Is Garden Landscaping Expensive?

A nice aesthetic garden has a delightful ambiance of its own. The green resonates the healthy and
growing aura of your house and gives pleasure to look at. However maintaining a garden is no cheap
task. They are very costly and not every landscaping idea is welcoming to everyone’s budget. If you
haven’t had much of an experience with landscaping or are out of touch with the landscaping rate, we
will fill you in with the most up to date costs to help you become realistic with your landscaping plans.
1. What factors will affect the cost of landscaping?
There are many factors that you must take into account before exploring the cost of your
garden landscaping

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  • The size of your garden
  • The span of the coverage
  • Special nurturing for exotic plants
  • Type of fertilizers and pesticides used
  • Cost of pants and mulches
  • Your gardener’s salary
2. How much do gardening services cost?
Gardeners have a lot to do with the size of your garden. On an average for an average sized house
garden; gardening services would range from £15-45 per hour. Another factor that decides the cost of
gardening is the efficiency of a gardener, their level of expertise and their experience. On an average
that would be around £150 - 300 per day for 2-3 hours of gardening every day. Gardening services
include weeding, weed removal, trimming, pruning, lawn clearance, lawn care, lawn mowing etc.
3. How much does garden cleaning cost?
Garden cleaning by a professional will cost you at around £35 -40 per hour.
4. How much does soil irrigation cost?
Most people tend to dismiss the irrigation, but the fact that water costs is not to be ignored. For
£8-10 per hour your garden will remain hydrated.
5. How much does maintaining a turf cost?
Turf maintenance is a chore not everyone has the time for. Hiring a professional to do will cost at
around £14 per square meter.
6. How much does bark mulching cost?
To keep your plants warm and well hydrated in summer time, you should consider mulching which has
an approximate cost of £12-38 per cubic meter.
7. How much does new plants cost?
For garden makeover you need plants, however, plants do not have a fixed price. The same plant you
buy on sale will have a massive difference from the plant you buy from a nursery. Plants are also very
dependent upon the area where you choose to do the plantation. The price will range from £30-40 per
square meter.
8. How much does fence installation cost?
Fence installation will cost you £40-50 per meter for close boarded and £50-60 per meter for a closed
board fence.
9. How much does paving cost?
Sandstone paving will cost you £80, while block paving being a slightly cheaper option will cost you
around £70-80.
10. How much does decking cost?
Softwood decking comes in cheap at £70-80 per square meter, while hardwood decking ranging from
£130-160 depending on the type of wood used.


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