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Spooky Pallet Sign

Need a last minute Halloween decoration? These spooky pallet signs are perfect for a quick craft that adds a lot of character to your space.

I have been making lots of stuff with pallets. From my cute reclaimed black cats, to some sweet serving trays to share with friends. I also made a slew of these spooky signs and shared them with a few neighbors.

These are so easy to make.  You need no skills and no special tools.  You can truly create them completely from scrap materials. If you are able to find scrap wood in a 12-18" size, that would ideal. If not, a hand saw or circular saw will be useful  in cutting down a pallet to the size you want to use.

An MFD board
Paint in several colors
A small paint brush
A soda tab
A screw
A screwdriver.

Place a soda tab in the center of the board, line it up so it is even with the board at the top.
Screw it in.
Flip the board over and paint it the color you desire. I went with a light orange.
Allow to dry.
When the base coat is dry, paint Spooky on the board. I did this by hand, but you can use a stencil to get perfect letters. I was going for a creepy look, and perfection wasn't needed.
When the spooky letters have dried, dip a paint brush in another color, like green, or purple.
Extending an index finger, tap the paint brush against the finger to create splatters on the sign below.
Repeat as desired.
Allow to dry before displaying.
If you are displaying outside, spray with a sealant.

Make a few in a variety of creepy phrases and decorate your space in spooktacular, splendor without spending a cent! You can make this sign in only about 15 minutes, asides from the waiting for the paint to dry. 

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