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Reclaimed Farmhouse Joy Sign

This farmhouse joy sign was made entirely from reclaimed materials to add a festive touch to your home.

I have been making a ton of things with pallets. From creepy Halloween signs, wooden black cats and even some fun pallet Christmas trees that I am going to share with you soon. I knew exactly what I wanted to make the last time I tore apart some pallets. Rustic and charming farmhouse holiday signs.

These reclaimed farmhouse joy signs are so easy to make.  They add a festive touch to your space or are perfect for gifting. Plus, they are so budget friendly you can make dozens for a dollar!

This is a really easy project. Gather some supplies, finding inspiration in trash.

Supplies for one sign

One pallet board section
One pop tab
One screw
One penny nail
One Christmas Bauble
Paint Brush

I cut one pallet board into 4 smaller boards, just big enough to proclaim my message, Joy.
I pulled tabs off of empty soda cans for my method of hanging.

Line up the soda tab so that it is even with the board. 
Place the screw in the small hole and tighten.

In the center of the other side of the board, place the penny nail. Drive it in half way.

Paint the board in the color of your choice. 

After the board is dry, place a Christmas bauble over the nail. Add a bead of glue to secure and allow to dry.

Use stencils, or with another color of paint, freehand  your letters J and Y. Allow to dry.

Now you can display your Joy sign, or share it with a friend this holiday season.

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Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

These reclaimed wood black cats are so cute! Best of all they are easy to make too! 

Over the summer I stopped by my local recycling center to drop of plastics and guess what they had? Stacks and stacks of pallets! For Free! I brought as many as could fit in the back of the SUV home and have been going back a few times a month to get more. I am loving the crafts I can make without having to spend any money with a pallet board!

I was inspired to make some cute black cats from my reclaimed wood because I need new decor. To make a long and sad story short, all of my holiday decor was ruined in a wet basement. I am starting from scratch this year.

So, instead of getting super stressed or pulling out a credit card to replace right away, I asked my husband to cut a few pallets down for me. I started creating some fun little things. I love that I have one of a kind unique decor now. I can't wait to make more. But, we will get into all of that in another post. For now, let's get to how I made these.

Supplies for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

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Pallet boards in assorted sizes
A wood saw
Black Plaid Paint
White Paint
Halloween Ribbon
Fake Flies, Spiders, Bugs
e6000 adhesive
a small paint brush and a medium paint brush

Directions for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats

Cut down the pallets to desired size. I used 12",10" and 5" boards.

I used a small hand saw to cut a v into the end of each board.

Paint the boards with black paint and allow to dry.

Using the end of a  small paint brush (not the brush end) dipped in white paint, create the eyes.

Dot black into the center of the eye and push up then down to create the pupils.
Allow to dry.
Cut a length of ribbon to wrap around the board. Glue this on as the collar.
Glue a fly, bug or spider to the collar where the ribbon meets.
Allow to dry.
If you plan to display outdoors it would be a good idea to seal these with a clear coat .

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Shop the supplies for Reclaimed Wood Black Cats:
I am an amazon affiliate. If you make a purchase, I earn a small advertising fee.