Foot Print Matching Activity

This easy homemade puzzle challenges toddlers and preschoolers with supplies you probably have on hand. 
Kids will love figuring out who made what prints in the play doh!

This foot print matching activity is so much fun for little ones! It gives them a quick and easy homemade puzzle that will engage toddlers and preschoolers. Mix it up with different dinos or animals for a puzzle that changes every time you play with it.

This is such an easy and fun activity for kids. It gives them a chance to be a young detective while engaging in hands on play. Parents and caregivers will love that this one is so easy to set up. All you need to do is grab a can of play doh and a few action figures.

My son was crazy about Dinosaur Train when he was little so we have a ton of these little dudes in the toy bin. My daughter has been interested in them for a few weeks, so I decided to involve the trusty Dinosaur Train friends in this puzzle to keep her exploring and learning. You can use any kind of toys you want, from dinosaurs, to super heroes or even other animals.

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Several action figure type toys
One can of play doh

Flatten out a can of play doh.
Grab a dino or action figure and press the feet into the doh. Press hard enough to make an imprint, but not so hard that the doh tears or rips. 
Repeat with other dinos or action figures.
Line up the toys and ask your child to figure out who left what set of prints.
If you want to challenge your child, you can mix the prints up, or if you want to make it a little easier for younger kids, keep the prints in a line.

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