How to Convert Your Attic in a Reading Room


Attic conversions are popular with homeowners if it isn’t being used for storage, and they can make wonderful additions to a home. You can do almost anything with an attic, turn it into a nursery, spare bedroom, playroom or study. Whatever you choose to turn it into, an attic conversion is a great way to add value to your property if it’s done right. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to creating a new room in your home, if you’re an avid reader, or someone who is just looking for a place to enjoy some quiet time, why not turn your attic into a reading room? Here’s how you can do it.

Attic Inspection

Before you start any work on your conversion, you will need to have your attic inspected. These checks will determine whether your attic is structurally sound for this kind of home improvement project. In addition to this, you will need to have your attic cleaned and properly insulated before you turn it into your reading room. You can find out more about getting an attic inspection and other attic services online.

Hire a Contractor

Once you have had the all-clear from your attic inspection and have had it properly cleaned and insulated, you can then move on to the next stage. You’re likely going to need the services of a professional contractor to create the right space for your reading room. If you don’t already have a window in your attic, you might want to consider having some installed, as natural light will be much better to read in. You will also need to have walls constructed and plastering services, as well as having quality flooring installed. Engineered rustic white flooring could be a great option as it is high quality and great looking.

Choose Your Color Scheme

This part of the project is where it starts getting a bit more fun. Once you have all the necessary structure of your reading room completed, you can use this blank canvas to create your perfect hideaway. If the attic space is small, you might want to consider lighter colors to make the room feel bigger. Alternatively, if you want to make it feel like an old Victorian style reading room, dark wood, and rich reds would help to achieve this. Whatever your style, let your interior design instincts run wild!

Clever Storage

Thanks to the slanting roof, attics aren’t the best rooms for tall shelves or storage units. You will have to get creative with your bookshelves in your converted reading room to make utilize the space. Consider using old trunks or low shelves to store your favorite books in, or convert the stairs into draws. You could also invest in furniture that has storage built in to help save space.

Comfortable Furniture

Finally, you will need to have a cozy couch or armchair to snuggle down with your favorite book. Again, think about how much space you have to work within your attic before you start purchasing furniture for it. Even a beanbag chair could work well and will fit in any room of the house with ease. You should also buy good lamps for reading on days with grey skies or at night.

Turn your attic into a reader’s paradise by following these useful tips!


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