time you have a craving for a holiday treat. Check out the seasonal flavors and get an extra bag to keep Santa happy this year.

On the go foodies will appreciate a practical gift like Bamboo flatware by Emerging Green. This is a long lasting, eco friendly way to eat on the go without adding plastic to a landfill.  Get a 12 pack for about $18. 

Simple Goodness Sisters Syrups are an awesome gift idea because these are perfect for cocktails or homemade sodas. Made with fresh from the garden ingredients, this is something any foodie will appreciate having in the kitchen. Order a few bottles for about $20 a bottle.

Maya's Cookies are the perfect gift for anyone! They are vegan, and totally gourmet. You will love the texture and the taste, even if you aren't vegan! Order these online for someone sweet, but get yourself a few too. You will thank me later! Prices start at about $24 and they have a lot of wonderful flavors!

This year, if you can't share your own home baked goodies with your loved ones, why not send them a coffee cake sampler from Dorothy Lane Market?  Made with local, fresh ingredients, these are simply the best in coffee cakes. They make for a great gift idea! Order 3 cakes for $57 online.

Send your love and a little sass to your favorite foodie with a 12" cookie cake from Eat Me Cookie Cakes. You give them the message and they will write it on a tasty cookie cake and ship it your foodies door. Prices start at about $30.

Foodies like to have a little fun too,and the Original Taco Cat will bring so much fun to the table! Get this cute taco holding cat for about $15 and make keep the mess at bay on Taco Tuesday!

Coca Cola lovers will delight in this one of a kind jelly, made with peppers and real Coca Cola syrup. Foodies will have fun trying Cola Pepper Jelly on a variety of foods. Order online starting at $20.

With the current state of the world, there will be less mingling, and more mailing of gifts than ever before.  If the pandemic is keeping you from your loved ones, send them a smile and an unforgettable cookie from Contessa the Bakery. It is hard to woo me with a cookie; my mom is a long time baker, and I have tried them all. But, these holiday cookies were something special. They are gorgeous for one, and they were really delicious and *almost* too pretty to eat! Order starting at $79 this holiday season.

Give a steak loving foodie some quality steak knives and forks with the Porterhouse Steak Set from Tramontina. This heavy duty set is made to last, is dish washer safe, and best of all costs under $30. Find it on Amazon, and at a variety of retailers like Walmart, Kohls and more.

Bring the flavor of Sicily to your favorite foodie with the Bono line of olive oil, marmalade, olives and more. This is a perfect gift for someone who would love to explore the flavors of Sicily, but is stuck at home this year. Order from Amazon or Vitacost.

Give a gift that is tasty and unique with Vegky Shiitake Mushroom Jerky. Available in several delectable flavors, this is a delightfully chewy way to get your protein at snack time. Get a 3 pack for about $20.

If you are shopping for a chocolate lover, these Lekkco chocolate spreads are the bomb. They are available in 4 flavors that are so good, and are for more than spreading on bread. Make hot cocoa with them, or make no bakes pop. Order online where a 4 pack of this Belgian goodness will cost $32.

Table Mountain Farm makes an incredible line of Goat Milk Caramels that will tickle the taste buds of any foodie. This caramel is made with simple ingredients to create a luscious, buttery caramel that is perfect for dipping or topping! Order online for $10 a delicious jar.

If your favorite foodie likes pretzels, then send them Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels for a happy holiday! These are soft and wonderful bites of pretzel heaven that anyone will love to get, especially if you can't be together in person this year.  They have a good assortment of styles and prices start at about $13.

If you want to add a good gluten free goodie to a gift basket or holiday spread, all foodies are sure to dig these Fit Joy Pretzels. They have a lot of flavor without the gluten. Prices start at $4 a bag.

Tea is the ultimate winter beverage so why not gift a favorite foodie an assortment of tea from Rare Brew? They make some damn fine teas that will hit the spot all winter long. Find the perfect blend online.

Bring the bakery goodies home with this selection of bake at home goodies from Porto's Bakery. From sweet cheese rolls to chocolate chip cookies, there are so many tasty choices to order and bake at home for your holiday festivities!

This trio of seasonings from Heifer International makes a great gift for foodies because it will spice things up in the kitchen long after the holiday has ended. Featuring Parisian Pastry seasoning Garam Marsala and a delightful espresso seasoning, this has such an assortment of flavors that anyone will love. Order for about $22.

For a true foodie, there is no substitute for fine chocolates. Mariebelle of New York makes not only some of the most beautiful candies ever, but they are also quite scrumptious too, if you can bring yourself to snack on these little works of art. Check out the variety of sweets offered in the online shop.

Foodies are going to flip for this taste of decadence delivered to your door. San Diablo Take and Bake Churro Kits bring a goodie to the table that no one will forget! Featuring an assortment of fillings, this is one really fun kit for foodies this holiday season. Order online for about $32.

If you need a gift for someone who seriously loves cookies, then order them a 12 pack of Chip City Cookies. These are big, beautiful and perfect for snacking on. Pop one out of the box and slide it into the oven for a total treat. These are some of the biggest cookies to ever come out of an oven! A 12 pack will cost about $75 and is so worth it!

I hope these suggestions help you find some wonderful gifts for your foodie friends and family!