A shortcut to food processors

 Love it or hate it, there is always a way to make the process of cooking a bit easier. And if it’s easier, it’s more exciting, and if it’s more exciting, you’ll do it more often. And if you do it more often, you want it to be easier – see where I’m heading? But what kitchen partner can you commandeer to do all of this? The food processor. Of course! Once you get the hang of it, this handy gadget can improve your life in many ways.

Can’t I just use my juicer?

Absolutely not! A food processor has a completely way of operating than a juicer does, and they are not interchangeable. A juicer splits the solid and liquid components of the food, and releases the juice away from the solid part. A food processor combines the sum total of what you put in it, with no actual waste components; nothing is discarded – it is simply the consistency and degree of mixing that will vary, depending on how you process the food, and for how long.

What about a blender?

Still no. While a blender alters the consistency of foods, the result will only ever be an emulsified combination of whatever you put in there. With a food processor, you have more control over the consistency of the end resultincluding the distribution of wet and dry.

Making all food fast

Have I mentioned that it’s quick? Man, a food processor is quick! Not only that, it is also fast. You know what it’s like chopping individual vegetables for a so up or salad – it takes forever and a day! Not to mention the physiological aspects of chopping things like onions and shallots – great if you like crying, pretty painful if you don’t. The speed with which a food processor can handle the chopping process removes that consideration from the equation completely.

Which one should I choose?

Although there are many options available out there, the best way to pick the right machine for you is to focus on what you want and need it to do. Buying a decent food processor on a budget is completely possible, but do your homework before committing. From making salads to soups, puddings and purees, a food processor is a guaranteed way of stretching your culinary prowess to new levels. The versatility of this handy little tool goes a long way, and is a great way of injecting some variety into how you cook.

How to pick the right food processor for your needs

All aspects of the appliance, from the power output to the actual performance, all contribute to and can be the swaying factor regarding the overall purchase decision. Right from the beginning, make sure that you understand how strong and durable the blades are, what the operating speeds are, and what extra features it has. The more you know about the machine before you buy it, the better spent your money will be at

the end of the day.


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