8 Ways to Revamp Your Home and Reflect Your Family

A house isn’t really a home until you decorate it and make it your own. It takes months, sometimes,
years of tinkering with spaces before it becomes a space that you and your family can enjoy living in.

This is why you shouldn’t feel pressured to have everything set up in your home right away. Years later,
 you might come across a beautiful rug from your trip --one that you’ve always dreamed about and now
 it’s sitting beautifully beside your bed. Or you might receive a unique vase from a beloved family
 member, and you find that it perfectly suits your living room. There is always something to add to make
 your home reflect your family.

However, if it feels like your space is looking lackluster lately, there are some things you can do to
change that.

1. Add in personal mementos
Fll in dead spaces with your personal favorite items --things that bring you joy whenever you look at
them whether it’s your favorite books, a memorable item from your travels, a postcard from a friend,
your favorite scent. You’ll enjoy your home more when you catch sight of these items.

2. Get rid of the unnecessary
There are things that bring you joy, then there’s those that you feel ambivalent about, or really dislike.
Have a discussion with your family members so they have a say on the items they want to keep. Then
 by the end of it, dedicate a day to getting rid of this stuff. You can put them up for sale or donate them to
 your nearest charity.

3. Vote with your money
Anything that you bring into your home, make sure that it is in line with what you believe in. For example,
 if you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle, only purchase furniture that’s either secondhand or
 has been sourced ethically and made with sustainable materials. You only want to use products that reflect your family’s values. It just feels good to do so and makes domestic living more harmonious.

4. Take on a  DIY project
Dedicate a day in the week to work on the decor that you want in your home. There are plenty of DIY
projects you can work on. You can repaint your dresser, repurpose that extra wood in the garage, or
create a customized piece of furniture from scratch. Take your time on these as you want a finished
product that you’ll want displayed in your home.

5. Grow your own herbs
Take an inventory of the herbs that you often use in cooking and add pots of these in your kitchen. You’ll
 love watching them grow every day and it just feels great grabbing a few sprigs of herbs you need for
 that meal that you’re making.

6. Place flowers in a vase
Not the fake kind, please. The real thing is much, much better. Grab a bouquet of flowers from the
market and place them in a nice vase to put in your living room or kitchen. It instantly spruces up a
 room and will make you smile every time you come by it.

7. Frame pictures and artwork
Do you have a favorite print you’ve always wanted to display? How about some family vacation photos
 you’ve been meaning to get printed out? Now is the time to get them framed and display them on your
 walls. This adds warmth to a space and makes the space truly your family’s.

8. Light up a candle
Find a candle with your favorite scent and one that all your family members love. Light it up every now
and then so that it leaves a nice scent every time you enter a room. Every time you get a whiff of these
 fragrances, it’ll remind you of the cozy home you created with your family. 

Want to spice up your home decor? Try something unique, something you’ve never done before, like
using gorgeous Roman statues or figures. They will add character and a museum vibe to your interior 
decoration. You can top them off with other artworks, like paintings and sculptures, to complete the 
art-gallery look.

Which of these tips do you love the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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