Kid Made Straw Necklaces

Bling; made for kids, by kids!

My kids really like to get crafty. They also like to peek in my jewelry box and beg to wear all of the pretty things! So we set out to see what we could create with things we already had at home. This is what we came up with. Straw Necklaces!

You will need:
*Bakers twine or yarn

Rolf was kind enough to cut the straws for both of the necklaces we made.

We simply added a bead of glue to one side of a straw, then pressed it onto another. Repeat until you are out of straws.

Thread your string, twine or yarn through one straw and tie to make the necklace.

This was a fun craft for both kids. Harp was pleased to have her own "bling" that she made by herself.


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