How to be a Boss at Renovating Your Own Home

Renovating your own home can seem like a daunting task. Learning how to do some basic DIY, woodwork, and interior decorating is no mean feat, particularly when you’re completing it on your own. While many of us would love to have the budget to hire someone else to do our renovation for us, we don’t always have the budget to do so.

Get creative with paint
It’s no secret that a brand new lick of paint can do wonders for any room. If you’re worried that your bedroom, living room or kitchen is looking a little tired, then it could be time to get out the rollers and drop cloths. If you really want to paint in style, it’s time to get creative. Taking your time to look through swatches and experiment with color could see you creating something truly unique. Pairing deep slate greys with pale yellows or bright creams with vibrant furniture could give you a home that looks as if it belongs in a brochure.

Make the most of small rooms
Small rooms often feel like the most difficult to renovate in many ways. While there’s less space to conquer, you often run the risk of accidentally cluttering the room. There are a few gospel rules when it comes to smaller rooms, and those include:

No dark paint
No busy patterns
No dark curtains

These focus on getting as much light into the room as possible, which is always a wise approach. You can also use clever tricks of the light to make it feel like a much bigger room. Adding mirrors is just one way of doing this, as they give a slight illusion of extra space, as well as bouncing light around the room.

Don’t be afraid of cosmetic changes
Cosmetic changes to a home can include changing the tiles in a room, re-painting a room, or adding wallpaper. While these jobs might require a bit of elbow grease, they are well within most people’s capabilities. There also some unique hacks you can try to spruce up some features in your home. Did you know, for example, that if you unscrew the doorknobs in your house and boil them with baking soda you’ll be able to get rid of any accidental paint spills? Don’t be afraid, either, to switch up some of those smaller features. Purchasing quirky and artistic doorknobs to fit in your home will give it a stylish boutique feel.

Be bold with your front door
It’s surprising how small aspects of a renovation can make it feel like a much bigger one. For example, changing your front door can have a surprisingly large effect on the overall appearance of your abode. If you can’t afford an entirely new front door, then why not paint it? Opting for a bold and vibrant color such as yellow will give your home an immediate sense of character.

Go bargain hunting
As you may have already surmised, renovating can be an expensive project. Cans of paint, new artwork, and new furniture can all come to quite an expensive price. This is where sales become your friend. Bargain hunting for materials way in advance could save you plenty of money. Take trips out to DIY stories and browse through online retailers’ stock until you find the best possible bargain. While there are some features that shouldn’t be scrimped on, items such as paint can be affordably purchased at a much cheaper price with very little consequence.
Leave the tough work to the professionals
If you find yourself wondering if it’s possible to fit a toilet by yourself or maybe do the re-wiring in your kitchen – don’t risk it. Some jobs are best left to professionals, particularly when the condition of your home is at stake. It might end up costing you a fortune to repair the damage caused. By searching “plumbers in my area” online you can find tradespeople to get the big jobs executed successfully.

The easiest way to be a boss at home renovation is to be brave. Get creative with your color use and accept the challenges that learning DIY can bring. While some bigger tasks are best left to professionals (plumbing and wiring, for example) there are still plenty of home improvements you can complete yourself. Start hunting around for inspiration and DIY sales; you never know what you might come up with.


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