4 Family Health Mistakes You Could Be Making

t’s always important to look after your health, but when we are young, we don’t tend to think about it as
much. It doesn't seem like something that you need to worry about until you get older so a lot of us
make poor health decisions early on in our lives. But as you get older and you start a family, it’s a lot
more important to look after your own health and the health of your children. Kids learn by example and
if their parents get into bad health habits, they’re likely to pick them up as well. They won’t lead a healthy
lifestyle on their own either, so it’s important that you as parents steer them in the right direction and
show them how to eat well and exercise etc. 

Unfortunately, a lot of families get it wrong when it comes to health and they end up making simple
mistakes that can damage their health. It’s easily done because there is a lot of conflicting information
out there about health, particularly when it comes to diet. If you start making these health mistakes now,
it could have a long lasting impact on your family as a whole, so it’s important that you avoid them.
These are some of the most common family health mistakes that you should watch out for. 

Choosing The Wrong Insurance Plan 

Having the right insurance cover is vital if you want to make sure that everybody is healthy and manage
your finances properly at the right time. But a lot of families make the mistake of thinking that they can
save money by going for the cheaper option when choosing a healthcare plan. Unfortunately, it’s not that
simple and you will probably end up spending more money in the long run. The cheaper plans won’t
cover that much, so if somebody in the family does need treatment, it’s likely that you will have to pay
out for it anyway. It’s actually far more cost effective to pay more each month for better coverage so
your bills are lower when you do need to visit the hospital. 

The other mistake that families make is that they void their insurance in some way so it doesn’t pay out.
Things like lying on your application or visiting a hospital that isn’t covered by your plan may mean that
the insurer simply refuses to pay out, and if you violated the terms of the insurance, then there isn’t
much that you can do about it. This leaves you in a difficult situation where you need to balance your
family’s health and your finances. It’s important that you spend some time finding a comprehensive
insurance package and you read the policy properly so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered. 

Neglecting Oral Health 

When you are choosing your insurance package, you need to consider oral health as well, but this is
something that a lot of families neglect. It’s important that you teach your kids good habits and make
sure that they are brushing twice a day, but that isn’t enough to maintain good dental health. If you have
poor oral hygiene, it can lead to all sorts of different health problems like respiratory issues and even
heart disease, so you need to make sure that the whole family visits the dentist on a regular basis. One
of the most important things is choosing an honest dentist with integrity so you can be sure that your
family is getting the best level of care. You should also look for somebody that specializes in family
dentistry so you can all see the same person. This makes it easier to schedule appointments around
your busy family life and it means that the dentist can easily diagnose issues that are affecting the whole
family, like diet, for example. 

Eating Too Much Sugar 

You already know that eating too much sugar is bad for you and you may be thinking that you do a good
job of managing the amount of sugar that your family eats. Unfortunately, a lot of people slip up because
they eat foods that they think are healthy when, in reality, they’re packed full of sugar. It’s common
sense that you shouldn’t feed sugary snacks and drinks to your kids all the time and hopefully, you’re
already limiting those foods, but what about things like fruit juice? Parents often give this to their kids as
a healthy alternative to soda but it actually contains just as much sugar, so it’s not good for them. A lot
of foods that are labelled low fat and marketed as healthy options actually contain a lot of sugar and salt
to make up for the loss of flavor when fat is taken out. Breakfast cereals are another one that appears
healthy but is actually filled with sugar. It’s easy to get caught out here, so make sure that you check
the labels on all of the food that you buy and try to cook from scratch as much as possible. 

Lack Of Exercise 

Image Source - Pexels CCO License

Regular exercise is so important if you want to stay healthy, and you probably tell your kids that when
you are trying to get them to stop playing video games or playing on their phone and go outside instead.
But are they really going to listen if you spend your free time in front of the TV as well? If you really want
to inspire your children to stay active and improve your health at the same time, you need to start
exercising regularly as well. If they see you doing it, they are more likely to follow your advice and stay
active themselves. The best thing to do is to exercise together as a family, so you can all live a healthier
lifestyle and you get to spend more time together. Going for walks or bike rides, or even playing sports
together is a great way to boost everybody’s activity levels. 

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As a parent, you always try to make the right decision but sometimes, it’s not so easy. If you are
making some of these family health mistakes, it’s important that you make a change right away.


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