6 Ways To Keep Your Cat Happy And Healthy Indoors

 Sometimes, it might be too cold outside to let your cat explore the outdoors, so they need to stay in. Keeping your cat happy and healthy indoors does not need to be complicated. With enough attention, toys and entertainment, the kitty will be able to stay busy and get all the exercise they need. Here are our top ways to keep your cat happy and healthy indoors. 

Make Sure They Have A Balanced Diet

To make sure that your cat stays happy and healthy, you should pay attention to the pet’s diet. Cats should not eat too much dry food, and their diet needs to be meat-based. Companies such as Reveal offer food made of a variety of different meats. Choosing the right food for your pet can only help you to improve their health and overall quality of life.

Let Your Cat Watch The Birds From The Window

Even domesticated cats can be a danger to your local wildlife and birds, even if they are well fed. However, you can let your cat enjoy the beauty of wildlife even from the comfort of your home. Try making them a perch by the window where you have a bird feeder. From there, they can watch birds safely without being able to attack them, and it might entertain them for hours.

Allow Them To Climb

It is only natural for cats to climb. Therefore, you should allow them to do so even indoors, where they cannot climb up the trees. Instead, install a cat tree that will allow them to exercise their muscles, have fun and rest. You can find cat trees in many pet stores. But if you are good at DIY, you can try to build a cat tree from scratch.

Look For The Right Vet

Most vet clinics are busy with dogs. To keep your cat relaxed and happy, try to find a vet who has a clinic that is cat-friendly. Ideally, they should have separate areas for cats and dogs. That way, your kitty will not be scared or need to worry about other animals, especially if you expect to be in a waiting room for an extended period of time. 

Accept Their Affection

Some people might say that cats are mean. However, they are only pets that need to be loved, and with enough attention, they return the affection. The ways cats show affection might differ, but some of the most common is when they bring you their favourite toy or follow you around. And if the cat falls asleep in your lap, it is a great display of trust and love.

Ensure They Feel Loved

Unlike wild cats, domesticated cats need your attention to stay happy. Therefore, you should make sure that you have time to play and snuggle with your cat every single day. As long as you pay attention to your pet, the kitty will stay healthy and happy. Even with a few moments of attention, you will be able to make a significant difference to their well-being and happiness.


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