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10 Baby Items You Won't Need

When I found out I was pregnant with my son Roo I was ecstatic. One of the things I was interested in was the birth process! You can learn more about the hypnobirthing technique like I did. I did a lot of shopping for baby gear before my baby shower and I ended up with a ton of baby items I absolutely didn't need, and I used many of them once if ever. When I found out I was expecting again I had a good idea of what things I would not need. I am going to share a list of baby items you really don't need to help you save money when you are shopping for a baby shower or your own little bundle of joy.

A baby wipe warmer- I received a baby wipe warmer as a shower gift. I thought what a cool idea and couldn't wait to set it up I envisioned my son being blissful when a perfectly warm wipe touched his skin...Then he arrived and I found I was never changing a diaper in the same place. I became a master of changing diapers in any location. The pads in the warmer dried out super fast and it mostly sat around using electricity. Save your money on this item, it is really not needed.

Baby Blankets- I saw so many cute blankets that I couldn't resist buying about a dozen for Roo. Then I had a baby shower and received 9 handmade blankets and 10 adorable mass produced blankets. We had so many baby blankets that I ended up giving 5 away right off the bat. We had so many blankets in the end that my son only used a few of them once or twice. We didn't need to buy any blankets for Harper as we had so many and friends and family have offered her handmade blankets also. Save your money, don't buy any blankets until after your baby shower. Really you need no more than 6 blankets in my opinion.

Toys that are aimed at newborns- Let's face it, we can't resist buying some of this baby stuff because it is cute! Toys are no exception. With Roo he had so many toys at birth that it was crazy. People that aren't familiar with babies will buy them toys at birth (or so it seems) then act very disappointed when baby isn't playing with them right away. If you need to buy toys stick with teethers, rattles and similar items. You are better off to buy toys for future play. Think the 3-6 month age range.

Clothes from the previous season- I have a well meaning relative that works retail. She buys up all of the kids clothes she can for my family at prices as low as $1 per piece. This always makes me feel bad! She might bring 20 items to us from the previous season. My infant daughter cannot wear a 3-6 month tank top and short set when it is January. Before she could wear it she will have outgrown it and that is a waste of money from the well meaning loved one. If you are going to buy off season clothes, think how big will the child be when it is spring? And buy a bigger size than what the child is currently wearing.

Infant towels- these are cute, who can resist tiny little towels?! But really they are so thin and flimsy they are not super effective for drying a baby. You can use your bath towels on baby, it will be okay!

Tummy Time Mats- These are cute and look fun too, but you can save at least $30 by not getting one. Put one of the lovely baby blankets you have to use. Offer baby a few of those toys you couldn't resist or were given as a gift. A rattle, a large inflatable ball  or a child safe mirror will do the trick of engaging the child while he or she is getting tummy time.

Pacifier Wipes- You think you are going to use these. You have good intentions. Then you realize how busy you are, you forget about them. These are a novel idea but in my opinion, they are not worth the money. 

Diaper Genie- I am sorry the idea of a huge container of soiled diapers just grosses me out. Plus, this is just silly! Just throw the diapers away with your garbage and save your money. The refills on these are too expensive anyhow.

Baby Powder- this smells nice, don't get me wrong, but my pediatrician told me not to use it, it is like rubbing sandpaper on delicate skin and can cause breathing problems if inhaled. He said frequent changes and use of diaper ointment when needed are better options for baby.

Baby Shoes- my daughter is 6 weeks old. She has 8 pairs of shoes for the 0-3 month size. She has at least 3 pairs of each size of shoe until she is about 18 months old... don't get caught up in this style game! One pair, maybe 2 if you can't resist of each size is more than enough. Shoes are really unneeded considering baby cannot walk.

I hope this list helps you save money on items for baby. I would love to hear from you, what items did you have that you found to be completely unnecessary?

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5 Ways To Save On Your New House Windows

5 Ways To Save On Your New House Windows
Windows are an integral part of a house which enhances the curb appeal, brighten up your home’s
interior and save a great amount on energy bills. Good choice of windows is extremely important
especially when you go for replacement windows or buying them for your new house. There are various
factors that you should keep in mind while staying within your budget. It’s not like you have to pay
expensive bills to get energy-efficient and best windows, there are several ways which can help you in
saving money on your new house windows. Read further to know these ways.
1. Don’t Get Additional Features in Windows
Some window companies have this strategy of attracting customers by showcasing them the additional
(most of them are useless. features that you can get in the windows. Many customers think of it as a
great and innovative thing but these are just the ways of making money. So, in order to save money on
windows, make sure you don’t go for any futile features that add more digits in the payment receipt. 
2. Get Bids from Various Companies 
Once you visit a window market, you would see an overwhelming number of window companies out
there with different window prices. The stupidity would be to visit a single company and sign a contract
with it without caring if it is as per your desire or not. A pro tip is to visit different companies, tell them
exactly what you are looking for, share your budget with them and get their offers. After you have
gathered quotes and offers from various companies, sit down and compare each one with others. At
last, pick the one that you think is the most reasonable with all your demanded requirements. 
3. Negotiate 
Never underestimate the power of negotiation. Whichever company you choose to get your windows
made from, don’t just give the amount that the contractor asked you for. Negotiate the double glazing
cost with them properly and calmly, you never know if they can give you a discount. Moreover, you can
also ask for some deals or packages as that helps a lot in saving some money on windows. 
4. Don’t Choose a Complicated Style 
More complicated the style, the more expensive it is. So, stick to a standard but appealing style of the
windows. If you are thinking about the curb appeal of your house, you can spruce it up with other ways
as well. Go for a simple but stunning piece of windows as they are low on cost as compared to the
stylish ones. 
5. Install the Windows Yourself 
Window contractors can charge so much money just to install windows in your house, especially if the
house is new. So, do some basic research on how to install windows, grab all the necessary tools and
start the work along with all precautionary measures. 
Add beauty to your house by adding beautiful yet cost-saving windows by following these simple ways
and save a valuable amount of money from your budget.

How to Save Money for Christmas


Photo by Joslyn Pickens 

When the Christmas season rolls around it is a time for gift-giving. However, before you go ahead and start spending, it is a good idea to try to save. 

With inflation rising, it's best to try to keep spending as minimal as possible. Here's a closer look at how you can control your spending this holiday season.

Create a Budget

The first step to saving money is to create a budget for the holiday season. First, write the names of all the people you want to buy gifts for and then decide how much money you want to spend on each of their gifts. 

This is an easy way to immediately control your spending. Once you have finished allocating the amount you want to spend, you can then calculate your expenditure. 

It might also be a lot more fun to try to fit the gifts you buy into the amount that you set for each person, instead of the other way around. Remember that getting gifts is simply a way to help us learn about the true meaning of Christmas. In the end, it's the thought that comes.

Use a Tracker

If you always have your phone with you a good idea will be to start using a tracker to keep your spending down this holiday season. It can be easy to say that you will think about how much you are spending in January. 

However, when January rolls around you will likely regret that you have spent so much. Getting an app on your phone to assist you with keeping track of your spending in real-time, is a good idea so that you can avoid regrets.

Start Shopping Early

One of the best things you can do is to start shopping as early as possible. The earlier you start shopping the less likely it is that you will overspend. 

Don't wait until the week of Christmas or the day before Christmas to start trying to find gifts. You are likely to end up having to buy things at more expensive prices. Take advantage of Black Friday deals and cyber week sales.

Combine Orders

If you decide to shop online you should consider combining your orders to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Buying all your gifts at one time and then getting them shipped out at once is the best way to avoid high shipping costs when you are purchasing gifts online.

Stay Off Your Credit Cards

Another thing you can do is try to stay off your credit cards during this time. Try to use cash instead. 

This is where making a budget becomes critical. You can then pull all the cash that you need at once.

Once that cash runs out your spending is done. Do not carry your credit cards with you when you go shopping. This will make it even easier for you not to use them if you run out of cash.

Set Up a Dedicated Christmas Account

If you typically have a lot of people you need to give gifts to at Christmas, you can set up a dedicated Christmas account. You can start putting funds in it from January so that at the end of the year you will have a good stash of cash ready to buy Christmas gifts. 

The good thing about having a separate account is that you get a debit card for that account. It helps you to separate your money. Even if you don't save in the account every month, you can decide on your budget for Christmas spending, put all the money into that account and then use your debit card. 

Shop All Year

Yes, you are trying to save money, but if you start your Christmas shopping a little bit every month by the end of the year you will already have a special gift ready for everyone.

Take advantage of all the sales that happen throughout the year and purchase something whenever you can. By the end of the year, you will have saved money and avoided the Christmas shopping rush.

Get the Gifts You Need

Getting gifts for the people you love at Christmas is critical. You don't want to disappoint anybody. However, gift-giving can rack up some very high bills. It's always a good idea to be as prepared as possible so that you can save as much money as you can for the new year. 

6 Things Not To Bargain Shop For

6 Things Not To Bargain Shop For

We all love a good bargain. Saving money is awesome and unless you are one of the nearly 500 billionaires in the United States, it is often a necessity.  As the financial adviser in my family, I try my best to get the most bang for my buck on every purchase. I check ebates to see if I can earn cashback.  I use my paypal debit card to purchase nearly everything I buy because I earn 1% cashback each month, which adds up! I look for sales, coupons and discounts. I even shop the closeout stores like Big Lots and Ollie's Bargain Outlet. Who doesn't like buying stuff at a lower cost?

In all of my attempts to save money, I have discovered things you should not scrimp on. Things that are just worth the cost in the long run. I want to share these suggestions with you to help you in your attempts to save as much as you can.

I say buy something good for several good reasons. One your clothes are meant to last. Washing them in something like the brand from Dollar Tree is going to take a toll on your clothes. You can take my word for this. I bought a new pair of jeans, washed them in the cheap cheap LA Awesome (or something like that) brand exclusively. Ya know what? In 6 months time the denim was so worn and threadbare all over that I was afraid to go outdoors in them for fear they might just fall apart! I bought a new pair of jeans to replace the holy than thou pair and went back to Tide... same brand of jeans, same style. That was 5 years ago... I still have the 2nd new pair today. Secondly, your clothes should look and smell good after washing them. A cheap detergent is mostly water, it just can't do the job as well as Tide.

2. Deodorant
This should be a no brainer. Buy something good, don't try to save money here... cause no one wants to smell your attempts to save money on a hot summer day....

3. Pet Food
If you can't afford to feed a pet quality food, you shouldn't have a pet. Feeding off brands of food, such as EverPet, will lead to health issues. Pets deserve to be cared for in many ways, but their diet is vital to the overall health and well being of any pet. 

I have bought cheap trash bags before and ended up picking my trash up off the lawn as the bag rips, tears or whatever on the way to the curb. No fun, not worth saving $2 in my opinion.

5. Shoes
I think buying quality footwear is important. Not only do your feet feel better in great shoes, but they are safer. When my son was about 18 months old and on the go, go, go we found a great deal on a pair of well known kids shoes. I jumped on them. Days later I realized why they were so affordable... the hard way. The sole of the shoe detached, causing my toddler to fall and he got a black eye out of it. Since that moment, no more bargain buys on shoes. Find the new air force 1 here.

6. Pillows
I am not saying you need to spend a few hundred on a great pillow, but invest in one that is going to give you a good quality of sleep. I use a Technogel pillow. I love it. I can't sleep without it, without waking up in pain or exhausted. A good pillow is an investment in your quality of life. 

Do you have any items to add to this list? What do you think you should buy without bargain hunting?

How To Save Money on Back to School Clothes

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about getting the kids ready for another round of school in the fall. With that, usually comes a whole new wardrobe which can be a drain on your budget, especially if you have lots of little ones to shop for! Here are some tips for saving money on school clothes this fall.
How to Save Money on School Clothes

Make a budget. This seems pretty obvious, but if you are able to make a budget, you won’t find yourself in trouble when you realize you spent too much later.
Don’t discount thrift stores. They can often be sources of new or very gently used clothing. Many times, the tags are still attached. You can find brands names, too.
Start shopping early as many early sales start in July or the beginning or August. If you can’t make it then, try to go right after school starts and catch the “leftover sales” when there will be discounts on stuff that is over stocked. Make sure that you are also checking sites like Raise regularly to see if there are any coupons and codes available to help you save some money at the places you like to shop.
Convert summer clothes into cool weather clothes with just a couple modifications. For instance, polo tops and tees are great for any time of the year with a little layering and skirts go great with leggings. You can also shop end of season sales on summer clothing and make outfits with layers you buy for them.
Buy some basics and dress them up with accessories. Leggings and tunic tops for girls are great and plain t-shirts and separates are good for boys. Add in some belts, vests, scarves and jewelry to mix and match.
See what you have from last year that still fits and do an update by purchasing separates that go with them to fill in the gaps.
Hold a clothing swap. Do you have friends or neighbors with kids just a couple years older or younger than your own? Hold a back to school clothing swap and trade each other outfits for the upcoming school year. Not only will you save loads of money, but you will have extra closet room for new stuff when you get rid of your old stuff.
While at the thrift store, donate some of your old stuff. Many times, thrift stores offer coupons that give you a percentage off or a dollars off amount for every bag of clothing you donate to them to be used at a later date. Donate now and shop later for what you need.
Whatever you do, don’t sign up for new store credit card offers that give you a percentage off at the register just for signing up and charging your first purchase. You will come to regret that and many people end up spending far more money than they were going to by getting trapped in this offer.
Let your kids know up front that you won’t be spending a lot of money. If they are old enough, let them know what your budget is. If you can fit it in, allow one splurge item each.
Check out daily deals websites for savings on store credit. Many times, you can get some store credit at stores like sears for a discounted price on these types of websites.

4 Reasons to Be More Tech Literate If You Work From Home 

As fun and refreshing as working remotely can be, it can also come with its share of issues. You don’t get the same camaraderie with your houseplants as you do with your coworkers, at least most of the time, anyway. But another significant issue is tech issues. No matter who you are, tech issues can occur at any time, and it’s usually when you want them to happen the least. As you don’t have tech support on hand, it benefits you to be as tech literate as possible. 

It Will Save You Money 

Tech repair companies have a wealth of specialist knowledge that drives people to run to them whenever they have a computer problem. However, these can sometimes be costly, especially if you factor in parts and labor after the initial consultation. 

Knowing what to do if your startup disk is damaged or if your battery capacity has dropped significantly can save you a lot of money. You can repair and replace these issues by yourself by following helpful videos online. 

It Will Save You Frustration

A damaged device is bound to cause frustration. It could be too slow or it may struggle to stay connected to your wifi. Rather than consider whether it’s worth throwing your laptop out of the window (it isn’t) you should learn how to diagnose and fix these common problems to ensure you can avoid any downtime. 

There may be some issues that are entirely out of your control, but if you know you can do everything possible to avoid common problems, you won’t have as much to worry about. 

It Keeps Your Information Safe 

Everyone thinks they are smart enough to spot a scam when they see it, but the reality is far different. Many people still fall victim to common online scams or tricks, so knowing how to recognize phishing emails among other threats is crucial. 

The more you know about what type of scams to look out for, the less likely you are to fall for one. It only takes one careless mistake to put all of your personal (as well as family and client) information at risk, so make sure you are careful. 

You Can Help Your Kids 

It isn’t just you that will benefit from being more tech literate. Learning about computers can also help your kids once they are old enough for you to feel comfortable about encouraging them to use technology for almost anything in their lives. 

By teaching your kids the basics of computer maintenance and repair, you ensure they are more prepared than you were at their age. This could even spark a passion for computers that directs them into a career where they will thrive. 

Tech Smart 

You don’t need to know how to take your computer apart and put it back together, but knowing a little more than the average person will save you time, money, and frustration and even give you the chance to pass your knowledge on to your kids. By getting to know your devices, you will be more confident and comfortable and never need to worry about downtime again. 

10 Life Hacks That Will Be Useful at the University

Learning is not easy. You will need to complete tons of academic assignments, pass tests and exams, learn late at night, and sometimes feel stuck with your studies. Moreover, some students have a part-time job, while others might dedicate plenty of time to professional sports. How can you cope with all these difficulties? We’ve collected a list of life hacks that will help you survive in a challenging university environment. Here is what you should know about how to become a successful student in no time. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help 

Any learning path is full of challenges. If you feel you can’t cope with a particular academic assignment, it’s time to ask for help. The first thing you can do is to ask the university professor to explain the topic once again. If you still find your task too difficult, it might be a good idea to get professional college paper help online. This way, you can get even the most complicated academic assignment done within the shortest terms. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, feel free to use this speedy paper discount to get the best price for your paper. Most students believe that online writing services are true life-savers of their academic performance. 

Take Care Of Your Physical Well-Being 

Your productivity significantly depends on your physical condition. If you want to be a successful and happy student, pay attention to your sleep and eating habits. Having a crazy party three or more times per week sounds great, but it might lead to sleep disorders. As for the diet, it is better to consume more vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Although it might sound boring, pizza and coke will not make you feel healthy for a long time. By the way, don’t forget about doing physical exercises, too. 

Pay Attention To Your Mental Health 

Feeling exhausted, anxious, or depressed is a common condition for many students. However, this is not normal. If you face any of these symptoms, it’s time to take a break and consult your physician. There are many treatments available nowadays, from traditional counselling to ketamine infusions., it is better to prevent these conditions than treat them later. 

Create A Network 

Studying at the university is not only about learning. You will need to establish contacts, meet new friends, and expand your network. In other words, it’s time to boost your communication skills. This simple trick will help you solve tons of academic issues and might even allow you to get a fantastic job in the future. 

Try To Work In Different Fields

Having a job when studying at the university is not for everyone since it is usually too difficult. However, if you are among those students who don’t mind having a job during studies, it is better to try working in different industries. This simple trick will help you understand which niche is the best one for you and get the job of your dreams after graduation.

Learn How To Manage Your Time

What is the most common problem of many modern students? It is an inability to manage their time effectively. Thousands of learners fail to meet deadlines because they are constantly distracted by their smartphones and other gadgets. During studies, one of your purposes is to polish your skills in planning, scheduling, and time management. 

Dedicate Time For Hobbies 

Learning at university is not a reason to quit your hobbies. You are expected to learn a lot, but you still need to have some free time. Having a hobby can help you refresh your mind, calm down, and become even more productive during learning. 

Buy eBooks Or Second-Hand Books 

Most students usually have very limited budgets. If you want to save money easily, the best solution is to buy eBooks or second-hand books rather than newly printed ones. This simple trick will help you save over $700 per year and spend money on something more important. 

Listen To The Lectures Everywhere

You can save tons of time by listening to the lectures using your headphones in public transport or when waiting in a queue. It’s time to switch off your music and improve your knowledge on particular topics in an easy and convenient way. You will be amazed by how much time you can save with this easy trick! 

Don’t Give Up 

The process of learning might seem extremely challenging from time to time. However, don’t give up learning! You will pass through all the difficulties with your studies if you continue to be persistent and confident. Graduation is just around the corner! 

We hope our university life hacks will help you make your student life easier and more comfortable. The most important things are to sleep well, follow your diet, and pay attention to your physical and mental conditions. Don’t forget to expand your network and ask for help if necessary. 


What Are Food Processors and How They Work

 Food processors are designed to save time, save money, and make food prep and cooking more fun. When it was first invented as “the Starmix” by German company Electrostar in 1946, the machine looked more like a blender, but already came with add-on attachments for slicing bread and milk centrifuges. 

The company behind Starmix focused on vacuum cleaners, so French catering company salesman Pierre Verdon had the market to himself. He already had Robot-Coupe (restaurant-level, commercial scale food processor) when he released the compact for home-use Le Magi-Mix in Paris in 1971. In the U.S., American engineer and inventor Carl Sontheimer refined Verdon's machines to produce the Cuisinart… and the rest was history.

How do Food Processors Work?

Food processors are equipped with a motor, a plastic bowl, and cutting blades attached to the shaft (near the bottom of the bowl). These blades/disks, which are replaceable, can shred, slice, cut or do any task the disk is designed for with every spin of the processor. 

The food processor is closed with a lid (usually with an open feeding tube where you’ll drop ingredients gradually). Most come with a pusher, so you could assist the food processor to shred or slice the ingredient. 

Food processors are super user-friendly and safe to use. All of them have safety features that prevent the motor from operating if the bowl isn’t properly attached, or if the lid isn’t closed shut. 

Many Ways to Use Food Processors

Now that you have a bit of background about the food processor’s origin and design, let me introduce to you the many ways you can use this kitchen appliance to your advantage. 

  • Sauce and condiments. People who use food processors regularly almost always can do many condiment staples from scratch. You can make your own hummus, pesto, salad dressings (like vinaigrette and Caesar’s dressing), as well as mayonnaise, salsa, and all types of dips your heart desires. 

  • Homemade baby food. If you can’t find baby food with a list of ingredients that fits your requirements, the food processor can be the best tool for making any pureed food for your baby. From veggies to fruits, soups, and all other “first food” to give your baby, you’ll find that most homemade recipes use a food processor to turn regular food into baby food. 

  • Big-batch cooking. Whether you have a large household and feed a lot of people on the daily, or you have a catering business on the side, cooking for big batches can get tiring real quick especially if you’re cooking recipes with a lot of ingredients. If you need to slice or grate kilos of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, brussel sprouts, yams, potatoes, and other veggies, it would be dramatically quicker to do it on a food processor.

  • Sausages, burger patties and other ground meat products. Although food processors technically cannot “grind” meat, they do mince ingredients absolutely well thanks to their sharp blades. Except for those with bones in them, food processors can cut through almost any kind of meat from beef to pork, veal to chicken, and even salmon and other types of fish. 

  • Low carb or KETO recipes. If you’re trying to get healthy, getting a food processor will help you make cauliflower or broccoli rice in a flash. Turn nuts and oats into your own homemade flour that you can use to make all kinds of gluten-free recipes. You can even grind nuts and oats then mix them with honey or coconut flakes for your own energy bars with zero sugar.

  • Homemade breadcrumbs. You can make your own crumbs with added herbs and spices only when you need them, so the breadcrumbs are fresh and tasty without any preservatives.

  • Nut butters. If your household empties jars and jars of peanut butter and almond butter, you can save a ton of money if you use your food processor to make them yourself. You just need the butter, your choice of sweetener, and a bit of oil or water to blend with your mashed nut. 

  • Any baked good that requires kneading. Most food processors come with a kneading accessory, which allows you to use the kitchen appliance as a stand mixer. Meaning, you can easily create pasta dough, pizza dough, or any kind of bread is possible without manually kneading the dough. That’s a lot of effort and muscle power saved with every recipe you try.

If you only have a budget for one countertop kitchen appliance, make it the food processor since it could definitely make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. It’s ideal for people  on-the-go who loves to do makeahead meals, eat healthier, save money on groceries, and just about anyone who is trying to try out new recipes. 

Baby on a Budget: 10 Tricks to Save Money with a Newborn

Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive – whilst there are certain costs that are necessary, it’s possible to still give your baby everything it needs on a modest budget. Here are a few tricks for saving money on a newborn baby.

Know the things you need – and the things you don’t need

There are a lot of baby products that are essential, and a lot of baby products that are a waste of time and money. For example, you don’t really need a changing mat and you certainly don’t need a changing station. You can bath your infant without a baby bath, and you can keep bottles clean without a steriliser. And whilst most parents will endeavour with baby shoes since they look cute, your baby isn’t really going to need them until they start walking. Other useless items include wipe warmers, baby cologne, baby hairbrushes and pacifier wipes.

Save your money for the things that matter such as diapers, bottles, wipes, clothes, a cot and car seat. It’s worth noting that there are some bits of baby kit that are useful, but never get bought. A travel cot for example is useful for staying round other people’s homes, whilst a baby sling can be useful for tackling pram-unfriendly terrain or simply doing housework whilst keeping your baby close.

Shop second-hand

Buying second hand is always a lot cheaper than buying brand new. A lot of mothers will be selling prams and cots and other baby items online for cheap. You’re best off buying locally using platforms such as Facebook and Gumtree – this allows you to pick up the item in person and get a good idea of its condition before buying it. Sites like eBay can have great deals, but you’ll have to put your trust in a picture because there’s no way of seeing the product in person first.

Some baby items being sold second-hand may even be unused. This is often the case with baby clothes – new parents often end up getting lots of newborn clothes, but some babies can grow out of this size in the first week (others are born so large that they never get to wear any of these clothes). This can be a great way of saving money on clothes.

Accept hand-me-downs

Parents or older siblings may have hung onto items that could be of use. They may even be willing to give you these items for free. Don’t reject these hand-me-downs if you think they could come in use. Of course, you do need to be careful with really old products – an old car seat may not even be legal under today’s health and safety laws. Don’t forget to also turn to friends who may have had babies as they too many have items that they can give you.

Throw a baby shower
Baby showers are excellent opportunities to receive baby-related gifts. You’re certain to get a few impractical gifts, however there’ll be a few useful gifts such as blankets, bibs and diapers. If your friends are unsure as to what to buy you for your baby shower, don’t be afraid to request certain gifts that you need. Your friends would much rather buy something that you need than splash out on something unnecessary. You could even get people to all give you money or you could get them all to chip in and buy something big that you need such as a pram or a car seat.

Consider convertible products

Some items are convertible allowing them to be used for different ages and helping you to get more use out of them. For instance, there are cot beds with different height settings, some of which can eventually be converted into a small bed – this could allow these cots to grow with your baby rather than having to buy separate sized cots as they get older. You can also buy convertible prams that start off as regular prams and can later be converted into strollers. Try to look for products that come with all the extras so that you’re not having to buy these accessories separately. For example, many prams comes with a waterproof cover to protect your baby in the rain, whilst some even come with a cupholder. You’ll pay more for the well-known brands – if you’re willing to be less brand conscious, you could find yourself a convertible pram or cot that’s just as good quality at a much cheaper price.


Whilst breastfeeding may not be for everybody, there’s no denying that it’s the cheaper option. Those that go down the formula-fed route will soon realise how much it adds up, even if you are opting for the powder over the premade formula – you could be spending up to $20 a week. Of course, there are pieces of extra kit that you may want to buy when breastfeeding such as breast pumps and nursing pillows, but even with these purchases you’re still likely to save money compared to feeding your baby on formula. You’re best off attending breastfeeding classes before your due date to give you a good idea of whether breastfeeding is for you.

Make your own baby food

When your infant eventually moves onto solid food, you could save money by making your own baby food. If you’ve got a blender, it’s possible to make your own purees using vegetables such as carrots, peas and butternut squash. You can also easily mash up bananas and serve these as a sweet treat. You’ll find many recipes online for DIY baby foods using basic ingredients at your local shop. These foods are likely to be just as healthy and a lot cheaper to make than buying baby food brands.

Buy stuff in bulk

You can also save money on many baby supplies by buying them in bulk. This includes formula milk, wipes and diapers. Your local supermarket may only offer small packs of these items, so you may have to go online or visit a wholesaler to find the larger bulk packs. Be wary of buying too much of certain products – you don’t want to buy too many of one size diaper only for your infant to grow out of that size the next week.

Make use of coupons

You can get also get huge discounts on baby stuff by using coupons. There are many coupon sites where you can find free voucher codes. Alternatively, you could try signing up to baby brand mailing lists – these companies may send you discounts via email. Coupons often have an expiry date, so make sure you use them before it’s too late.

Convince a friend/family member to babysit

There will be times when you need someone to look after your little one. Rather than forking out money on a babysitter, consider asking a friend or family member. In most cases, friends or family members will be willing to look after your baby for free. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for someone to babysit on a regular basis whilst you are at work, you could consider using a mix of friends and family and occasionally hiring a babysitter to fill when this isn’t possible. Even if a friend or family member wants payment for this service, you shouldn’t have to charge as much as you would for a full-time babysitter.