5 Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

5 Tips To Organize A Small Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house. Because this is where you’ll cook and
prepare meals for your friends and family, it’s vital that you keep this area clean and clutter-free. You don’t
want to serve meals which will only make your family sick, right? Organizing is key for you to enjoy a
clean and sanitary kitchen all year long. The more organized your kitchen is, the safer the area will be for

Regardless if you just move to a new house with the help of NYC Moversor if you are living in the same house for years, you need to prioritize the cleanliness of your kitchen.
Here are some tips to help you organize a small kitchen:

1. Purge, purge and purge some more

Every item in your kitchen is your investment. More often than not, you’ve spent a lot of money on buying
your kitchen appliances, cooking ware and utensils. This is especially true if you’re someone who loves to
spend time in their kitchens. However, even if you paid a lot of money in buying these things, it doesn’t
mean that you have to keep all of them. Since you have limited space, it’s important that you dispose of
items that are damaged or no longer in use.

Go through all of your kitchen items and assess which among these are no longer usable. Are you still
using your microwave oven? Does your coffee maker still work? Keeping items that don’t serve its
purpose will only collect dust and take up valuable space.

2. Rethink your walls

When you have a small kitchen, floor space can become an issue. Usually, you’ll only have enough floor
space to accommodate basic kitchen appliances and fixtures. For you to better organize your kitchen,
utilize the walls. Use this area to hang your pots and pants, and other kitchen utensils. You can also invest
in a rack and hang commonly used items.

3. Use all of your cabinets strategically

Most kitchens are built-in with cabinets. While some of these cabinets are seen underneath the sink, others
can be installed above the kitchen counters. If you have limited cabinets in your kitchen, maximize its
function by using risers to create shelves inside your cabinets. These risers are very cheap and can be
bought from any home depot store and even online websites.

4. Use your doors

Aside from investing in risers, improve the functionality of your cabinets by using its doors. Look for
hooks and caddies, and use these to place light items such as sponge and cleaning towels. You can also
place grocery bags in this area. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding extra storage in your

5. Use clear containers

Going through all of your kitchen cabinets and not finding the food you want to eat can be very frustrating.
Instead of looking forward to a productive day, you’ll be stressed because you can’t find your favorite box
of cereal. To avoid clutter and stress to all of your family members, invest in clear containers. These should
be utilized in placing smaller food items such as flour and sugar. Take the time to label all of these properly
so everyone can find what they’re looking for fast. And because these containers are clear, it’ll be easy for
you to know which items are running low.

Your Consistency Counts

There are actually a lot of ways on how you can organize your kitchen. Aside from the tips presented in
this article, you can ask help from your friends and family or rely on the World Wide Web for more
information. But no matter how you plan on organizing your kitchen, keep in mind that you will only be
successful if you’re consistent with your efforts. Organizing your kitchen for one week and not having the
discipline to store kitchen tools in its proper place will not make your kitchen clutter-free and sanitary. 


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