Easy DIY ipad Mini Stand

This easy diy ipad stand was made with only 3 supplies in just a few moments of time. It is a great tween or teen craft for a rainy day and provides a practical place to place your ipad for hands free viewing!

This was such a simple project! I needed someplace to place my ipad while cooking and
referring to a recipe, so I whipped this up in just about 3 minutes! I wasn't quite sure about how
sturdy it would be, but I was surprised by how sturdy it was, and how well it has held up over 2
weeks time.

7 Jumbo Craft Sticks ( 5.86” x .72” )
Washi Tape
Hot Glue Gun


1) Apply washi tape to one side of 3 craft sticks.

2) Form a letter V with 2 of the washi tape covered craft sticks.

3) Secure the point where the sticks meet with hot glue.

4) Flip the craft sticks over so that you are working with the uncovered side of the sticks and your
point is now facing upwards.

5) Use an uncovered craft stick to attach a “leg” to the top, where the sticks meet.  To do this easily
give a generous dot of hot glue about ¼” below the top, immediately place your craft stick at a very
slight angle. Hold the craft stick in place for about 30 seconds, as the glue dries. This acts as your
base. Test it to make sure the base stands freely.

6) You have 3 remaining craft sticks that are not covered by washi tape; stack and glue these together.

7) Glue the final craft stick, with the washi tape on top of the stack you just made.
This will act as your ledge for holding your ipad.

8)You will glue these stacked sticks one inch from the bottom of the base.
Allow to dry for about a minute before using as an ipad or phone stand.

    Easy DIY iPad stand

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