Building a Strong Relationship with Your Dog


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They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and this can definitely be true; when you go to the effort of building a strong relationship with your dog, they will always be there for you, and you will dote on them too.

But, how exactly do you build a strong relationship with your pooch? Here are a few things you might want to do:

Invest in high-quality training

When you get a dog, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality in home dog training. This will help you to build a relationship of respect and security with your dog while ensuring he also knows you are the head of the family and must be deferred to. Dogs need to know their place in the family pack if they are to feel safe and secure, so this is really important.

Understand their behavior

If you want to build a strong relationship with your dog, you need to be able to understand their behavior as well as possible, When you know why they do what they do, instead of getting mad at them for peeing on the floor, you will now that they are feeling anxious, and take steps to help them or instead of getting upset when they chew your shoes, you will know they are bored and get them a dog puzzle toy to play. You need to know them to love them so read up on some dog psychology.

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Bond with them

There are no strong relationships with anyone without working hard to form bonds. When it comes to your dog, you can bond with them very easily by feeding them regularly, petting them often, playing with them wherever you can, and taking them for lots of walkies. The more tie you spend with your dog doing things you both enjoy, the stronger your relationship as pet and owner is likely to be.

Be calm, be patient

Dogs do not always behave in an ideal manner. When this happens, the worst thing you can do is to get angry with them. Your pet will feel most secure when you stay calm and treat them with patience, especially if they are new to your home and trying to adjust to living with your family. The more gentle you are, the stronger your bonds will be and the more you will get out of being a dog owner because he will love you like no other.

Create a safe space for him

As you can probably tell by now, dogs need to feel safe to build strong relationships, so creating a safe space in your home where your dog can retreat when he needs to - a crate in a quiet corner is ideal - will help him to settle in and feel comfortable being part of your wider family.

The stronger the relationship you build with your dog, the more rewarding having a dog will be for you, and the happier your pet will be, so what are you waiting for?


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