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Holiday Gifts for Guys That They Will Love

What are you getting the guys in your life this holiday season? I don't know about you, but shopping for my husband and my father is tough. When asked, they respond that they don't really want anything, and let me tell you, that is no help when trying to shop. I gathered up some of my favorite ideas for men this holiday season and I hope this list helps you find a great gift for the special guys in your life.

Samples were provided for inclusion.

A great watch never goes out of style. Joycoast makes options that are classy and stylish, and perfect for daily wear. Wood watches are a welcome option from the smartwatch scene for guys who like to do things, like tell the time, the old fashioned way. Find comfortable wood watches for men starting at about $89.

Veppo Vape makes a good gift for someone who wants to quit smoking. Find an assortment of vapes and ecigs, as well as vapor flavors to satisfy the nicotine cravings.  The rum vape is perfect for the holidays!

Detomaso watches are the perfect holiday gift. These watches are gorgeous and make a statement when gifted. From the unique movement to the quality leather strap, this is the gift you give to someone really special. Find this style for about $175.

Gift a reader, film fanatic or traveler a scratch-able poster. These are a fun way to mark items off your to see, read and visit list while displaying them as art. Check out the collection available in the Enno Vatti amazon store. Prices are about $22 a poster.

Beavercraft makes these awesome carving kits that make the perfect gift for guys. They can learn a new skill, like carving, while relaxing and making art. This wizard kit is about $25. The easy to follow instructions make this kit a great introduction to carving.

Yellow Dot Artist makes affordable art prints that are great for gifting! I love the one pictured here. Is it a cat or a dragon? You be the judge. Browse the selection of prints, where prices start at about $15.

Groovy Groomsmen Gifts is my go to for personalized gifts that guys want to get! From money clips to useful knives with their initials, you can find a ton of great gift ideas on site. This altered carbon knife costs about $35 and is really gorgeous.

Do you know what guys need for the holidays? More power access! Accell Power makes having a place for all of your devices and electronics a reality instead of a dream. These are affordable, offer surge protection, a place to plug in cords, and even a place for usb cords, so you can power up anywhere. Find a variety of Accell power series devices to fit his needs for about $30.

CLEAR2O Personal Filters offers dual filtration for fresh and clear water ANYWHERE! This is the perfect gift for active guys who love adventure or guys who dig fresh,clear water. Check out their impressive line of filtration products to find a good fit for the guy on your shopping list.

Kore Classic Fashion belts are the perfect gift because they feature a hidden track with over 40+ sizing points, so you can adjust in 1/4" increments for a perfect fit every time. Shop Men's Casual Belts and Men's Dress Belts for work, play, or out on the town.  Order as a set, or shop buckles & belts separately. Prices start at about $50.

Rawhyde Leather makes some of the best wallets for men. These are awesome for a holiday gift because they will be used daily, and this brand has such beautiful quality and workmanship. As a bonus they are incredibly affordable! Prices start at about $20 for a nice basic wallet.

The Shower Caddy Locker by Schlocker is the perfect gift for college aged men , or any man in a shared living situation, as it gives them a secure place to store their toiletries without having to share with their roommates. This is an easy to install locker, that is affordable too. Order it from Amazon for about $30. 

I love Water to Go bottles for adventurous and active guys because these bottles are personal filtration systems on the go. Basically any water source can become a fresh water source with one of these bottles. Order one for a guy who loves to explore for about $50.

Guys who spend time looking at a screen will appreciate these blue light glasses by Jins. They reduce eye strain and look great too. For a limited time you can order a pair for FREE on their site, or find options for heavy screen users and more.

Gift great style with the V neck Sweater with Collared Shirt from Flying Point Apparel. This is perfect for wearing to holiday parties, or daily use! Order for about $80 for a look that he can rock all winter long.

After a long day at work, any guy can appreciate an on demand shiatsu neck and back massager from  ireliev. This gives a deep massage that feels awesome, anytime he wants one with or without heat. Order for about $80 for year round relief.

Bendyfigs make a great gift for guys because they can check out their favorite movie characters and relive old times as they re-enact a few scenes, if they wish too. These highly detailed figures are about $14. Find several favorite lines like Lord of the Rings, Monsters, Star Trek and more.

 Ridge Merino  wool flannel shirt jackets make the perfect gift for guys who live in cold climates because they are so toasty! They look great for regular wear and is so durable and well made it will last for years. Order for about $150.

Hawaiian Hookum: Tiki Style Ring Toss Game and Decoration makes for a great gift idea for guys because it looks awesome, and is really fun to play too. Find it on amazon for about $20, for a gift he will love to show off!

Motorola 3 in 1 smart true wireless earbuds are a fantastic gift that will get a lot of use. They are alexa/siri/google assistant enabled, produce quality sound and will set you back less than $100 for a gift that is going to get daily use. 

A laptop is always a nice gift, especially if your guy doesn’t own one or has an old machine he’s been using since forever. Get a good quality laptop with decent specs if your guy isn’t a heavy user. If he plays games or edits videos, choose a model with higher specifications. If uses his computer for work, better get him a business laptop that can keep up with his pace and work demands. 

I hope these gift ideas help you find something awesome for the men in your life this holiday season. While you are here, check out some of my favorite DIY ornaments?


Gifts for Guys with Beards

 Do you need a great gift idea for a guy who happens to rock an awesome beard? I have some suggestions that will keep his beard healthy and hip! From a starter kit that has everything he needs to maintain his beard, to a great shaving brush and razor for his beard maintenance. This list has some pretty great products on it that any guy would love to get as a gift!

This Beard Guyz Starter Kit has daily wash, conditioner, beard oil, and beard balm for regular beard care. They have a ton of great products on their site for beards, so browse around and find something perfect for the holidays. 

I love a good deep conditioner for my hair, so giving a guy with a beard some beard balm that is a leave in conditioner makes a lot of sense. This one from Forrester is fabulous. It leaves my husbands beard so soft and it smells really manly too. Order it from Auntee B Naturals for about $20. 

Reuzel makes an amazing line of beard care and other manly goods to keep a beard looking its best. From beard serum to beard wash and so much more. Check out their site and browse the line, you will find a lot of stuff you want to buy for all of your favorite beards! Prices start at about $10.

Guys who have beards still need great shaving products because they need to maintain their beard shape, length and so on. Fulton & Roark makes some convenient as can be aftershave wipes and shave cream that helps keep a bead in great shape! Prices start at $22.

For guys with beards that love Whiskey, check out the Classic Manhattan Collection. They make some really great smelling products for beards! From beard oils, to beard softeners, and shampoos and conditioners just for beards! Check out the collection online to order.

The Clear Confidence Company makes classic shaving brushes and razors to keep his beard well maintained and well shaped. Guys will appreciate that this is a nod to classic shaving equipment. Get the Men's Grooming Bundle for about $40.

While you are here, why not check out some of my DIY Christmas Ornaments.

I hope this guide helps you find a great gift for a guy with a beard in your life.

Father's Day Favorites

What are you going to get Dad for Father's Day this year? Please don't say a tie, cause I promise you he doesn't want one. He also doesn't want a hammer, and whatever you do, don't buy Dad soap on a rope. He might act like he is thrilled, but deep down he will be disappointed by any of those ideas. Instead check out some of these Dad tried and approved Father's Day Favorites.

Does Dad love to cook? Then give him a few bottles of the best olive oil that we have tried to date. Lanconiko is family made and of the utmost finest quality. My husband was crazy about the Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil as it adds so much flavor to almost any dish! Order online for about $22 a bottle.

If Dad loves a good joke, then he will consider this You're So Punny Dad joke book the holy grail of affordable father's day gifts. For under $8 you can get this from Amazon. Dad will delight you with numerous new Dad jokes in the months to come. That alone makes it a must buy book for your Dad.

Any guy who loves to be in the great outdoors can appreciate a well made hat. My husband can't say enough about this Gear Top Safari/ Fishing Hat. It is comfortable, keeps the sun off his face and looks pretty stylish too. Order it from Amazon for under $20.

Charge all of Dad's devices with ease with these awesome Defender charging products. The Dual Wireless Charger is a game changer as it can accommodate charging without the hassle of cables. Order online or find it at stores like Best Buy.

If Dad is missing out on his stint in South Florida this season, why not bring the memories and flavors of a cup of tea and a few scones to his door? My husband whimpered over these mouth watering scones! Get a sampler for about $36, delivered to your door right from Erika's Tea Room.

Who has better jokes? Dads or their kids? Why not let them challenge each other to see who gets the most laughs with this Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book. Get a copy from Amazon for about $8 for loads of laughs this summer.

If Dad likes to play games, he will welcome this super fun strategy game The Alpha by Bicycle. Give Dad the chance to unleash his inner wolf and collect the most food to win. This involving and fun game retails for about $30. Buy it online for your loads of competitive fun with your father!

Give Dad's best friend fur-ever a treat to make the day a tail wagger. We highly recommend trying the line of goodies from Bow Wow Labs. One dog digs the bully sticks. The other melts for Bow Wow Treats. Both make Dad happy to see his dogs delighted. Order online; treats are about $8 a bag or $20 a 3 pack and you can also get the bully buddy for safer bully stick chewing.

Treat Dad to something sweet with an assortment of chocolate bars from Sugarpova. We loved the Milk Chocolate with strawberry bars and also the tasty gummies! Order online or find at retailers like Target. Bars start at $3.50 and are so worth it!

Dads have lips too, so why not offer him a funny twist on moisturizing and sun protection with a Fish Slime Lip Balm assortment? Priced at about $8, this three pack of chap stick will have a smile on Dads lips for sure.

Dad will love this fuss free solution for his hair. In:dex by Dex smells really good, it gets even the sweatiest of hair clean and moisturized. As a bonus you can use it as a body wash too! Order it online for about $35, and while you are at it, check out their other products that are free of parabens, detergents and sulfates. 

Take the guesswork out of hair care for your Dad with this premium line by Masami. My husband and son are crazy about this Mekabu styling cream. It has great hold and a really pleasant smell. Order it online for about $36. 

Give Dads social life a boost with this really fun and revealing game that is all about social interactions and scandalous truths. The next time he is hanging out with his friends and they play Ask Me Anything, they are sure to have a ton of laughs. Order it online for about $30. 

Tell Dad how you really feel while giving him a great tumbler for on the go drinks. He can keep his favorite cold or hot drink at the perfect temperature with this really durable and handsome tumbler for the best dad ever from OneBttl. Order it online for about $25.

Sometimes Dad needs a chance to chill; this When Dogs Fly coloring book is the perfect way for him to relax while getting creative. This adult coloring book combines dogs and planes for a fun time that practically flies off the page. Order it from Amazon for under $15.

This Father's Day give Dad the gift of story time with this adorable book called Sometimes We Do. My kids loved hearing Dad read this book, which models positive interactions with teaching math between fathers and children.

Give Dad a step up from his standard bag of beef jerky with this nothing short of delicious Moroccan Beef Jerky. My son was crazy for this and really hated to share with his dad. So, if you have hungry boys in the house, get an extra bag! Order it online for about $9 a bag.

Take the fuss out of Dads grooming rituals with Up Front Cosmetics. They make shampoo bars that are amazing but the conditioner bars are a must have for camping, or just quick showers that don't need any packaging that ends up in a landfill. Find these and a variety of other products online, prices for the bars are about $14.

Give Dad the gift of great hair with some of the best smelling botanical shampoos, conditioners and hair care products I have ever tried. But do yourself a favor and buy some for yourself too, cause Fruity Roots is THAT GOOD! Order it online for about $14 a bottle. 

Active guys are going to love this alternative to metal rings. Groove Life has some super comfy and stylish rings that you don't have to worry about damaging. Buy a special guy in your life one, or a few for about $35. They have so many cool styles and options that he will never argue about wearing his ring again. Order online for 1 to 2 days shipping.

Alister for men makes some of the best smelling shampoos, body washes and lotions ever. Dad will bask in the fragrance and the lady in his life will dig the pheromones infused in it! Order the deluxe set for $80 and have her calling you Daddy all day long.

If you have a favorite idea for Father's Day, I hope you will tell me about it in a comment! Which is your favorite idea on this list?