6 Ways To Keep People Dancing All Night At Your Wedding

On your wedding day and night, you probably want to make sure that all of your guests have the most
amazing time. One way to do that? Keep people dancing all night long! Dancing releases endorphins,
and if your guests feel like dancing all night you can pretty much guarantee they’ll have a night that they
won’t soon forget. Below, you’ll find 6 ways to keep people dancing all night at your wedding. Take a

  1. Have A Comfortable Area Where People Can Rest For A While
Although you want your guests to dance all night long, they’ll need a rest at some stage. Make sure you
have a comfortable area where they can rest for a while, and they’ll be able to rest and recuperate before
getting up and busting another move! 

2. Provide Alternative Footwear
This is a great shout, especially for the ladies. You could have some cool colored socks, or flip flops to
give to the women whose feet are hurting them. It always seems like a good idea to wear heels to a
wedding until your feet are killing! This way, they’ll have no excuse not to get up and dance. Plus, they’ll
have a nice little souvenir from the big day. 

3. Make Sure There’s No Shortage Of Drinks 
The dance floor shouldn’t be too far from the bar, as you’ll have people missing from the floor all night if
this is the case. It could be a good idea to have wait staff bring tea and coffee after dinner to perk
everybody up a little - this is a good idea, especially for those who may be drinking alcohol. Weddings
take up a lot of the day, and people can end up drinking a little too much alcohol. 

4. Choose Your Music Carefully 
For people to dance, you need to have the right kind of music available. This could be a DJ, or you could
choose the best wedding bands Essex has to offer. Whatever you do, make sure you speak with them
beforehand to get a good idea of what they can play and how they get people up on the floor. You’ll want
to discuss the music you like, and anything you definitely don’t want to be played. However, it’s a good
idea to take their advice if they have some, as they have likely seen a lot of weddings before yours! 

5. Show Them How It’s Done 
If you want people to dance, you need to dance too! Show your guests how its done by getting your
groove on. Get people up and in a good mood by coming up with choreography for your first dance as
man and wife. 

6. Make Sure Your Dance Floor Is The Right Size 
If your dance floor is too small, people won’t want to dance. If it’s too big, it’ll look empty no matter what.
Make sure you carefully consider the size of the dance floor when booking the venue. 

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