Simple Ways To Use What You Love In Your Interior Design

Your home's interior design may occasionally change. It's bright and airy in the spring, helps your home stay cool in the summer, is warm and inviting in the fall, and you love to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in the winter. Overall, how you decorate your home speaks volumes about who you are and what you value most in life, but it can be challenging to know where to begin when coming up with decor ideas. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to use your own likes and loves to create your ideal interior design. 


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Focus On Your Favorite Colors 

What is your favorite color? No matter what it is, even if it’s something quite unusual, this is the color to use most in your home. After all, why would you ignore it or use a color you don’t particularly like? You’re the one who has to live in the house, so it should reflect your personal tastes, and color is the easiest place to start. 


So how can you use your favorite color? Put it to work as an accent against darker hues in the bedroom, as a focal point in the living room, or as a dash of color in the kitchen or bathroom. If you have a white carpet or some plain hardwood, put a rug in your favorite shade down on the floor, then add bursts of that color in the cushions on your sofa to spice up the space.


Have A Feature Wall

If you don't want your own personality to take over the whole house, a feature wall is a terrific way to show off the items you love. A feature wall is a great place to showcase your eccentric interests, whatever they might be. 


And since feature walls make excellent focal points, you can use any unused wall. Places like the back of the sofa, the wall behind the TV, and the wall next to the door are ideal for displaying unique and well-liked decor. Plus, the next time you have guests around, you'll have something interesting to talk about.


Speaking of guests, if you have a guest bedroom, this is somewhere you can really experiment with. Since it’s a little used room, you can try out various designs there and see what works. Make sure you have a good bed and mattress and there is some storage, and then you have free rein on the rest. 


Get The Family Involved 

You love your family more than anything else, which can help you decide how to decorate your home. After all, you can have the kids make you some art, have your partner put up some shelves, and get an idea from each of them about what to do with an empty corner or wall.


The way you decorate your home can also show how much you love your family and want peace there. Buy some family sculptures to put around or put up some quotes about family on the walls. Feeling loved at home is a great way to make sure everyone gets along, and it's nice to see that in your decor.



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