Fun Tech DIY To Do With Kids

Children have a thirst for knowledge and love to experiment. Sometimes it can be challenging to find
projects that you can do from home that can help encourage this. DIY technology projects can be so
much fun, and usually, you can find the items in the house, or source them pretty quickly online. So
here are a few fun DIY projects that you can do with the kids. 

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash


You might have seen these in a store already, but you can create your own music earmuffs at home.
The critical thing to remember is that you won’t be able to put your earbuds in your ear. Instead, they’ll sit
behind a layer of fabric. Kind of like can headphones - but warmer. Simply cut a small space in the
center of ear earmuff, slide the earbud inside and stitch it back up again.

 If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can use larger headphones, and replace the fabric entierly. If
you don’t love the idea of musical earmuffs, try putting on-ear headphones Into a woolly hat instead. 


You can create your own Amazon Acho by using a Raspberry Pi. Amazon has a range of walk throughs
and coding sources to help you manage it. And once you have tackled that, you can move on to turning
it into a Twitter Bot, a Minecraft Game server, or even just private storage. 


If you have a firestick or Apple Tv, you might be surprised to know just how much you can do with
them - aside from watching TV. TroyPoint has a few really fun DIY projects that are really simple to

USB Drive

Sure we mostly use cloud storage or HDD now, but the simple USB drive has a lot going for it. Even
more, when you take the time to create your own case. You can opt to do something with dried flowers
and epoxy or perhaps building something with LEGO. You can get super adventurous and use an oven
bake clay to create a dinosaur or a happy potter wand. Bake for a few minutes in the oven and voila!


Geek-chic and ‘nerd’ jewelry is a big deal. Even more to the people who are genuinely in that culture.
You can create some incredibly unique pieces of jewelry like earrings or necklaces with old
motherboards. Of course, other circuit boards will do the trick, but motherboards are more prominent,
and you’ll be spoiled for choice on the textures. 

You’ll need to saw the board into the shapes that you want, and it is recommended that you wear
gloves and eye protection while doing this. Smoothing down the edges doesn’t take long with some

You can pick up old defunct computers at car boots and online, rather than consider sacrificing old
motherboards that you have in the home (that can be used to build your own computers)

Simple and fun ideas to help encourage your children to get creative with technology and DIY.


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