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Holiday Gifts for Guys That They Will Love

What are you getting the guys in your life this holiday season? I don't know about you, but shopping for my husband and my father is tough. When asked, they respond that they don't really want anything, and let me tell you, that is no help when trying to shop. I gathered up some of my favorite ideas for men this holiday season and I hope this list helps you find a great gift for the special guys in your life.

Samples were provided for inclusion.

A great watch never goes out of style. Joycoast makes options that are classy and stylish, and perfect for daily wear. Wood watches are a welcome option from the smartwatch scene for guys who like to do things, like tell the time, the old fashioned way. Find comfortable wood watches for men starting at about $89.

Veppo Vape makes a good gift for someone who wants to quit smoking. Find an assortment of vapes and ecigs, as well as vapor flavors to satisfy the nicotine cravings.  The rum vape is perfect for the holidays!

Detomaso watches are the perfect holiday gift. These watches are gorgeous and make a statement when gifted. From the unique movement to the quality leather strap, this is the gift you give to someone really special. Find this style for about $175.

Gift a reader, film fanatic or traveler a scratch-able poster. These are a fun way to mark items off your to see, read and visit list while displaying them as art. Check out the collection available in the Enno Vatti amazon store. Prices are about $22 a poster.

Beavercraft makes these awesome carving kits that make the perfect gift for guys. They can learn a new skill, like carving, while relaxing and making art. This wizard kit is about $25. The easy to follow instructions make this kit a great introduction to carving.

Yellow Dot Artist makes affordable art prints that are great for gifting! I love the one pictured here. Is it a cat or a dragon? You be the judge. Browse the selection of prints, where prices start at about $15.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is my go to for personalized gifts that guys want to get! From money clips to useful knives with their initials, you can find a ton of great gift ideas on site. This altered carbon knife costs about $35 and is really gorgeous.

Do you know what guys need for the holidays? More power access! Accell Power makes having a place for all of your devices and electronics a reality instead of a dream. These are affordable, offer surge protection, a place to plug in cords, and even a place for usb cords, so you can power up anywhere. Find a variety of Accell power series devices to fit his needs for about $30.

CLEAR2O Personal Filters offers dual filtration for fresh and clear water ANYWHERE! This is the perfect gift for active guys who love adventure or guys who dig fresh,clear water. Check out their impressive line of filtration products to find a good fit for the guy on your shopping list.

Kore Classic Fashion belts are the perfect gift because they feature a hidden track with over 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust in 1/4" increments for a perfect fit every time. Shop Men's Casual Belts and Men's Dress Belts for work, play, or out on the town.  Order as a set, or shop buckles & belts separately. Prices start at about $50.

Rawhyde Leather makes some of the best wallets for men. These are awesome for a holiday gift because they will be used daily, and this brand has such beautiful quality and workmanship. As a bonus they are incredibly affordable! Prices start at about $20 for a nice basic wallet.

The Shower Caddy Locker by Schlocker is the perfect gift for college aged men , or any man in a shared living situation, as it gives them a secure place to store their toiletries without having to share with their roommates. This is an easy to install locker, that is affordable too. Order it from Amazon for about $30. 

I love Water to Go bottles for adventurous and active guys because these bottles are personal filtration systems on the go. Basically any water source can become a fresh water source with one of these bottles. Order one for a guy who loves to explore for about $50.

Guys who spend time looking at a screen will appreciate these blue light glasses by Jins. They reduce eye strain and look great too. For a limited time you can order a pair for FREE on their site, or find options for heavy screen users and more.

Gift great style with the V neck Sweater with Collared Shirt from Flying Point Apparel. This is perfect for wearing to holiday parties, or daily use! Order for about $80 for a look that he can rock all winter long.

After a long day at work, any guy can appreciate an on demand shiatsu neck and back massager from  ireliev. This gives a deep massage that feels awesome, anytime he wants one with or without heat. Order for about $80 for year round relief.

Bendyfigs make a great gift for guys because they can check out their favorite movie characters and relive old times as they re-enact a few scenes, if they wish too. These highly detailed figures are about $14. Find several favorite lines like Lord of the Rings, Monsters, Star Trek and more.

 Ridge Merino  wool flannel shirt jackets make the perfect gift for guys who live in cold climates because they are so toasty! They look great for regular wear and is so durable and well made it will last for years. Order for about $150.

Hawaiian Hookum: Tiki Style Ring Toss Game and Decoration makes for a great gift idea for guys because it looks awesome, and is really fun to play too. Find it on amazon for about $20, for a gift he will love to show off!

Motorola 3 in 1 smart true wireless earbuds are a fantastic gift that will get a lot of use. They are alexa/siri/google assistant enabled, produce quality sound and will set you back less than $100 for a gift that is going to get daily use. 

A laptop is always a nice gift, especially if your guy doesn’t own one or has an old machine he’s been using since forever. Get a good quality laptop with decent specs if your guy isn’t a heavy user. If he plays games or edits videos, choose a model with higher specifications. If uses his computer for work, better get him a business laptop that can keep up with his pace and work demands. 

I hope these gift ideas help you find something awesome for the men in your life this holiday season. While you are here, check out some of my favorite DIY ornaments?


Coffee Lovers Favorites of Summer

Over the last few months, nothing has been better for my soul than my coffee time. I love to sneak away to the kitchen and watch the squirrels and birds come visit the feeder with a cup in hand. If quiet coffee time in the morning can make one feel so good, adding a little bit of the bean to the rest of the day is a recipe for success! Here are a few of the best ways to bring coffee to all parts of the day!

Samples may have been provided, or affiliate links may have been used.

Nothing smells quite as lovely as coffee. Once Upon a Candle captures the fragrance with mouth watering perfection! Check out their wonderful assortment of fragrances and they also offer fresh coffee bath bombs that are wonderful for the skin and the spirit.Order online for a special gift, or an indulgence for your self care routine. Candles are about $18. 

Getting a great blend of coffee is easier than ever. You can get whole bean, or freshly ground options delivered right to your door starting at about $17 a bag, with Yes Plz Weekly. Set your delivery preference and get ready for the best brew in town to happen in your kitchen.

I could sip those wonderful little bottles of coffee all day long, but they have so many calories. Milkadamia makes really great dairy free creamer that has like 10 calories a serving. Add it to your favorite coffee and enjoy a creamy, low cal way to get your fix without milk. Locate a store near you to stock up on this creamer.

Kickbar is one of my new favorite things ever. These little coffee bean bars are so easy to eat on the go, and they are really good too! You can get all of the flavor and benefits of a cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere. I love to toss them in my bag and take a tasty pick me up along on all of my adventures. Get a 20 pack of Kickbar in latte, coffee, or mixed for $40. Order online.

This summer, I have been skipping the coffee shop and making my own drinks at home, adding a splash of Torani puremade syrup to your cold brew for a summery kick to your coffee. I love the smoked black cherry with a dark roast coffee. Explore the extensive line of syrups and locate a store near you on the Torani website.

Cowffee is a unique coffee drink that you will want to try ice cold. It is a premium blend of coffee and milk with CLA protein to create a thick and delicious drink that is filling and has all the kick you want from coffee with a hint of sweetness.

I have been avoiding retail enviroments as much as possible since March. With the avoidance of my beloved Tim Horton's, I have a surplus in my coffee budget. I have been loving the indulgence of whole beans, roasted to perfection. If you too want to sip on some stellar brew, check out the offerings from Unrest coffee. You can get a monthly subscription for under $12 and the bags of beans are generously sized. Order online.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get all the good stuff like caffeine, on the go, in a portable little package? With a Viter Mint,  your get up and go got up and mint. With 5 tasty flavors, you are bound to find a few to love. Order online for about $18 a 5 pack. These are perfect for an afternoon pick me up without the cup of coffee.

Good beans make a good brew, and a good brew can give anyone a good brain. Rube's Good Brain Coffee makes for a great way to get that indulgence we discussed earlier delivered to your door. Get a subscription starting at about $13 a month for those times when great coffee is required.

If you want a coffee service that delivers fresh roasted and flavorful beans, you will want to check out Rave Coffee. This UK based subscription service is one of the best coffees I have tried. The beans are roasted to perfection, and provide a robust flavorful brew. I highly recommend! Get info on ordering, with international shipping options online.

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Christmas in July Gift Ideas

Last week, when I made a rare visit to the retail world, I found myself buying school supplies, Halloween decorations, and a few Christmas gifts, along with our groceries and supplies. My family thought that was a little crazy, but what hasn't been just a little crazy this year? With that in mind, I have latched onto Christmas in July. It is my newest obsession!I can't wait to share a few of these fun gift ideas that I think you might want to buy now, to take the stress out of the winter holidays. 

Affiliate links and samples were provided for consideration.

If you want to give a good clean gift for the holidays, check out these super effective cleaning products from Good Green Cleaner. These are so good! You fill with water, attach the cleaner pod, give it a shake, and add a nozzle. Adding the water at home, makes these easy to store, helps reduce plastic usage with the refill pods and they really smell good. Order online for about $13 a package.

Pink MahogHany Fragrances makes a really fantastic hand sanitizer for the males in your life who don't want to smell like a flower or fruit.  This hand sanitizer is called The Wood, and it has hints of vanilla, cedar and more for a fragrant way to keep clean  on the go.

Give the gift of smooth, beautiful skin with minimal additives this year. I love Stone & Tumble Smoothing Serum. This is packed with ingredients that promote healing of the skin, like sweet almond and sunflower seed oil. Order it online for all skin types at $42 a bottle.

Girls with long hair will love showering like a girl with short hair thanks to Pony Dry. This little wrap keeps the ponytail dry for an easy shower but lets you wash your roots for cleaner hair with less dry time. Order online for about $30.

If you are expecting a new addition to your family or circle this year around the holidays, get these Sleep sacks now. Swaddle Sack and Zip Me Sack by Swaddle Designs make wonderful ways to keep baby comfy and safe when it is time to sleep. Order these online, where prices start around $22.

Give the gift of great dental hygiene with Burst oral care. This electric tooth brush has been proven to remove ten times more plaque than manual brushing. Order for under $70, and take advantage of the brush replacement subscription while you are there.

If you need a gift for an athlete, someone who loves the beach, or anyone who might need a hiding spot that they can take with them, the Bindle Bottle makes a great and super useful gift. You can unscrew the bottom of the bottle to reveal a hiding place for cash, debit cards, or even your keys. Order online for about $39 for a 20 ounce slim bottle.

While most of our lives have gone digital, there is something classy about a manual watch. This year, polish a special ladies look with a understated watch from Eila Cherie. These are fantastic because they are great quality at a modest price. For about $48 you can get the Melinda in several colors to match her style. Order online.

Anyone who has a tablet or smartphone wants to keep it safe from the unexpected, but that doesn't always happen. With the temps getting higher, more people seek out the water, and that leads to the risk of getting a pricey phone wet. Absorb-Its are these handy little pouches that can dry out your phone or tablet should the worst happen. Get these starting at about $13 online to rescue your valuables if they ever get soaked.

If you need to find a useful gift for an active person, let me recommend the Nomader bottle. I dig these because you fill it with water, then you can collapse the bottle for easy carrying when empty.  They are leak-proof and stylish. Order them online for about $25.

Give the gift of a well protected and clean cell phone with Gadget Guard. The Black Ice Screen Protectors are incredibly durable and keep your phone scratch free. The Techtonic Cleaner they offer is a must have in this climate of cleanliness. Order screen protectors, cases and cleaners online. Prices start at about $25.

Give the gift of good dental health with some vitamin enriched toothpaste. Vitamin Paste has a formula for both kids and adults and makes a great addition to your daily routine. Order online for about $5 a tube and add up to 50% more vitamins to your day.

Which of these items do you feel like would make a great gift for someone in your life?

Wine Fairy Gift Basket Ideas

Has the wine fairy trend taken over in your community? It is so much fun! I have been making baskets to share with strangers since covid started. I am obsessed! I have found some fantastic goodies to include, should you be moved to get in on the secret sister, wine fairy movement.

My friend Kristy invited me to join a facebook group in March called Secret Sisters Pay it Forward. At first, I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea. But, I found myself scrolling the posts after cocktail hour. Within an hour, I was ordering goodies and making a basket for a mom of two girls who happened to live on the next street. 

Things may have spiraled from there. I joined another group, started building baskets and sneaking them on porches of perfect strangers. I have even been blessed to be visited by the wine fairy!

 Here are some of my favorite items to include. Affiliate links may have been used in this post, or samples may have been sent.

With  dining options limited, why not gift a little gourmet with Lanconiko olive oils and balsamic vinegar. I have used many kinds of olive oil, but this is one of my favorite brands. Order it online for about $22 a bottle

Bicycle playing cards are a great goodie to include in a secret sister basket. They can be enjoyed solo or with a friend and during times of social distancing can surely offer a fun way to pass time. Buy them from retailers nationwide, or order a special deck from Bicycle.

Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea is perfect for sharing with a secret sister. These are really good purple tea, that feels fancier than the standard bottled version. There are several great varieties available. Order them online for under $20 a 6 pack.

Adding some Sugarpova bars, truffles or gummies to a wine fairy gift basket is a recipe for delight. These are such good, high quality candies that everyone will love. Order online, or find a retailer near you on the Sugarpova site.

Wine Fairies can deliver comfort as well as good booze. Yogalastics is one of my favorite hair tie brands for good reason; they are so comfy! Order a few packs to share, and to treat your hair to no pulling, less slipping and no headaches from your hair ties for about $12 a pack.

If you want to add a one of a kind greeting to your secret sister, wine fairy basket, these quirky ones from A Couple Puns are perfect. Order these spunky and adorable cards from Amazon at 5 for $20.

While it might seem like a strange thing to gift a stranger, the Restroom Kit is a handy and thoughtful way to spread cheer. I mean, even strangers need to potty on the go, and this is a sanitary way to do it. Order these online to give wipes, paper and a seat cover as needed, anytime, anywhere. 3 packs are $11.

Give your secret sister a secret weapon with these hang over preventative gummies by Always Toast. These are a great and delicious way to make sure that when the wine fairy visits, the next day is as pleasant as can be. Find them online.

Surprise a secret sister with a delicious assortment of bubbly drinks in cute little bottles with these offerings from Mionetto. I could sip the rose all day. These are perfect for a treat, or making a tiny celebration feel uber elegant. Check out the collection online to purchase or find Mionetto in stores.

Groove Life rings are my latest obsession; I love them so much because I work with my hands a lot. It is not uncommon to find me sawing something, mixing cement, or even building with pallets. All of that action can be disastrous to my jewelry. Groove Life rings are perfect for hands on chicks like me. There are so many styles to choose from from men and women! Add one to a gift basket for a wow moment that is a big win for the wine fairy. Order them online for about $35 each.

Mimosas are perfect with brunch right? Who ever said Mimosas aren't perfect for anytime, any day? Ohza brings the bubbly favorite to wine fairy gift baskets with ease this summer. Available in 3 ah-mazing flavors, you can order these for about $36 a 12 pack. Buy online, or locate a store near you from the website. 

If you have been making wine fairy baskets? I would love to hear what you are including in yours!