11 Truffles to Make

The path to my heart is paved with decadent things; soft pillows, sweet smelling flowers,  a warm animal to pet and truffles are a few of the things that can turn me to a puddle of mush!

This holiday season I have intentions to make and share some amazing truffles with my friends and family. You know what they say about intentions, so it is debatable whether my truffles will actually be shared, or if I will over indulge and then act like I didn't make any... HA!

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I found some amazing truffle recipes that sound fantastic! I can't decide if I should make one, two, or all of them!

Fudge Round Truffles by Shaken Together Life
Oreo Buckeye Truffles by Baking Beauty
Dark Chocolate Pistachio Truffles by Kleinworth & Co
Pumpkin Cookie Truffles by Club Chica Circle
Dulche De Leche Truffles by Thrifty Diva
Mudball Truffles by Creations by Kara
Red Velvet Truffles by Create Craft Love
Mint Oreo Truffles by Simplistically Living
Brazilian Coconut Truffles by DIY Candy
Milk Chocolate Truffles by Savory Experiments
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles by Who Needs a Cape

Which of these sound the best to you? If you have a favorite truffle recipe please give me the scoop in a comment!


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