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Gifts for Guys with Beards

 Do you need a great gift idea for a guy who happens to rock an awesome beard? I have some suggestions that will keep his beard healthy and hip! From a starter kit that has everything he needs to maintain his beard, to a great shaving brush and razor for his beard maintenance. This list has some pretty great products on it that any guy would love to get as a gift!

This Beard Guyz Starter Kit has daily wash, conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm for regular beard care. They have a ton of great products on their site for beards, so browse around and find something perfect for the holidays. 

I love a good deep conditioner for my hair, so giving a guy with a beard some beard balm that is a leave in conditioner makes a lot of sense. This one from Forrester is fabulous. It leaves my husbands beard so soft and it smells really manly too. Order it from Auntee B Naturals for about $20. 

Reuzel makes an amazing line of beard care and other manly goods to keep a beard looking its best. From beard serum to beard wash and so much more. Check out their site and browse the line, you will find a lot of stuff you want to buy for all of your favorite beards! Prices start at about $10.

Guys who have beards still need great shaving products because they need to maintain their beard shape, length and so on. Fulton & Roark makes some convenient as can be aftershave wipes and shave cream that helps keep a bead in great shape! Prices start at $22.

For guys with beards that love Whiskey, check out the Classic Manhattan Collection. They make some really great smelling products for beards! From beard oils, to beard softeners, and shampoos and conditioners just for beards! Check out the collection online to order.

The Clear Confidence Company makes classic shaving brushes and razors to keep his beard well maintained and well shaped. Guys will appreciate that this is a nod to classic shaving equipment. Get the Men's Grooming Bundle for about $40.

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I hope this guide helps you find a great gift for a guy with a beard in your life.

Best Board Games to Gift

Board games make awesome gifts! They encourage family time, and any gift that pull kids away from a screen is going to be welcome by parents! I have rounded up some excellent options for gifting board games this year to help you find some new and exciting options for family game time.

Samples were provided for inclusion and photography.

Exit the Game Theft on the Mississippi is a really fun option for older kids. It involves solving riddles to discover who done it. Families will love this engaging game that is challenging and fun. Exit the Game is available in several themes, for about $15 a game.

Jabber Jaw is perfect for snow days, or anytime you need a good laugh with game play. This descriptive game is challenging and fun for kids of all ages. Order it for about $25.

Trailz is a really fun strategy game from Play Monster. This game is perfect for kids 7 and older. The players will out manuever one another to safely move their shrooms to the other side of the board with the help of some slugs. The game is unique and fun. Order it for $15.

Chicken War is a strategic guessing game that will have players 8 and older clucking for more. This fun game is engaging and entertaining. It guarantees one thing, if chickens went to war, hilarity would ensue. Order it for about $20 for a fun family game night!

Any fan of the classic film Back to the Future needs this Dice Through Time game! This is a great gift for tweens and teens. Chances are their parents are going to want to play too for  the nostalgia factor alone. In this game you will help Doc and Marty while time traveling. Order this game for about $40 for a fun winter gaming session.

PENSILLY is the super, silly drawing and guessing game! It takes creativity, teamwork and imagination to play! Grab your friends, select your cards and sketch out the clues.

Kids will find the What's Wrong With Grown Ups Game to be hilarious because, well, it is a hilarious game for the family! This game encourages creativity and curiosity in kids for a fun way to play together with cards. Order for about $25.

This is a really fun game for families because it is a race to make sense of nonsense. Laughter is sure to ensue. This would be a good game to have ready for New Years Eve! Order Incoherent Family Edition for about $25.

Grounded for Life is such a fun game! But, be warned, the answers you give just might get you grounded for life! This is great for kids of a variety of ages and is perfect for family game night! Order it for about $20.

I hope these board game ideas help you find one that you don't have already and will definitely bring a ton of fun to family game night!

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Gifts for People Who Love Coffee

 The holidays are near and that means it is time to start making a list and checking it twice to get a great gift for the coffee lovers in your life! I have been checking out some gift ideas and I found a few that I know you are going to want to check out.

Samples have been provided for inclusion. 

Tony's Coffee is an under the radar option in a world of chain coffee shops, so it feels like a delicious secret! You can get a variety of beans from the Roaster of the Year Award Winning Tony's Coffee for about $13 a bag.

There is something so special about Gaderian Coffee that you will want to share it with a coffee loving friend this holiday season. This Guatemalan blend is mouth watering! Get it in bags or pods, in a variety of roasts, for a great price of about $12 a bag. 

If you want to make a statement in terms of your gift to a a coffee lover, the EC100 Espresso Machine by Capresso speaks  volumes! This is one of the nicest espresso machines I have ever used. It is easy to operate, and no joke, it makes a better shot than my local Tim Horton's. Get this online or from fine retailers like Kohl's for under $130.

If your favorite coffee lover travels a lot, give them the gift of the best coffee possible no matter where they are, be it a desk, or hotel room, or even at home. The Pakt Coffee Kit is compact, easy to use and really makes a cup of coffee a treat. Get it for about $141 this holiday season.

Coffee always makes a nice gift, but with Rising Tides Coffee, the gift keeps on giving goodness. You can select one of three blends and your purchase will support your cause in a way that makes you feel good. Prices start at about $20 a bag.

Ciel makes a really lovely blend of coffee, that is a small batch with a wonderful aroma. Prices start at about $19 and is sure to delight your coffee loving friends and family this holiday season.

Give your favorite coffee drinker some specialty cold brew coffee and milk blended together to perfection. Cowffee is as convenient as it gets and really packs a lot of flavor! Order a 12 pack and share with some special friends and family this year!

La Promesa makes some wonderful coffee that is perfect for gifting this season. With a sweet, fruity flavor, this one one cup of coffee that will warm everyone up perfectly this winter. Order whole bean or fresh ground for about $21 a bag.

Any coffee drinker appreciates a good mug. To make an unforgettable impression why not gift a mug that is nothing short of art with the Alicia Boateng Collection Afro Glam Mug. This is seriously gorgeous! Order for $27. 

Gift the experience of a great cup of coffee from Nicaragua with the Santa Lucia Estate Coffee line. This coffee smells divine with a wonderful earthy finish that is made to savor. Order the sampler pictured above for about $30.

Explorer Cold Brew is perfect for gifting a coffee lover! These little bottles are perfect for an on the go pick me up. Simply add to water, add ice if desired and sip a really good cuppa cold brew. The bottles are adorable and can be used again if desired. Order a starter pack for about $20.

Maple Leaf Roasters offers an assortment of really good blends that make for a great gift this holiday season. We loved the Slapshot 2020 Holiday Blend with its sweet finish. Order online for about $14 a bag.

Bean and Bean Coffee Roasters have some really great beans that are roasted to perfection and ready to gift. They have a coffee and tumbler set that is perfect for any coffee lover to unwrap this holiday season. Order for $45.

I hope these suggestions help you to find a great gift for a coffee drinker on your shopping list.

Back to School Guide

This year, back to school looks different from years past for many families. Regardless of if your kids will be back in the classroom, or if the classroom is now at home, there are a few things that are bound to be useful to you, that you just don't know you need yet! I have rounded up a few of my favorite items to help get your family ready to head back to school.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it a healthy one with Pocono. Find great options that are organic, easy to make and so healthy! We loved the Cream of Buckwheat the most! Order single boxes from Amazon, or if you want to stock up they have 3 and 6 packs too.

Move over fruit snacks, Chum Fruit Bites are going to be your new favorite snack. Made with 100% fruit, and nothing artificial, these are perfect for packing in a lunch or offering as a snack break during virtual classes. Order online for about $13 a 12 pack. The Chum Fruit Bites packaging entices little kids to want a healthy treat!

Give little ones a chance to incorporate play into their lessons with TileBlox. This is a perfect addition to your homeschool classroom for STEM, or it makes a nice back to school gift for creative little builders. Get these from Magformers starting at $15. They have a great assortment of sets to choose from!

Protein Cookies are perfect for guilt free snacking. Add them to a lunch box, or let the kids grab a bag when they need a pick me up during their studies. This is one cookie you can feel good about offering as they are packed with protein! Order them, and some yummy protein puffs when they need a salty snack. Order from Shrewd Foods for about $15 a 6 pack.

Send the kids back to school in style with Lone Cone. They make some adorable backpacks that are perfectly sized for an elementary age student. You are going to love the funky prints or classic styled backpacks without so much flair. Order online for about $25. 

Give kids a hands on science lesson with this impressive and affordable kit from Thames and Kosmos. The Colorful Crystals Lab is perfect for bringing science to your homeschool, or this makes a fun way to wish kids a fun year of learning as a back to school gift. Order online for about $30.

School lunches are nothing without a tasty drink. Pack a Juicy Juice box in your kids lunch to fuel them with goodness for the rest of their day. They are also perfect for homeschool field trips. Buy from most major retailers for about $4 a pack.

Crayola is making great masks for kids and adults. We love these because they come in 5 packs and include a bag for washing. Wear a different mask everyday and keep things sanitized with these. To learn more about where and how to get these awesome mask packs visit Crayola online.

Water fountains are out, so send a big and beautiful bottle to school to keep your student hydrated. We love the 32 oz Stein Bottle by Healthy Human. They offer smaller sizes too, in so many pretty prints. Check out the selection to pick the perfect reusable water bottle for your little learners.

Fight Covid on the go with these New Essential Personal Care kits. They include gloves, alcohol pads, masks, hand soap sheets and sanitizer to keep you clean on the go. 

You are probably going to be doing more laundry than ever now that school is in session. TruEarth has eco laundry strips to help you manage that task with less waste. These are effective and easy to use, no measuring required! Order online starting at about $8.

Lone Cone makes perfectly sized lunch boxes to match those stylish backpacks mentioned above! I love that they have an interior mesh pocket for storing hand wipes, napkins and utensils. Order online from Amazon after checking out the Lone Cone website to browse the selection. Prices start at $15.

If you are homeschooling, or virtual schooling a great resource to add to your library is the Farmer's Almanac Kids edition. This little book is jam packed with facts and fun for kids. For under $9 on amazon you can grab a copy of this book to keep your kids turning the pages and learning about astronomy, birth month flowers, weather, farming and more.

I hope these suggestions help to start your school year off on the right foot! If you have a favorite back to school find for the year, I hope you tell me about it in a comment!

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Christmas in July Gift Ideas

Last week, when I made a rare visit to the retail world, I found myself buying school supplies, Halloween decorations, and a few Christmas gifts, along with our groceries and supplies. My family thought that was a little crazy, but what hasn't been just a little crazy this year? With that in mind, I have latched onto Christmas in July. It is my newest obsession!I can't wait to share a few of these fun gift ideas that I think you might want to buy now, to take the stress out of the winter holidays. 

Affiliate links and samples were provided for consideration.

If you want to give a good clean gift for the holidays, check out these super effective cleaning products from Good Green Cleaner. These are so good! You fill with water, attach the cleaner pod, give it a shake, and add a nozzle. Adding the water at home, makes these easy to store, helps reduce plastic usage with the refill pods and they really smell good. Order online for about $13 a package.

Pink MahogHany Fragrances makes a really fantastic hand sanitizer for the males in your life who don't want to smell like a flower or fruit.  This hand sanitizer is called The Wood, and it has hints of vanilla, cedar and more for a fragrant way to keep clean  on the go.

Give the gift of smooth, beautiful skin with minimal additives this year. I love Stone & Tumble Smoothing Serum. This is packed with ingredients that promote healing of the skin, like sweet almond and sunflower seed oil. Order it online for all skin types at $42 a bottle.

Girls with long hair will love showering like a girl with short hair thanks to Pony Dry. This little wrap keeps the ponytail dry for an easy shower but lets you wash your roots for cleaner hair with less dry time. Order online for about $30.

If you are expecting a new addition to your family or circle this year around the holidays, get these Sleep sacks now. Swaddle Sack and Zip Me Sack by Swaddle Designs make wonderful ways to keep baby comfy and safe when it is time to sleep. Order these online, where prices start around $22.

Give the gift of great dental hygiene with Burst oral care. This electric tooth brush has been proven to remove ten times more plaque than manual brushing. Order for under $70, and take advantage of the brush replacement subscription while you are there.

If you need a gift for an athlete, someone who loves the beach, or anyone who might need a hiding spot that they can take with them, the Bindle Bottle makes a great and super useful gift. You can unscrew the bottom of the bottle to reveal a hiding place for cash, debit cards, or even your keys. Order online for about $39 for a 20 ounce slim bottle.

While most of our lives have gone digital, there is something classy about a manual watch. This year, polish a special ladies look with a understated watch from Eila Cherie. These are fantastic because they are great quality at a modest price. For about $48 you can get the Melinda in several colors to match her style. Order online.

Anyone who has a tablet or smartphone wants to keep it safe from the unexpected, but that doesn't always happen. With the temps getting higher, more people seek out the water, and that leads to the risk of getting a pricey phone wet. Absorb-Its are these handy little pouches that can dry out your phone or tablet should the worst happen. Get these starting at about $13 online to rescue your valuables if they ever get soaked.

If you need to find a useful gift for an active person, let me recommend the Nomader bottle. I dig these because you fill it with water, then you can collapse the bottle for easy carrying when empty.  They are leak-proof and stylish. Order them online for about $25.

Give the gift of a well protected and clean cell phone with Gadget Guard. The Black Ice Screen Protectors are incredibly durable and keep your phone scratch free. The Techtonic Cleaner they offer is a must have in this climate of cleanliness. Order screen protectors, cases and cleaners online. Prices start at about $25.

Give the gift of good dental health with some vitamin enriched toothpaste. Vitamin Paste has a formula for both kids and adults and makes a great addition to your daily routine. Order online for about $5 a tube and add up to 50% more vitamins to your day.

Which of these items do you feel like would make a great gift for someone in your life?