Queen of Hearts Bookmark

These easy no sew queen of hearts bookmarks are perfect for making and sharing! Give a few as a gift, or keep a few near your bookcase.

Summer is here and I am loving the lazy mornings by the pool. As soon as the kids get up they are want to jump in and spend the day there. We often joke they are going to grow fins if they don't come out and dry off for a little while. I don't mind sitting pool side, observing the kids and reading a book.  So, in the warm months, book marks are essential to my life.

I wanted to make something a little bit fancier than a paper bookmark so I checked out my craft supplies and decided to make a few of these. They were so easy and required no sewing, but are substantial enough to not fly away on a windy day.

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Wide Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun


Cut a section of ribbon that is twice as long as the average book.

Fold the ribbon in half and liberally add hot glue.
Fold the ribbon over on to the hot glue and press.
At the end of the ribbon, insert a necklace clasp so that it just  barely hangs out of the ribbon.

Secure with hot glue.
Attach a jump ring to the clasp.
Attach the charm to the jump ring.
Secure with hot glue.

These are great for stashing around the house, where ever you like to relax and read.

These no sew bookmarks are also awesome to share. My husband is a school librarian and we love to make bookmarks to share with the kids, so I have a stockpile started for the day our kids can return to school and enjoy a visit to the school library.

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