Summer Skin Care Favorites

Does your skin care routine need a little change of pace? I have rounded up a bunch of my new favorite skin care products and I can't wait to tell you about them. Fall is the perfect time to switch things up and try new things to give your skin a healthy glow after months of sun and sweat!

Samples have been provided for consideration.

Desert Essence makes a great line of body oils that will moisturize your skin while leaving it so soft! These smell amazing too! I wasn't big on body oil until I tried the Jojoba and Sunflower variety from this line. I have never had such soft skin! Order online from Desert Essence for about $15 a bottle. You can find several amazing formulas to choose from.

After months of sun and sweat, we could all use a good body scrub to reveal fresh skin and get the dead stuff off. Desert Essence also makes some nothing short of luxurious sugar, salt or combo scrubs you will want to check out. Prices start at about $8. These pair perfectly with the body oil line mentioned above.

You might not have had your Florida vacation this summer, so why not bring the beach to your bathroom? Miami Beach Bum offers an assortment of products to bring new life to your skin care routine. From body cream that is the bomb to insect repellant that really keeps bugs at bay. They have something for everyone. Order online. They offer skin care, beach essentials and more.

Artisan soap is such a treat for tired skin. I am loving how gentle this eucalyptus tea soap from Soapcreek is. It smells great, cleans like a dream and is really pretty too. I am such a sucker for hand crafted soaps! Order online for about $8 a bar. You will love the selection they offer! Every bar has visual and scent appeal.

Ofra makes a line of skin care products that is perfect for your skin care routine. From foaming cleansers and
masks to peel off masks that are packed with vitamin c for healthy skin. Check out their impressive line  which also includes makeup.  The Vitamin A & C Peel off mask is a must have, and can be purchased for under $40.

Block Island Organics makes a great, safe and simple facial cleanser that purifies without toxic chemicals. They make a great assortment of skin care so check out their line and find a few that will work wonders on your skin. Prices for the purifying cleanser start at about $22. You will love how gentle it is on skin.

Wow Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is a great way to keep your skin healthy, clean and bright. This foaming face wash features a built in brush for deep cleaning. I really like how my skin feels smoother, softer and looks brighter after use. Find several foaming face washes and other skin care items online. The face washes start at $15 for an affordable skin care solution.

If you have ever wanted to try microderm, now is the time to do it at home with PMD Beauty. The classic kit retails at about $159 and is available in 6 colors for an at home skin care product that reveals radiant skin. This is a great addition to any woman's skin care routine. Shop their selection of products for pro results in a home setting online at PMD Beauty.

PMD Beauty also has the solution for your lips from the comfort of your home. Achieve lumper lips with no needles required thanks to the PMD Kiss system. This little device combats the signs of aging in the lips and produces a plumper, youthful appearance to the mouth. Order online starting at $99.

Inanna Earth makes some really nice herb infused oils that feel nice to wear and smell good too! Starting at about $15 you can get Rose Herb Infused Oil which helps reduce acne, fight stress and minimize scars, all of which are great for the skin. Explore the line and order this handmade oil online.

Pure MD Skin Science makes the perfect product for women like me, Red Surrender helps fight redness in the face. I also use it on my chest, which tends to get red too. Get Red Surrender for about $98 . You will love the results. They have other awesome products for the healthiest skin in town to check out too.

Finally, every good skin care routine needs vitamins! I recommend Future Kind vitamins to keep my skin as healthy as can be. I love the Vegan Sleep formula as the first start to healthy skin. Check out their line and find a few high quality options to start your skin off on the right blend of nutrients. Prices vary, but you can get the Essential for Vegans Vitamins for about $30 online.

If you have a favorite skin care find, do tell in a comment. I am taking my skin so much more seriously now that I am in my 40's!


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