Giraffe Button Art

This baby and mama Giraffe craft is easy to create and it adds an adorable handmade touch to any room in your home. I think it is especially cute in a child's bedroom!

This came together so easily, you guys! Within moments, I had created something fantastic for Harper's room and it helped me pass time constructively while I watched hours and hours of the Mama Giraffe in labor live feed.

All you need to make this cute art project is:
Cardstock; 2 sheets. 1 yellow or orange, 1 color of your choice
Assorted Ribbons
Craft Eyes

From the yellow or orange cardstock:
Cut 2 circles for the heads; 1 smaller than the other
Cut 2 tear drop shapes for the ears; 1 smaller than the other
Cut 2 long strips for the necks; 1 shorter than the other

Glue the neck, head and ear on for each giraffe. I think making them face each other is a cute idea!
Next, give your giraffes an eye each, and a button for a nose.
Then glue a few buttons on for the spots.

Finish by adding strips of ribbon for the mane.


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