Our Summer Bucket List

Summer is here and we are in full vacation mode! Having the kids and my husband home for 3 months leaves us a lot of time for fun and games; adventures and experiences and making a lot of memories!

This year we have a bucket list that involves something for all 4 of us! I can't wait to share these summer goals with you and hear what your family is going to get into this summer!

1) Camping
We took our first family camping trip last year. Somehow we had never done this with the kids, despite the reality that Adam and I were camping a ton before they were born. We are going to spend a few nights in the woods of the Hocking Hills, and a few nights by the Mohican River in Loudonville Ohio. We knew camping was a great goal because we can take our dog along with us, and he LOVES to go along on an adventure anytime!

2) Speaking of Dogs
We recently lost one of our dogs after an very brief illness. While the pain is still fresh, my heart won't allow me to stop loving dogs. Before the end of the summer we are going to adopt a shelter dog in honor of our beloved Fritzy. We couldn't save him, but in his memory we can give a dog another chance at a happy life with a loving family.

3) Make Life Better
My husband and I are going to donate blood together, to save a few lives and set a good example to our kids about ways you can make a difference in your community. My husband will volunteer at the food bank and the kids and I will be out picking up trash in our neighborhood when we walk our dog. We are also collecting purses, socks and puzzles to donate to an assisted living facility. When life is better for the people in our community, life feels better in our own home.

4) Go to the Casino Without the Kids
We need a night out, just the two of us, and I feel lucky! Adam and I think getting dressed up, going out to dinner and playing some slot machines sounds like a perfect kid free way to reconnect with each other! If you could use a date night without the kids check out https://www.spinit.com/en-eu/online-slots to get your game on!

5) Get Wet
Lake Erie is just a short drive away, and a couple of days on the lake would erase all tension and stress that adult life often has as. My son and I have always loved taking short trips to Kelley's Island and this year we are going to take the rest of the family along on our adventure. 

What is on your bucket list this year? I would love to hear about your summer adventures and plans in a comment! 


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