12 Dog Beds to DIY

Charles Schulz said "Happiness is a warm puppy." And he couldn't have been more spot on. Dogs bring so much joy to our lives and make such wonderful additions to the family!

At our house, the dogs have added a layer to family life. Wagging tails, long walks, enthusiastic friendship are a few of the perks. But there is a downside, the dogs are couch, bed and chair hogs! They are happiest curled up someplace cushy for a nap.

Yea, we need a big doggy bed! So I rounded up 12 of my favorite ideas to share with you for dog beds to diy! I love how simple yet stunning these are!

Elegant Upcycled Small Breed Bed by Diva of DIY
Princess Pet Bed by Morena's Corner
Pillow Pet Bed by Designers Sweet Spot
End Table Dog Bed by Domestic Imperfection
Packing Fabric Dog Bed by DIY Danielle
Recycled Tire Dog Bed by Practically Functional
Doll Dog Bed by My Repurposed Life
Basket Bed by My Pinterventures
Crate Bed for Small Dogs by The Inspired Hive
Drawer Dog Bed by My Repurposed Life
Envelope Pet Bed by Susy's Sitcom
Table Dog Bed by Diva of DIY

If you have an idea for a DIY dog bed, I would love to hear about it in a comment!

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