National Dog Day Guide

There is nothing like coming home after a long day to see a wagging tail! In honor of all the happiness a great dog brings to life, and national dog day on 8/26 I set out on a mission to find the best pet products of 2020. I hope you love the suggestions I make in this list!

Scout is awesome. Not only is he adorable, but he is also well mannered, very intelligent and he is very responsible. He is the best dog, so naturally, he deserves the best of everything!

In honor of the joy he has brought to my life, I set out on a quest to bring the best of the best to his days. I started researching the best pet products and found some you are really going to want to check out for your furry bestie.

Samples were sent of some items included. Affiliate links may be used also.

Scout likes to eat; if he is offered something really tasty, he will straight up beg for it, as you can see in the first photo. When we got to try Jiminy's  insect based dog food,I was skeptical that Scout would like it. Little did I know he would LOVE it. This is a sustainable source of protein for dogs that they find irresistible. Order it online starting at about $22 a bag for good food dogs will beg for.

If you have cats in the house, they need to try Dr. Marty's line of goodies! From supplements to treats like freeze dried salmon, to a freeze dried food that cats will crave, these are some of the finest quality of products for felines. Order online where the food begins at about $35 a bag. Scout highly favors this brand for his carefully curated collection of 3 beautiful cats.

Dr. Marty also has food , supplements and treats for dogs and Scout approves of the line of goodies but he can't wag his tail enough about the freeze dried liver treats. Expect excellent quality and nutrition from this brand. Order Tilly's Treasures Treats at about $17 a bag. Dr. Marty's Nature's Blend food is about $60 a bag. Find it online.

Dog people worry about them sorta like we do our kids. But, the difference is dogs can't talk. So, if there is an emergency, and someone needs to step in and care for your dog, why not leave a guide for them to insure your dogs needs are met? What About the Dog? by Christina Ciana Calabrese is a must have for anyone who shares their life with a pet.

A happy hound, is one who is treated to the flavors he loves. With Farm Hounds and their assorted treats, Scout has been happy hound. The Hog Maul was his absolute favorite and a real hoot to see him enjoy. He also loves their jerky and highly recommends it to other dogs. Order online starting at about $15 a bag.

If you want nothing but the best for your dogs, check out Puppo. They offer personalized nutrition for dogs, delivered to your door. It is really convenient to not have to drag heavy bags of dog food home thanks to this completely customizable dog food service. Get your dog a custom blend of food that even has their name and photo on it starting at about $35 a month for smaller dogs. Learn more and take the quiz to create the perfect blend of food for your best friend at

The coolest thing about Scout is that being a shelter dog, he loves to take walks. It never fails that when we go on our daily walks, he will turn around and look at me, and the expression on his face is pure joy. That makes me want to walk him a lot. To keep on good terms with my neighbors, Doggy Do Good is my go to pet waste bag. Order them online starting at $10. I love that these are earth friendly, biodegradable bags.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions for national dog day! 


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