Probably Jakarta has more than Bali...explore it

What comes to your mind when you think of Indonesia? It is Bali, right? But instead of it why don't you fly into Jakarta this 2020 and see what it has? After all, it is the capital city of Indonesia and has a more lively life than Bali. 

Here are few most visited places where you can bring back your life after boring lock down and quarantine. 

The National Monument:

This 132 meters iconic landmark is where you can kick start your journey to explore Jakarta. Constructed in honor of independence struggle you can just enjoy the amazing view of architecture from the ground itself or move to the top to see how beautiful and vivid the city is. It has untold importance in the hearts of locals and is the most visited spot not only by tourists but also the Indonesians. The best way to capture the visiting memories of this place is by visiting it at night to see its beauty magnified by lights. 

Istiqlal Mosque:

This marble wonder was built in 1978 and is the biggest mosque across Southeast Asia. Your Indonesia trip isn’t complete without paying a visit to this beautiful holy place. It can accommodate 200,000 people at a time and has an astonishing courtyard with decorative minarets and designer marble. The interiors of it with attractive Islamic designs are another wonder. The design and architecture are what that makes this mosque unique. 

Merdeka Square:

Spread in more than 1 KM it’s a perfect respite after your tiresome Jakarta exploration. Just go there and relax for some time and see the magic it brings to your mind. In case you have been to Tiananmen Square, Beijing and gotten that peace of mind then for sure you will also enjoy this place. You will get 5 times more than what you got in Beijing as it is 5 times bigger to Tiananmen Square.

Filled with footpaths, wooded areas and remarkable water spots probably you need more time and a comfortable shoe pair to walk around and explore this splendid hangout. It is also the best hangout to spend some time with your soul mate. 

Thousand Islands:

Your perfect escapade from the fast-paced life and it is usually something different to what you see in the mainland city that’s always happening. Situated on the city’s north coast these islands are places to stay close to nature. You have marvelous forests, serene golden beaches, yummy restaurants and more importantly lush greenery. Here, nature provides you with the chance to dip in the sunshine and relax to your heart. All nature lovers, photography freaks and trekkers don't miss this place.
Taman Mini Indonesia Park:

You need not read books or roam about the whole of Indonesia to know the culture and history of the land just visit this park and your cultural tour is finished. It is spread in 250 acres and gives you complete Indonesian tradition and heritage in on ego. It has IMAX theater, a detailed replica of the country’s archipelago, a cable car for you to roam and a conventional theater with one event or the other. 

So, with all these what more does one need. 

Ancol Dreamland: 

Irrespective of your age this is your theme park to visit. A visit here is a must when you are moving with kids. It has bowling arena, Ocean Dream Samudra, Fantasy World, Water Adventure Park, lot many roller coaster rides, beaches and aquarium. Apart from all these attractions it also gives you a chance to escape the harsh humid climate of the country as long as you are here. 

National Museum of Indonesia:

Close to Merdeka Square, this museum is the place where you have the chance to see historic exhibits. It has an incredible compilation of artifacts which present a detailed view of the country’s cultural lineage and history. If exploring history is your choice then this is a must-visit. While the Hindu-Buddhist architecture of the museum will mesmerize you the treasure room with breathtaking golden objects will astonish you. You also have a collection of prehistoric objects, ancient ceramics and weapons to stare at.  

To wind up your Jakarta visit, finish it with a visit to Jakarta Chinatown to explore Chinese traditions and culture in Indonesia. A visit to this place is like seeing Indonesia and China at once. 


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