Summer Home Bar Guide

Summer is here, and there is no better time to kick back and sip something wonderful! Here are a few of my favorites for your home bar. I know you are going to want to lift your glass and say cheers to all of these summer home bar must haves! 

This year has been interesting to say the least. We are now 4 months into the pandemic. I have been wondering... Who ordered 2020 from wish?

It seems that every day is the same, except one thing that changes. It just keeps getting hotter outside! Cocktail hour is the only thing getting me by, so let's check out some of my favorite products of the summer for the home bar.

Samples have been provided, and affiliate links may be used below.

Papo J Lambanog's Vodka is a must have for any home bar, this vodka is made with the nectar of coconut flowers to create a smooth, decadent, distinctly south pacific vibe.  Mix it in a margarita, or add it to cold brew coffee for a an afternoon pick me up. Order online or locate a store on the Papo J's website for about $29.

Summer is the time to take the drinks outside, but who wants to break a great glass? Halo Vino has you covered with these durable little glasses that unbreakable, stack-able, and dishwasher safe. They even float, so if you want to drink a bottle of wine while floating the day away, like I do, you can. Oder online starting at $13 a 6 pack.

Spark by The Hemp Division is a must have for your home bar this summer. It is like a great seltzer with a hefty dose of cbd. Add it to a vodka soda, or just sip it ice cold to take the edge off.I love the Orange Mango flavor! Order a 12 pack for $40 online.

This is the summer of the spiked seltzers for good reason; they are fantastic! Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer has some amazing flavors that hit the spot on a hit day. I love that they are so much lighter than other cocktail options. I am crazy about  the cherry lime variety. It is so good! Find your favorite spiked spritzer and where to order online.

Cocktail 2 Go Kits let you take all of the essentials for a great crafted cocktail with you in a convenient tin. All you need to add is the booze and ice. Take these in the air, or to the hotel, or keep a few in your home bar for a perfectly mixed cocktail anytime. Shop their impressive line of kits online starting at about $15.

We might not be able to travel to all of the awesome places we wanted this summer, so instead of pining away for Mexico, why not bring the flavors of a great Michelada to your  home with these convenient bottles by Thirsty Bartender .Add the rimming salt to your cart too for an easy and super authentic flavor.

Every home bar needs excellent glasses, so why not order some of these uber unique ones from Well Told and show your patriotic side? The Constitution Rocks glasses start at $14.50.

Take the guesswork out of finding great wine with a subscription from The Wine Insider Club. Single bottles are available for purchase starting at $10 a bottle, or you can get a 12 bottle assortment shipped to your door every 12 weeks for about $90.

On the hottest of days, there are few things that are better than an ice cold craft beer. With a subscription to the Craft Beer Club, you can try excellent new varieties, selected by people who know fine beer. For about $43 you can get a 12 pack shipped to your door that includes 3 bottles of 4 varieties. This is an excellent way to keep the party going all summer long without needing to hit the store yourself!

Mixed drinks seem so much fancier at home with some great rimming sugar or salt. Find a great assortment of options like Zesty Orange Sugar and Bloody Mary Salt Rimmers from Creative Mixology starting at about $15 for all of your at home drink mixing.

A great set of Whisky Stones is a must have for those who don't want to dilute their drink with ice. Get a great set from the Irish Whisky Company starting at about $25 for a set of 8.


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