Why Sweden Is The Perfect Place For Your Next Holiday

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For a relatively quiet country in the chilly North of Europe, Sweden has quietly assembled a large
collection of fans over the years from those who love the country’s contributions to such diverse
categories as music, furniture and sport. It’s also a country that is on many people’s travel bucket lists,
and it’s that last point that we want to talk about today. If you’re looking for somewhere ideal to take your
next family holiday, then below you’ll find plenty of good reasons to get packing and head to the
Scandinavian paradise that everyone is talking about.

1. It’s a super-healthy country!

If you’ve ever wanted to be inspired to live a healthier lifestyle, then holidaying in Sweden is enough to
convince anyone of the benefits. Not only are Swedish residents some of the happiest in the world,
they’re also among the most active - and they make it look like a whole lot of fun, too. Whether you’re
taking long, beautiful walks in Skåne or heading to the northern Lule river to get the best use from your
Tailored Tackle ice fishing rod and other items, there’s a great opportunity to get the family out in the
fresh air, enjoying life together.

2. It’s full of beautiful scenery!

If you head to Sweden on holiday, it’s advised that you take plenty of photographic equipment with you -
or at least make sure your phone has a decent camera. There’s such beautiful and diverse scenery in
the country that you’ll want to record as much of it as possible. Whether from the rustic fishing villages
of the Gothenburg archipelago or the old-town charms of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan, there’s something
beautiful everywhere you look.

3. Swedish people take food and drink very seriously!

If you enjoy taking time out for a quick snack or a hot meal, then you’ll fit right in in Sweden. There is a
tradition of warming, wholesome dishes such as köttbullar med gräddsås - a national institution - while
both mid-morning and mid-afternoon are seen nationwide as fika time. At these times of day, it’s
considered traditional to stop for a cup of coffee and something sweet to eat; and in any of the cafes
dotted around the towns and cities, you’ll be welcome to join in.

4. It’s a great place to visit with kids!

Some European holidays are best enjoyed as a couple, or a solo traveller, due to the large amounts of
walking and “grown-up” attractions that make up much of the itinerary. Sweden, for its part, has plenty
to appeal to the younger tourist. Skansen, a much-revered open-air museum in Stockholm, offers an
interactive look at the traditions of Swedish family life, as well as the city’s popular zoo. Amusement
parks are also never far away - among the best you’ll find Gröna Lund, near Stockholm, and Liseberg in
the Gothenburg region to be very popular with both young and old.

If you’re looking for the ideal holiday for the whole family, you’d be hard-pushed to beat Sweden. It’s got
something for everyone, and is sure to put a smile on your face!


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