Wine Fairy Gift Basket Ideas

Has the wine fairy trend taken over in your community? It is so much fun! I have been making baskets to share with strangers since covid started. I am obsessed! I have found some fantastic goodies to include, should you be moved to get in on the secret sister, wine fairy movement.

My friend Kristy invited me to join a facebook group in March called Secret Sisters Pay it Forward. At first, I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea. But, I found myself scrolling the posts after cocktail hour. Within an hour, I was ordering goodies and making a basket for a mom of two girls who happened to live on the next street. 

Things may have spiraled from there. I joined another group, started building baskets and sneaking them on porches of perfect strangers. I have even been blessed to be visited by the wine fairy!

 Here are some of my favorite items to include. Affiliate links may have been used in this post, or samples may have been sent.

With  dining options limited, why not gift a little gourmet with Lanconiko olive oils and balsamic vinegar. I have used many kinds of olive oil, but this is one of my favorite brands. Order it online for about $22 a bottle

Bicycle playing cards are a great goodie to include in a secret sister basket. They can be enjoyed solo or with a friend and during times of social distancing can surely offer a fun way to pass time. Buy them from retailers nationwide, or order a special deck from Bicycle.

Kabaki Kenyan Purple Tea is perfect for sharing with a secret sister. These are really good purple tea, that feels fancier than the standard bottled version. There are several great varieties available. Order them online for under $20 a 6 pack.

Adding some Sugarpova bars, truffles or gummies to a wine fairy gift basket is a recipe for delight. These are such good, high quality candies that everyone will love. Order online, or find a retailer near you on the Sugarpova site.

Wine Fairies can deliver comfort as well as good booze. Yogalastics is one of my favorite hair tie brands for good reason; they are so comfy! Order a few packs to share, and to treat your hair to no pulling, less slipping and no headaches from your hair ties for about $12 a pack.

If you want to add a one of a kind greeting to your secret sister, wine fairy basket, these quirky ones from A Couple Puns are perfect. Order these spunky and adorable cards from Amazon at 5 for $20.

While it might seem like a strange thing to gift a stranger, the Restroom Kit is a handy and thoughtful way to spread cheer. I mean, even strangers need to potty on the go, and this is a sanitary way to do it. Order these online to give wipes, paper and a seat cover as needed, anytime, anywhere. 3 packs are $11.

Give your secret sister a secret weapon with these hang over preventative gummies by Always Toast. These are a great and delicious way to make sure that when the wine fairy visits, the next day is as pleasant as can be. Find them online.

Surprise a secret sister with a delicious assortment of bubbly drinks in cute little bottles with these offerings from Mionetto. I could sip the rose all day. These are perfect for a treat, or making a tiny celebration feel uber elegant. Check out the collection online to purchase or find Mionetto in stores.

Groove Life rings are my latest obsession; I love them so much because I work with my hands a lot. It is not uncommon to find me sawing something, mixing cement, or even building with pallets. All of that action can be disastrous to my jewelry. Groove Life rings are perfect for hands on chicks like me. There are so many styles to choose from from men and women! Add one to a gift basket for a wow moment that is a big win for the wine fairy. Order them online for about $35 each.

Mimosas are perfect with brunch right? Who ever said Mimosas aren't perfect for anytime, any day? Ohza brings the bubbly favorite to wine fairy gift baskets with ease this summer. Available in 3 ah-mazing flavors, you can order these for about $36 a 12 pack. Buy online, or locate a store near you from the website. 

If you have been making wine fairy baskets? I would love to hear what you are including in yours!


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