January DIY Inspo for You and Your Kids

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January is notorious for its terrible weather. And it isn’t just getting frustrating for the kids who are stuck
inside. For many of us, the daylight hours are short, and it can feel like we’re stuck in perpetual night
time. Below, you’ll find some home DIY ideas to keep both you and the kids occupied while we wait for
spring to come.

While you might be cutting back in January after Christmas and watching the pennies, there’s no reason
not to use January as the opportunity to get some small things done around the house that generally get
put off the rest of the year. Take advantage of staying in and focus on the little things that will make a big

Framing – So often we are given or pick up beautiful prints and think to ourselves about how beautiful
they will look when framed. And then they sit in our homes for months and months, gathering dust until
we get round to it. Which is sometimes never. When you’re stuck inside for days, it might be the
opportune moment to get out those prints and devote some time to measuring and ordering frames for
them. With a hobby lobby coupon, you won’t even feel the pinch and will soon have new pictures
breathing fresh energy into your home.

Table and chair legs – These get the brunt of household knocks and kicks and can often become
scuffed. There are some easy ways to get rid of surface scratches though – and it’s something you can
enlist the kids’ help with too. Whether it’s getting a small pot of paint to touch up table legs, or using other
great crafting solutions, you’ll soon have furniture that looks good as new.

Soft-furnishing repairs – Again, often so small that they would be overlooked by anyone else, but we all
want our homes to be in tiptop condition and, if you take pride in carefully selecting pieces for your
interior, then it makes sense you want to keep everything well. Accidents do happen though and so
make a day of collecting all the little things that need mending. It might be a cushion cover, a throw or a
pillowcase. Teaching your kids how to mend things like this are great skills to pass on to them and will
serve them well for the rest of their lives. For younger children, how about giving them a sampler, or
even some embroidery thread and cardboard with a thick needle to practice on?

De-clutter – Having a sift through your things at the beginning of the year can make you and your
family feel refreshed and prepared to get stuck into the new year. Start by tackling small areas – you can
even make a de-clutter calendar for a different part of your home to do each week. Talk to your kids
about the importance of passing things on and getting organized. You can even take them with you to
charity stores to donate their old toys and clothes.

With so much to mend and do, January doesn’t have to be boring. Get your kids involved in helping
around the house and you’ll be set for 2020 in no time.


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