Cocktail Hour Favorites

Cocktail hour is my latest obsession. After a full day of summer fun,  I love to mix up something refreshing and savor it while my kids splash around in the pool.  If you too love cocktail hour, or are thinking about starting the classic tradition this summer, you are going to love these items I have been adding to my home bar. 

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I am over 40, and sometimes if you give me a cocktail, I might try to sneak off for a nap on the nearest sofa. Eboost is perfect for those times when a cocktail makes ya sleepy. Available in 3 tasty flavors, you can get these by the case for about $70. They are perfect for making the party a little perkier. Get them from the Eboost site.

Every well stocked home bar has straws in it, but these are the best silicon straws that I have tried.  I love that Gosili has so many styles and colors to choose from, making cocktail hour a little kinder to the planet. Get them online for  $5 to $7 a pack.

While you are at it, why not grab a few of these portable silicon straws to take with you? Sip on in style while reducing your footprint with these options from Gosili. They start at $3 and are a great addition to your purse.

If you are sipping drinks with someone prone to hangovers, give them a Tou Ta Lou shot to help make the morning a little lighter. These are packed with healthy ingredients to keep you feeling fine after a fun night. Get them online for about $30 a 6 pack.

Mimosas are not just for brunch; Ohza brings them to cocktail hour with ease. Available in 3 delicious varieties, this is one  canned cocktail that you are going to want to keep on hand all summer long. Order them direct, or locate a store on the site. 12 packs are about $36.

Every home bartender needs a good bottle of bourbon on hand. My new favorite is FEW straight bourbon whisky.  Visit the FEW website to find tour times and ways to purchase this grain to glass spirit. In addition to this impressive bourbon, FEW offers Rye, and single malt as well as some tantalizing varieties of Gin.

A few great mixers can make any cocktail hour next level. Square One has an organic line that is worth writing home about. I love the lively lemon in the afternoon and the Bloody Mary for Sunday morning sipping. Order it online for about $14 a bottle. Just add booze and club soda to create awesome drinks.

Cocktail hour is the ideal time to pop a bottle of bubble Rose or Prosecco. I love that Mionetto makes full size bottles and these little minis. These are awesome for sipping or sharing. Connect with Mionetto online and check out their collections. Order online from Drizly.

It is always a good time for wine. If you are like me, you probably dig trying new varieties . Gold Medal Wine Club gives you the chance to do just that. For about $40 a month you can try two California wines that won gold medals, so you know you are getting something good with each delivery. Order online.

Glass drinkng straws add function and class to any cocktail while reducing plastic waste. I am fond of the design and durability of Drinking Straws Glass brand. Order these online and find them on amazon starting at about $8. 


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